Is balcony worth it for an Alaska cruise?

A cruise to Alaska can be quite an experience for anyone. But one of the most important things you’ll need to decide on is the type of cabin you want. So, is a balcony cruise worth it for an Alaska cruise?

A balcony cabin offers better views, more space, better privacy, and limits seasickness. It also lets a large group share the space and can be good for a romantic getaway. But it’s not always worth it, especially on short cruises, cold weather cruises, or when you spend more time outside the cabin.

Thus, the length of your stay and the season will determine which kind of cabin you should go for. Here, we discuss whether the balcony is worth it for the Alaska cruise.

Types of Cabins

When choosing where to stay during your cruise, the kind of cabin you stay in will be one of your most important decisions. There are usually several kinds of cabins on a ship. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. The common types include interior, oceanview, suites, and balcony cabins.

Why Stay in Balcony Cabins During Your Alaska Cruise?

There are several reasons you should opt for a balcony cabin while going on an Alaska cruise. These include:

1.     Better Views

The views you’ll get from the Balcony cabins are usually the number reason you should choose it. On a cruise like the Alaska cruise, there are many amazing views you don’t want to miss. It could be sailing through Endicott Arm, Glacier Bay, and several other amazing spots. From your balcony, you can get an incredible view of everything. The landscape of Alaska contains all kinds of marine and wildlife that you may not find anywhere else.

2.     More Space

The size of cabins on a ship usually differs. But no matter what, the balcony cabin is still the biggest. They’re later than the ocean view and inside cabins. The average size of a cabin ship is 175 – 220 square feet. All these extra makes for more comfort. If you’re someone who will be spending more time in the cabin, then going for a bigger space could be great for you. It also makes more sense to get the balcony cabin if you’ll be sharing it with a partner.

If you’re claustrophobic, a balcony cabin could be great for you, and it’s worth the money. However, the inside cabins are small, closed in, and don’t have access to natural light. The ocean view cabins might offer access to natural light. But it’s not as big as the balcony cabin.

3.     Offers More Privacy

Suppose you want to have more privacy while on your cruise. The best way to do that is with a balcony cabin. When on a large cruise ship, it’s possible to have several people on board. That means the crowd using the common outdoor space in the ship could be quite much. When you get a balcony cabin, you’ll have an outdoor space to yourself. Whether you’re planning to read, sit, or watch the landscape, you can have a space to yourself.

4.     Limit Seasickness

Seasickness is a common ailment for people while at sea. If you’re getting seasick, one of the best places to go is a balcony, especially one in the midship. Going inside a small and stuffy cabin can worsen things. The ocean breeze that you get when you open the doors on the balcony is great. It lets you settle down and feel better from the fresh air.

The fresh air you get in a balcony cabin is especially on days when you don’t go out much. Even when the weather is cold, getting a cold breeze for a few minutes doesn’t hurt. You can also enjoy hearing the sounds of waves crashing against the ship.

5.     Share Space with Several People

If you’re traveling with a large company, getting balcony cabins could be great for your group. Most ships have balcony dividers. If you and your group book balcony cabins alongside one another, you can open the balcony dividers. This allows you to have a bigger space where you and your group can spend more time together. So, if your Alaska cruise is a group thing, getting balcony cabins is worth it.

6.     Romantic Getaway

If your Alaska cruise is a romantic getaway, you should go for a balcony cruise. Nothing says romance more than having your outdoor space, watching the views together, and having a private dinner under the stars. You can do all this with a balcony cabin. Some cruise ships will organize everything for you. So, you have elegant and upscale dining at no extra cost.

When is a Balcony Cabin not Worth it for your Alaska Cruise?

Although there are several reasons you should get a balcony cruise for your Alaska cruise, it’s not always worth the cost. There are instances where you don’t need to spend that much money on a cruise. That includes:

1.     Short Cruises

If your Alaska cruise only lasts for a few days, you don’t need to bother yourself with getting a balcony cabin. You’ll most likely not be able to enjoy it to the fullest. So, you’re better off getting a cheaper cabin.

2.     Spend More Time Outside Your Cabin

The world is full of different kinds of people. Some like to stay indoors and enjoy their space. Others prefer the outdoors and mingling with people. The same thing applies to a cruise ship. If you’re one of those who want to mingle with people on a ship, there’s no need to get a balcony cabin. You’ll probably be using your cabin only for sleeping, getting dressed, and having a shower.

3.     Cold Weather Cruise

The best time to go on a cruise is when the weather is warm and comfortable. That’s when you’ll enjoy the cruise best. But this is Alaska, where your best time for a cruise is between May and September. May is usually a rainy month in this part. So, if you’re going in May or the rainy season, you may not need a balcony. Instead, get an ocean view cabin, and you’ll have a great time.

In Conclusion

Alaska is a lovely place with a diverse landscape. Even if you don’t see wildlife on the cruise, there are still several unbeatable sights. The best way to enjoy the view is by getting a balcony cabin. It’s extra costly but usually worth it.

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