Why do hotels not have balconies?

Balconies are quite amazing and desirable in apartments. But when it comes to hotels, many don’t bother building a balcony. So, why do hotels not have balconies?

Hotels don’t have balconies for several reasons, such as increased liabilities, cost of construction and maintenance, unruly guests, and risk of thefts. But if you can get a suite with a balcony, it could be a great experience as it offers incredible views, fresh air, and a great romantic spot.

However, it’s important to ensure your safety if you’re using a balcony. Here, we discuss why hotels don’t have balconies.

Factors That Discourage Hotels from Having Balconies

Several hotels don’t add balconies to their suites. This is due to reasons such as:

1.  Increased Liabilities

Balconies are a liability for hotels in most cases and increase their insurance costs unnecessarily. When a hotel has a balcony, there’s the risk of someone jumping off the balcony. This could give the hotel a bad reputation that’s not good for business. Even if no one is jumping to their death, there’s still the risk of people falling off balconies. Sometimes, all it takes is one night of heavy drinking for people to find themselves at the balcony’s edge.

These issues usually mean the hotels with balconies may have bad publicity issues. There are also the insurance costs for all these liabilities. Balconies could be especially dangerous for toddlers, even with the railings. There have been instances where the hotel had to pay millions in damages for deaths occurring due to balconies.

2.  Cost of Construction

When people add balconies to their homes, they understand that it’ll increase the property value. Such apartments would be in more demand by renters and could be sold at higher prices. The same can’t be said of hotels with balconies. The return on investments isn’t that much especially considering how major the investment is. Hotels may have hundreds of rooms and be several stories tall. Adding balconies to these rooms will cost a lot of money.

Hotels are businesses, and the lack of a balcony will rarely discourage people from choosing a hotel room. Since it doesn’t necessarily contribute much to the bottom line, most hotels have discarded the idea of balconies altogether. After spending money constructing balconies, hotels still have to pay extra to ensure it’s safe for everyone. All these costs are not worth it for most.

3.  Unruly Guests

Not all guests are the same. Many abuse a balcony whenever they stay in a room that has one. Acts such as dropping garbage or even dangerous items from their room to the floor are common. Some even pee from their balconies. All these actions cause a nuisance for others using the same facility. The hotel has to deal with the consequences, such as cleaning, apologizing to victims, paying fines, etc.

The risk of having unruly guests who’ll abuse the balcony has prevented many hotels from having one. Even when they have a balcony, they usually put it in premium suites. There’s hope that lodging in those suites is better behaved. Also, hotels with balconies are more common in hotels away from the downtown. In these areas where there are fewer parties, it’s believed that people would be better behaved.

4.  Cost of Maintenance

Beyond the cost of construction, it’s also challenging to maintain balconies. The balconies will likely need daily cleaning, which is extra hours for the leaving crew. There might also be a need for other maintenance. Even though they have to be cleaned constantly, they’re rarely used. Most hotel guests are too occupied to bother about using balconies during their stay in the hotel.

When guests use balconies, the hotel spends more on cooling the room. Each time the balcony door opens, the room’s temperature is slightly affected.

5.  Risks of Thefts

Hotels that have balconies could also be at higher risk of theft. Thieves need an entry into any room, and the balcony appears to provide that option. If guests forget to lock their balcony doors, they may return to find their valuables stolen. While this is less common in rooms on high floors, it’s still a potential problem. Some hotels eliminate this issue and improve overall security by not adding balconies.

Why Book a Suite with Balcony?

Although several hotels don’t have balconies, many others still do. If you’re thinking of booking a hotel, you could still consider one with balconies. There are good reasons for that, such as:

1.  Incredible Views

Nothing beats the views you’ll get from your hotel room balcony in several cities. Hotels are usually many stories high, providing you with a vantage point to see the city in all its glory. When you get a room that has a balcony, you get to see all the views that the city might offer. Of course, it depends on where the balcony is facing. Not every balcony has an incredible view for guests. It could just be overlooking the swimming pool. But even that isn’t so bad.

2.  Fresh Air

After spending hours in your room, the balcony is a good place to step out for a breeze. The fresh air that guests get when they sit on the balcony could be quite calming. Your hotel balcony is a good place to spend a warm night after a long day out.

3.  Romantic Spot

The balcony could be a romantic spot, especially if it has a great view. With a great balcony, you may not need to go to all the fancy restaurants during your stay. Most hotels will help you set up an exquisite dinner for two on your balcony. Thus, a hotel balcony could be a great place to make memories with your partner.

Safety Tips When Using Hotel Balconies

  • When using balconies, it’s important to be extra careful. Here are the things to note:
  • Stay off the edges and shelves
  • Keep all parts of your body in the railing all the time
  • Gently rattle the rails to confirm their structural integrity before resting against it
  • Keep children away from the balcony when you’re not there

In Conclusion

Most hotels don’t bother having balconies because it’s rarely worth all the extra effort and costs. But if your hotel has balconies, it’s a great place to spend some time. You can have a romantic dinner or spend some time there sightseeing. Just make sure you’re careful.

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