Why Do Apartments Have Balconies?

When looking for apartments, there are many things you’ll probably be considering. One of the most important things to look for is a balcony. So, why do apartments have balconies?

An apartment can benefit significantly from having a balcony. The benefits include offering extra living space in small homes, storage places for things you can’t keep in the house, fire escape, gardens in urban areas, a center for social activities and relaxation, and a multipurpose outdoor space.

These benefits usually inform why many home builders add balconies to the apartment. The fact that it also increases the desirability of the apartment encourages many to add it. Here, we discuss why apartments have balconies.

What Is a Balcony?

A balcony is an outdoor platform extending from the house to create an outdoor space. Balconies usually start from the second floor, and a balustrade (enclosure or railing) surrounds them. Balconies are common to apartments and serve both aesthetic and functional purposes. Usually, there’s a limit on the weight of a balcony and the number of people who can stay within it at once.

Benefits of Balconies in an Apartment

There are several reasons a balcony could be great for an apartment. These include:

1. Expand Living Space

The first benefit of a balcony is the extra living space. Getting a big apartment in the city could be quite difficult and, most times, unaffordable. Thus, balconies offer the extra space that everyone needs in their home. Even if you can’t live in them, you can use them for several purposes.

2. Multipurpose Outdoor Space

If you live in an apartment, the balcony is likely the only private outdoor space you have. Most residential buildings in urban areas don’t have yards or lawns. At best, the building has shared facilities such as swimming pools, community gardens, and other amenities that others have to share. But that’s even only in luxury homes. For most apartment buildings, any residents who want to enjoy the outdoors may need to go to the park.

Apartments with balconies can be a gem in such areas. It means you don’t need to bother yourself going out before you can enjoy the fresh air. Depending on the size of the balcony, it could even hold a small garden along with chairs and tables. So, you don’t spend sunny and pleasant weather cooped up in your house when you can step out and enjoy from the comfort of your home.

Staying in an apartment can make people feel trapped. This was the case during the pandemic when people had to stay at home due to lockdown. In an apartment without a balcony, you’ll have to walk for fresh air. But if you have a balcony, you can easily open your door and step outside to feel the fresh breeze against your face.

3. Center for Social Activities

The balcony can be a great place for all social activities. It makes it easy to socialize in an apartment without being indoors. A spacious and well-decorated balcony is a good place to host your friends on a Saturday evening. Everyone can relax, enjoy the breeze and interact.

The balcony isn’t just about inviting guests over. It could also be a great place to interact with your neighbors. One of the troubles of living in urban areas is how busy everyone is. It’s possible for people living in the same building not to know one another. With a balcony, you’ll at least know your next-door neighbors better. The balcony could also be a great place to read a book, have a romantic breakfast and dinner, etc.

It also allows residents of apartments to enjoy views of the city and maybe even watch the sunset. This is especially true for those living in high-rise buildings. Having a balcony in your apartment allows you to check what the water feels like in real-time. It’s possible to get an idea of the weather on TV or by phone, but nothing beats being able to tell what the day will feel like by just stepping on the balcony.

4. Storage Space

The balcony is a great place to store things that can’t be in the house. It’s not everything you want to store in your apartment. For example, if you own a bicycle, it’d be better to store it on the balcony. There, it’s safe and won’t be a nuisance, unlike when it’s inside the house.

5. Start a Garden

People living in apartments don’t have a yard or lawn where they can start a garden. You can spruce your balcony up with some greenery if you enjoy having plants. A balcony garden doesn’t have to be something significant. Anything as simple as a few potted plants will do. The space on the balcony will usually determine what it can contain. But it’s important not to plant anything too big.

That doesn’t mean you should go for small pots either. The pots should be big enough not to get knocked over by the wind. The location of the balcony will determine what kind of plants you should have on your balcony. Location determines the sunlight that the balcony will get daily. Your balcony garden doesn’t have to be just flowers and plants. You can even plant vegetables. Just make sure the weight of your garden doesn’t exceed capacity, especially considering there’ll be other weights on the balcony too.

6. Fire Escape

A balcony could also have a thermal break which makes it a safe place to go to in the case of a fire. There are usually limited options for escaping an apartment in a fire. There might be only one way out of the building. In such cases, the balcony is usually a good place to stay while waiting for rescue. However, thermal breaks aren’t common in this part of the world. But you may still be able to stay on the balcony in case of a fire depending on the balcony type.

In Conclusion

Balconies are great for the livability of apartments in urban areas. They’re good for the mental health of residents and allow people to have a great time and enjoy themselves without living in it. In urban areas, apartments with balconies are usually in high demand.


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