Why are there no balconies in Las Vegas?

The benefits of a balcony are quite numerous. It’s one of those things that many people look for in houses. But the opposite is the case in Las Vegas. So, why are there no balconies in Las Vegas?

Buildings don’t have balconies in Las Vegas due to the high suicide rate, uncomfortable climate, energy costs, cost of building and maintaining the balconies, risk of bugs entering, and low use of balconies as there are more fun activities. However, the absence of balconies is most common in hotels.

You’ll still find several buildings in Las Vegas that have balconies if you leave the Strip. However, not all balcony-view suites have a real balcony. Here, we discuss why there are no balconies in Las Vegas.

Reasons for Lack of Balconies in Las Vegas

The absence of balconies in Las Vegas is most common in the hotels on the Strip, but there are also houses in the city that don’t have them. The common lack of balconies in the city is due to the following reasons such as:

1.  Suicide Rate

The high suicide rate in Nevada is one of the major reasons for the absence of balconies in Las Vegas. The state has one of the highest suicide rates in the country. Jumping is quite a popular choice for many people who commit suicide here. Many hotels in Las Vegas don’t have balconies to reduce the risk of that happening. Several don’t even have windows that open.

So, if you lodge in a hotel in Las Vegas and notice that it doesn’t have a balcony, there’s nothing to worry about. This is more common than you can imagine. It’s common to hear of people jumping to their death from upper-level garages, Hoover dam, stratosphere tower, hotel balconies, or overpasses.

2.  Uncomfortable Climate

When people think of balconies, they think of lounging outside and enjoying fresh air and sunlight. This is true in many places. It’s what makes balconies very desirable. But it’s the same reason that makes balconies unnecessary in Las Vegas. The weather here isn’t that comfortable for most of the year.

Being outside isn’t a desirable option due to the extreme heat or cold. So, most people won’t want to be sitting on the balcony in the sweltering heat. Thus, both homes and hotels here don’t bother adding a balcony.

3.  Extra Expenses to Keep Temperature Stable

This applies mostly to hotels, but it can also apply to homes. The sweltering heat in the city means that the cost of energy for cooling is quite high. The cost will only increase with balconies and open windows when outside air enters and affects indoor temperature. Most hotels eliminate this extra cost by not bothering to build balconies. They seal up windows. It could also be the reason some homeowners don’t bother about balconies.

4.  Bugs

The seasons in Las Vegas are usually too hot or cold for people to spend time outdoors. But the spring is usually a good time to go outdoors. During this season, the outdoors is inviting, and many people will look forward to being on the balconies. However, opening windows or going to the balcony can attract several unwanted guests into your room. This is most likely if you leave your lights on.

Several hotels don’t add a balcony to keep the room in pristine conditions and prevent bugs. It doesn’t add that much value to the room and could bring more inconveniences.

5.  More Fun Activities Available

Sitting on the balcony watching the Strip lights or sunset might be fun, but it’s not engaging. In Las Vegas, there are lots of fun things one could do. That could be playing in the casinos, eating at its restaurants, partying, etc.

Although the policy has changed now, there was a time Las Vegas hotels only offered the most basic amenities inside the room. This was to ensure that people spent more time in the casinos. Therefore, the best place to find hotels with balconies would be to go off the Strip to the non-gaming hotels in the city.

6.  Extra Cost of Building and Maintaining Balconies

The extra cost of building balconies seems unnecessary in a city where many people don’t use the balconies. Balconies are quite expensive to build for their square footage. The liabilities of a balcony sometimes exceed its benefits for hotels. Some guests are also mischievous. There have been instances of people dropping objects from the balcony on people. There’s also the risk of drunk guests falling off the balcony accidentally. This is even more common than suicide. It could also provide robbers access to the room, especially since many people in Las Vegas spend less time in their room than they’ll do outside.

Can You Find Hotels and Houses with Balconies In Las Vegas?

Yes, there are many places in the city where you’ll find balconies. Where there are limited numbers of hotels with balconies is the Strip. But if you leave the Strip for other parts of the town, you’ll discover that balconies aren’t that rare here. Examples of hotels with balconies include The Platinum hotel, Hard Rock, Cosmopolitan, MGM Grand Signature Suites, Hooters, etc. Here, you’ll get suites that offer guest access to balconies. Some balconies offer views of the Strip, poolside, the city, and other places.

If you want hotels with balconies in the city, you can check out the hotels away from the Strip. However, many hotels may claim to have balconies. Don’t take their word for it. In most cases, some hotels that claim to have suites with balcony views only have large windows.

Even if they have balconies, not all the balconies face the Strip. So, you might get a balcony view but without any exceptional view. Some hotels once had balconies, but they have remodeled or converted the suites with balconies. A good example is Harrah’s, where the rooms with balconies have been converted into offices.

In Conclusion 

Balconies aren’t as rare in Las Vegas as many people think. But most hotels, especially in the Strip area, don’t have casinos. This is due to several reasons, such as ensuring safety,  cutting costs, and reducing liabilities.

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