Best burgers in Corona, California: 10 Thick & Juicy, Diner-Style, & Exotic Meat Burgers!

There’s nothing more American than the classic old burger. But, while you can walk just a few blocks in almost any city or town and find a burger spot, it might take longer to find a great burger spot that you want to bring your friends to next time.

But not in Corona, where there are many amazing burger restaurants and stalls. No matter how you like your burger, thick and juicy, layered with meat or vegetables, you’ll find it in Corona. There are so many of them that you might have too many choices. So we help you narrow it down to the best ones you should check out anytime you’re in town.

1.      Burger Basket Corona

This fast food restaurant is your go-to place for amazing, Corona-style burgers. Their burgers and fries are classic, delicious, and thoroughly satisfying. I’ve had the Hawaiian Burger and Bacon Cheeseburger here, and all I can say is they’re a must-try whenever you’re in town. Of course, that’s just one of the many things they have on the menu.

Their fried zucchini, French fries, breakfast burritos, pastrami sandwich, and more are worth a shot, depending on what you feel like eating. The restaurant also has salad, and the food is quite affordable. You can save costs by getting the basket meal instead of ordering different items separately. It’s quite easy to find your way to Burger Basket. The restaurant is on 1058 W 6th Street.

2.      Islands Restaurant Corona


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The restaurant has its specialty burger, and I’m telling you, you’ll love it. Of course, there are several other heavily layered burgers rich in ingredients, such as the impossible burger, burger with Swiss cheese, Hawaiian burgers with grilled pineapple, and veggie burgers for vegans. There are tons of exotic burgers to try when you’re here.

Their fries look pleasant and don’t disappoint in taste, and you might also opt to try the loaded nachos while at. As you’re eating, the Island Restaurant Corona also has sweet-tasting cocktails, malty beers, and several other drinks.

3.      In-N-Out Burger


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In-N-Out is that burger joint everyone in Corona has been to or knows someone who has been there. Everyone agrees it’s simply the best. Try all kinds of fantastic burgers here, such as double double cheeseburger or animal style, and wash a filling meal with refreshing iced tea, pink lemonade, or even yogurts.

I’ve been here plenty of times, and they always nail the order. Of course, you can add a plate of fries or any of the other amazing sides on top. Although In-N-Out is a food chain, it doesn’t have any of those bad trout Sun that comes with most fast food chains. The customer service at the Corona branch is enough reason to keep returning.

4.      Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews

Hamburger chains also make great burgers, at least in Corona. Every burger is carefully crafted to give you that “hmph” sound of satisfaction when you take a bite. The cowburger is tasty and has indoor and outdoor seating if you want to dine. There’s also the specialty Royal Red Robin Burger which is as good as they come.

You can enjoy several drinks ranging from beer to iced tea and sangria at Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews.

5.      Farmer Boys

Veggie burgers, cheeseburgers, charbroiled chicken burgers, extreme bacon burgers, name the burger, and it’s available at Farmer Boys in all its glory. It’s a bit expensive to eat here, but the quality slightly compensates for the cost. You can get salad or fries as sides, and the drinks are great. Before I forget, there’s free wifi.

6.      BurgerIM South Corona

This hamburger restaurant has some delicious items on the menu that you shouldn’t miss out on. There are plenty of burger choices here, ranging from the classic Angus beef burger to the plant-based impossible burger. Whatever your taste in meat, whether chicken, beef, or turkey, you can find it at BurgerIM. The Philly cheesesteaks here are out of this world too. If you like variety, then this is the place to try it out.

7.      Five Guys

Burgers and fries are the staples at Five Guys, and they make it so good you won’t even want anything else while you’re here. You can get juicy hamburgers and cheeseburgers in all varieties and add fries to complement them. Then, wash everything down with the milkshakes, and you’re good to go. The place also has free peanuts.

8.      The Hot Dog Shoppe

This place serves amazing comfort food, especially hot dogs and fries. Hot dogs are the specialty here, with more than ten varieties on the menu, but burger lovers can still have a good time. There are both regular and vegan burgers, depending on your taste, and they’re all rich in ingredients with beautifully arranged and delicious dressing.

Try out the endless options of fries available, or give any other sides a shot if you’re feeling adventurous. You can also get rich and tasty beer directly from the tap at Hot Dog Shoppe.

9.      The Habit Burger Grill

I loved the Teriyaki burger I ordered on my first visit and will recommend it to you too. The Habit Burger Grill makes incredibly tasty burgers for everyone, including vegans. It has been a while since I tasted a burger this good, and the menu has several other options for you to try out, whether it’s burgers, fries, sandwiches, and more. It’s the place you want to go to more than once, even though it might seem pricey. You’ll at least get something decent.

10. El Cerrito Cafe


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Mexican food with burgers has a unique taste, and you can find out by visiting the El Cerrito Cafe. The place has all the usual Mexican dishes such as burritos, menudos, quesadillas, chilaquiles con huevos and more.

But the cheeseburgers are also great and combine well with any of the dishes you might want to have here. So this is a good place to start if you want to try something new with your burger. El Cerrito Cafe is at 19619 Temescal Canyon Road.