Best places to live in Corona, CA

Corona, California, is a wonderful city to live in. With a population of around 160,000, it has several fine neighborhoods. So, what’re the best places to live in Corona, CA?

Corona has several fantastic places for residents. The best includes South Corona, Eagle Glen, Chase Ranch, Orange Heights, Corona Hills, Sierra Del Oro, Sycamore Creek, and Yorba Linda. All these neighborhoods and suburbs are safe, family-friendly, have great amenities, with excellent schools.

However, you shouldn’t limit yourself to only these places when looking for where to live in the city. As you’ll learn, there are several other amazing areas, and you only need to avoid the few bad neighborhoods. This article discusses the best places to live in Corona.

1.      South Corona

South Corona is quite big and has plenty of amenities. It has the most popular shopping center in the city, Crossings at Corona. There’s also the El Cerrito Sports Park which has four baseball fields, two tennis courts, two basketball courts, three soccer fields, and lots more. Interestingly, that’s not the only park in South Corona. The Santana regional park is also a great place with playgrounds for kids, sports facilities, and a ski park.

The Corona Heritage Museum is right here in this neighborhood where you can go sightseeing. You’ll find newer homes here compared to many parts of the city, and these homes are usually larger. South Corona is also an expensive place to buy homes. But it’s a beautiful area where the yards are clean, parking is easy, pedestrians can use sidewalks, and it’s dog friendly. It’s a safe neighborhood with lots of schools for kids, among other facilities.

2.      Eagle Glen

Eagle Glen is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Corona, and it’s high-end not just because of the price of homes but also because of the amenities there. If you play golf, the Eagle Glen Golf Club is a good reason to move to this part of town.

There’s also the Eagle Glen community park boasting baseball fields, a playground area, and a covered picnic area. So, you can bring your kids on your free days for fun activities.

Homes here in Eagle Glen are bigger on average than other places in the city, and so are the lots. Most of the people living here are homeowners, and there are lots of amenities ranging from restaurants to stores here. So, if you’re looking for something big, Eagle  Glen is an excellent place to consider.

3.      Chase Ranch

This neighborhood is on the east side of the city and is one of the best places you can live within it. It boasts beautiful homes and other amenities, including the Cresta Verde Golf Course.

There’s a range of home options here, depending on what you’re looking for, and you’ll find them in sizes between 1,200 square feet to 5,500 square feet.

There’s generally plenty of space here, with the lot size being reasonably big enough to accommodate the house and leave plenty of room for other things you might be planning to add. Chase Ranch has a suburban feel with a conducive environment for anyone.

4.      Orange Heights

Are you thinking of a great neighborhood to live in Corona? You might want to consider Orange Heights. The suburban area with its single-family homes is one of the best places to live in Corona. While it might be one of the most expensive places, it has some of the best public schools.

5.      Corona Hills

Corona Hills is on the northeast side of the city, and it should be on the list of places to consider if you’re thinking of moving here. It’s close to Corona Ranch, and there are several amenities here.

The Rock Vista park in the neighborhood is a good place to go for a walk any time of the day, and it also has a picnic area. But if you need a park with game facilities for kids, you’ll have to use Promenade park, which also happens to be in the same neighborhood.

Think of a playground, tennis court, basketball courts, and baseball fields, you’ll find it all here. Homes here are around the same as what you’ll find at Corona Ranch, and the average size of a house is about 2,000 square feet, and the lots also vary in size.

6.      Sierra Del Oro

Some of the best neighborhoods in Corona are on the north side, and this is a further testament to that. Sierra Del Oro is on the northwest part of Corona and has the Fresno Canyon trail for those who like hiking. The views are great, but it could be quite challenging. Homes here are quite small, and it’s unlikely that you’ll find an especially big house here.

7.      Sycamore Creek

Here’s another fine place you can live in Corona. The calm and conducive sycamore creek is a serene neighborhood with friendly residents and many amenities. It has sports facilities, including a skate park, swimming pool, and gym at the Deleo Regional Sports Park and Sycamore Creek Fitness.

There are quite a few restaurants here, and the homes are great, with everyone taking serious care of their yard. Although it has schools, the fact that there are no high schools in the neighborhood discourages some from moving here. Sycamore Creek is one of the safest neighborhoods in the city.

8.      Yorba Linda

If you don’t want to live in Corona, there are several suburbs you can live in, and Yorba Linda is perhaps the best of them. Low poverty and unemployment rate, high income,  and safe neighborhoods are some of the things that make Yorba Linda desirable. In addition, the town has a fairly large population of around 68,000. It’s not only close to Corona but also near downtown LA.

In Conclusion

Corona is a mostly safe and wonderful city to live in. Even though the cost of living here is high, it’s fairly affordable, and there are very few bad neighborhoods. But it would help if you avoided the bad areas. Beyond the neighborhoods and suburbs listed above, there are several others that you can check out.

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