Pros and cons of living in Huntington Beach

Anyone who’s been to California can testify to the beauty of Huntington Beach. But what makes a place livable goes beyond its beauty. So, what’re the pros and cons of living in Huntington Beach?

Living in Huntington Beach can be a pleasant experience for you. The city has great weather and environment, nightlife, outdoor activities, safety, cultural diversity, and excellent schools. However, it also has some disadvantages. They include traffic, risk of natural disasters, and it’s costly.

As the host of one of the biggest surfing tournaments in the world, Huntington Beach is quite famous among surfers and tourists. But, as a resident here, the experience is quite different. Read on to find out what it means to live in Huntington Beach.

Pros of Living in Huntington Beach

It’s common knowledge that Huntington Beach is a wonderful place to live. Here are features that make this city amazing:

1. Great Weather and Beautiful Environment

The weather in Southern California cities is a delight for everyone, and Huntington Beach isn’t different. This city’s climate is one of the things that attracts people. There’s nothing like cold here as every day is warm and sunny.

Huntington Beach weather is almost perfect throughout the year. Even in the summer months, where other cities get hot, the temperature here is warm. The average high temperature rarely exceeds 72 degrees F. In the cold months like December and January, the temperature rarely drops below 50 degrees F. In this kind of weather, there’s no snow at all. No wonder BestPlaces gives the city a rating of 9.3/10 on the weather comfort index. With that score, its weather is one the most comfortable in the United States.

2. Nightlife

If you’re someone who enjoys the nightlife, Huntington Beach offers you the chance to party to the fullest. The city contains several restaurants, clubs, bars, and many more. So, whether you’re drinking, dining, want to listen to music, dance, or anyhow you want to spend your night, you can do it here.

3. Outdoor Activities

Huntington has amazing weather, and the scenery is beautiful. You can do several activities while you’re here with several beaches in the city, including Bolsa Chica State Beach, Huntington Dog Beach for those with dogs, and Huntington State Beach. In addition, the city hosts several surfers and tourists from the US and worldwide. You can also go kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing, etc.

Apart from water activities, there are several other things to do here. The city has 78 parks filled with amenities, from pools to golf courses to the adventure playground. So whether you go alone, with friends, or kids, there are enough fun activities and amazing sights to make everyone satisfied.

4. Diverse Culture

The city welcomes millions of tourists annually, and these tourists bring their culture with them. In a way, all these diverse cultures have influenced the city. As a result, you’ll find all kinds of cuisines in this city.

5. Safety

Huntington Beach is also a relatively safe city. The crime rate is 19% below the California average and 10% lower than the national average. Property crimes are slightly lower by 3%. You’re less at risk of violent crimes in this city because the rate is 50% below the national average. The chance of being a crime victim when living in Huntington Beach is 1 in 45. In addition, the city is safer than 45% of other US cities.

6. Great Schools

The public education system in Huntington Beach is one of the best. Many schools in the city received high ratings in terms of the quality of education that students get. AreaVibes rates the city a B+ in terms of schools and education. The average test score in Huntington Beach is 19% above the national average, and the percentage of Bachelor’s degree holders is 38% higher.

Although the student-to-teacher ratio is high in this city, there’s also a high rate of literacy. For example, 90.8% of those in the city finished high school, and 41.9% have a bachelor’s degree.

Cons of Living in Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach is not perfect. However, this beautiful and scenic city has few faults of its own. They include:

1. Traffic

Huntington is a car-dependent city, especially for regular commuters. Although the city has a public transport option covering nine routes, they’re not your best choice when in a hurry. Instead, you’re better to drive your car. California generally experiences traffic, and Huntington is no different. The average commute time is slightly higher than the national average.

However, the traffic situation in the city is manageable. You may also not need a car to get around the city if you have a bike. WalkScore gives it a bike score of 71, pointing to the ease of riding a bike in the city. In addition, there are parts of the city that are very walkable as long as you’re not in a hurry.

2. Natural Disasters

As amazing as Huntington Beach is, it has few faults. One of those faults is a literal one as the city’s location along fault lines. This makes it prone to earthquakes and tsunamis. Due to its coastal location, the risk of wildfires which is general to California is minimal. But droughts are also likely.

So, if you’re living in Surf City, you have to be prepared for these risks. The city has a preparedness website that contains information on preparing for and ensuring safety during natural disasters.

3. Cost of Living

The number one problem with living in this city is the cost of living. Even though California is an expensive place to live in, it gets higher in Huntington Beach. The cost of living is 83.8% above the national average. Every basic expense is costly in this city apart from healthcare and utilities.

What further makes it more costly is the real estate prices. Buying a house or renting an apartment in this city will cost you a fortune. The average price of a home is $1,066,676. That’s higher than the California average by around $300,000 and over three times the national average. Renting isn’t cheap here either.

In Conclusion 

Huntington Beach, otherwise called the Surf City, is a breathtaking city. With picturesque beaches and plenty of amenities, this city has a livability score of 75. But it’s also an expensive place to live. However, if you can afford it, you’ll enjoy the city.