Pros and cons of living in Corona, California


Are you planning to move to Corona? The Circle City, as it’s fondly called, is mostly residential, but it has its industrial areas too. The suburban city that was once the Lemon Capital of the World is quite remarkable in many ways. So, what’re the pros and cons of living in Corona? 

Originally known as South Riverside, Living in Corona comes with several benefits. These include the ideal location, low crime rates, affordable housing, amenities, and weather. However, it’s far from perfect. Residents contend with issues such as traffic, high living costs, and limited nightlife.

Regardless of the disadvantages attached to living here, the city is quite great. Over 160,000 people live here, meaning there are plenty of good reasons to stay. This article discusses what it means to live in Corona.

Pros of Living in Corona

There are advantages to living in Corona. Here are some of its positive features.

1. Low crime rate

How safe you feel in your neighborhood is essential when picking where to live. The low crime rates mean you don’t have to worry about endangering your life or property. It also boosts the economy and ensures real estate properties appreciate over time. Corona is relatively safe, which makes it a nice place to live. It has a total crime rate that’s 11% below the national average and a property crime rate that’s 3% lower. In addition, violent crimes are 55% below the national average. As a result, the chance of being a crime victim in Corona is 1 in 46. Also, the city is safer than 48% of cities in the US.

2. Ideal Location

Corona is in the inland empire of Southern California. Although it’s a midsized city and primarily suburban, its location close to bigger cities makes it an ideal place to live. Los Angeles, Riverside, Irvine, and Anaheim are all less than an hour away. All these cities offer more opportunities and amenities than Corona, but they’re also more expensive to live in.

By living in Corona, you’ll be able to enjoy all the opportunities available in these cities. Even though Corona itself offers job opportunities, residents can find better-paying jobs in bigger cities. 

Also, if you need amenities and attractions, you can find beaches, resorts, parks, clubs, bars, etc., in bigger cities. So, you have nothing to lose by living here. Instead, you can live a more affordable and quieter lifestyle while having acres in urban centers.

3. Lots of Amenities

One thing you’ll find plenty of in Corona is shopping centers. There are all kinds of shopping centers here, from indoor ones to outdoor shopping mall areas like Dos Lagos. You’ll also find other amenities here, such as restaurants, parks, etc. AreaVibes give Corona an A+ rating for amenities which suggests that several amenities are within proximity.

Just as it has amenities, there are also several attractions for residents. So, if you’re interested in doing something fun and exciting, Corona has several options for you. Popular attractions include Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa, Fender Guitar Visitor Center, and Tom’s Farms.

4. Great Weather

Another advantage of living in Corona is the weather. California weather is generally great, and here in Corona, the weather gets even better. gives the city a Comfort Index rating of 8.7/10. This means the weather in Corona is more comfortable than most places in California. In addition, living here means you get to enjoy sunny days almost all through the year.

However, the temperature can be quite high in the summer, reaching almost close to 100 degrees. Winters here are mostly cool, with an average of 12 inches of rain. If you’re trying to avoid shoveling snow, Corona is the right city for you because it doesn’t have any snow.

5. Relatively Affordable Housing

There’s no doubt housing is expensive in California. In cities like San Francisco and Irvine, homes cost well over a million dollars. The state’s average is also around $700,000 compared to the national average below $300,000. But the average cost of a house in Corona is only $651,348. This is about $50k less than California, which means you can easily pay less for homes here. Rents are also cheaper.

However, there are several other places in California where homes are cheaper. So, you might not exactly be getting the most affordable house in the state by buying in Corona. But when you consider the location and other factors, it might be worth it after all.

Cons of Living in Corona

Here are the disadvantages of living in Corona

1. High cost of living

California is one of the most expensive states to live in the US, with its cost of living 49.9% above the national average. While there are few places where living costs are pretty cheap, Corona isn’t one of them. The city has a cost of living that’s 46.3% above the national average. While that’s slightly below the state average, it’s high enough to be unaffordable for many people. Only healthcare costs less here than the national average. For every other thing, you’ll have to pay more. However, if it’s any consolation, Corona is still a cheaper place to live than other bigger cities.

2. Traffic and Long Commute

If you’re going to live in Corona, you should be prepared for the traffic congestion and long commute. This mainly affects you if you’re working in the neighboring cities, as you’ll have to use the freeways. The average one-way commute in Corona takes 36.7 minutes, far above the 26.7 minutes that’s the national average.

Thus, you should be ready to spend a considerable amount of time commuting. However, there are toll roads that make the traffic more manageable. But you’ll have to pay a stipend to use the toll roads.

3. Limited Nightlife

For the clubbing and party type, Corona might not be the best place for you. The city is pretty quiet and residential. Most neighborhoods here are family-friendly areas. Although there are several restaurants in the city, the nightlife isn’t exactly booming. If you want to have a good time out, you can check out other major cities close to it.

In Conclusion

Living in Corona can be a great experience for you. The city has several positive features that the residents will surely enjoy. But it also has negative ones. It’ll depend on you whether you can manage the negative qualities or live in the city regardless of them.