Best vegan restaurants in Long Beach

Being vegan can be quite challenging, especially regarding food options. Finding great restaurants that cater to the needs of vegans can be quite challenging, even in some bigger cities. But that’s not a problem in Long Beach. The city is a vegan paradise because it has a plethora of vegan restaurants.

There’s even the Long Beach Vegan Festival, where residents and people from out of town can enjoy all kinds of vegan street food. The good thing about these options is that you’re not stuck going to the same few restaurants each time you feel like eating out. This post discusses the best vegan restaurants in Long Beach.

1.      Seabirds Kitchen


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This is one of the best restaurants in Long Beach, and what’s more, it’s plant-based. So everything you’ll eat here comes from plants, even if it looks and tastes as if it’s from an animal. You can try the grilled mushroom tacos, jackfruit nachos, burnt Brussels, BBQ burger, or any delicious options on the menu at Seabirds Kitchen.

2.      Ahimsa / Higher Taste

This vegan cafe has a cozy environment with food that makes a vegan feel excited. You can try some popular dishes here, such as Hemp Tempeh Salad, Vietnamese Spring Rolls, and Hemp Kale Bowl. In addition, the delicious hibiscus flower iced tea or ginger mint lemonade makes for an ideal refreshing drink with any food you might have at the restaurant.

If you’re only after some light meals, the restaurants also offer plant-based nachos, burgers, and other comfort food. If you’re allergic, you might want to check the menu to ensure that you order something that doesn’t agree with you.

3.      The Wild Chive


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Location, food, and service are what makes a good restaurant. Wild Chive has it all. There are all kinds of plant-based comfort food here, and they all taste incredible. You can hardly tell the difference between dairy cheese and the ones you’ll have here. 

Try the Montecristo or other popular dishes here, such as Chive bit, stuffed French toast, chicken and waffles, fried zucchini, and more.

4.      Hungry Angelina

The avocado toast is a must-try when you eat at Hungry Angelina. It’s tasty in a unique way, just like every other vegan and vegetarian dish available at this restaurant. The restaurant’s setting is incredible, quite picture-worthy, and the staff is friendly. You can also try their nachos, Buffalo cauliflower, fried pickles, and more. Although it’s a vegan restaurant, you don’t even have to be one to enjoy what’s on offer here. The cocktails are quite great too.

5.      The Grain Café

This is the perfect place to come if you want vegan, Mediterranean, and Mexican food. It’s one of the most popular vegan choices in the whole city. All food here is gluten and dairy free, and there are plenty of options on the menu. If you’re trying to get a good breakfast before heading to work, this is the kind of place to stop by because they open early. Their pizza and burritos are also quite delicious, and there’s an almost endless list of desserts made from plants. You should try out Grain Café anytime you’re in town.

6.      Veggie Grill


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This is a restaurant chain with other outlets in California, and it has exceedingly tasty plant-based options. You can get burgers, soup, salads, sandwiches, and more here. One of the things you should try here is the carrot cake and sweet potato fries with chipotle sauce. This dish is nothing short of incredible.

The outdoor seating is quite nice, too, with heated patios and a serene atmosphere. Their faux meat is protein-heavy and has the right meaty feel in your mouth. Whatever you order at Veggie Grill is going to be a delicious surprise.

7.      Under The Sun

Long Beach has several lovely spots. But when it comes to raw plant-based food, Under the Sun is one of your best options. Everything you eat here benefits your health, and if you’ve never tried raw vegan food, this place should be your first. You can feel the texture and flavor of everything you eat here in your taste buds. The drinks, desserts, and entrees make the whole experience a delight.

8.      The HipPea

Delicious and satisfying are the appropriate words to describe the food at HipPea. Everything here is amazing and popular options include Falafel Pita, Falafel Balls, Potato Leek soup, Hommus, etc. The Matbucha is also incredible, and every other food here comes delicious and fresh. The staff is great; even the food preparation alone is enough to whet your appetite. HipPea is an ideal place to eat big and eat healthily.

9.      VBurger

If you want to eat great-tasting burgers that are completely vegan, then this Long Beach restaurant is where you should drop by. When you taste the burgers here, you’ll realize the meat isn’t a necessary item for burgers. Popular dishes on the menu include Tu-Nah Wrap, Alive Burrito, Jalapeno Burger, Ish Burger, and Taco Salad.

The chefs here are daring, resulting in adventurous plant-based food with unique tastes. Whether you’re just visiting Long Beach or you’re a local, this is a place where you should stop by. You can thank me later.

10. Vegan Castle

When it comes to vegan sushi in Long Beach, Vegan Castle is one of the best. Those who have been here recommended that you try any of its amazing rolls, such as the Long Beach roll, rainbow roll, dragon roll, volcano roll, red dragon roll, ocean roll, and more. The staff are great and sometimes take special orders that aren’t even on the menu. Everything on the menu is scrumptious and delicious. Even people who aren’t vegans stop by to taste some of the delicacies on offer here. The overall atmosphere here is great, and you won’t have to wait too long before you get what you order.