Best haunted houses in Corona, California

Halloween is a great time for kids. Remember all the candies you got when you went out for tricks or treats. It could be less fun as adults because the same things don’t scare you again, and you’re now the one giving out all the candies. But it doesn’t have to be boring. Adults can also have a great time this season, and haunted houses offer the best opportunity.

Fortunately for those in Corona, California, there are many options in and near Circle City. If you’re a resident or living close by, the haunted houses are a good way to spice up your Halloween. In this post, you’ll discover the best-haunted houses in Corona.

1.      Coffin Creek

Coffin Creek is a wholesome experience as far as haunted houses are concerned, and it could take about 3 hours to complete the whole experience. There are several scares and activities, from the hay rides to the multiple mazes filled with monsters. There are gopher holes in the ground, so you must step carefully and ensure you have the appropriate shoes for the experience.

There are five haunted attractions here, and there’s also the dark shadow marketplace. The attractions are:

  • The Brimstone Asylum for the Criminally Insane
  • The Curse of VooDoo Bayou
  • The Catacombs and the Raven Cult
  • The Dark Realm
  • Shady Hollow Hayride

The fact that it’s local makes it ideal for most people.

2.      Gothic Hills Cemetery


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In the neighboring town of Riverside, there’s another Halloween attraction you enjoy visiting. It’s completely free here, although voluntary donations are accepted. All donations go towards a charitable cause. Gothic Hills is a great place for families with all the spooky props that are scary enough for kids, even though adults might not feel so scared.

People come here from out of town to be part of this event. Donations can come in the form of pet supplies and non-perishable food. The event has been nominated and won the Home Haunter Awards.

3.      Reichland Asylum Haunted Attraction

Riverside has more haunts than Corona. But fortunately, it’s close enough for a short trip. The Reichland Asylum is a home haunt with a lot of potentials. Every Halloween, the organizers and actors put on the most creative attempts to scare you out of your pants.

The setting gives you goosebumps, and the actors are straight out of an actual asylum. Make-believe comes dangerously close to reality here, and you can get to be a victim or play a character. This place is worth checking out with the makeup and effects. It’s also free.

4.      Pirate’s Cave Haunt

They say the devil is in the details, and that’s very true of this haunted house. Everything is strikingly real and entertaining. There are creative storylines, laser videography, smokes, visuals, and plenty of scares. Your kids will love it too because you can bring them. Anyone from 10 upward can come in here. Pirate’s Cave Haunt has existed since 1999 and continues to improve, with the father and son team running it.

5.      Perdition Home

If Yorba Linda isn’t too far for you, Perdition Home is a haunted house to see. All scares here are professional quality and completely free. They do accept donations if you want to contribute. It doesn’t matter how old or big you are. You’ll get scared inside Perdition Home. Every room in the house has a theme, and it’s scary. It’s definitely worth the trip.

6.      Fear In 3D: The Experiment

Last Halloween at Fear in 3D was a blast, and I bet they have something thrilling in store this year too. The maze is amazing (no pun intended), and there are several trippy spots, including a swampy area. No matter how haunted house you’ve been to in the past, you should try this one out. It’ll give you a good scare, and the 3D effects make the experience immersive. A short trip to Chino Hills will have you facing some of your darkest nightmares. 

7.      The 17th Door Haunt Experience

Think of all the horror movies you’ve seen. The Saws, Friday the 13th, and Nightmare in Elm Streets. Remember how you felt watching all these movies? You’ll get something closer to that inside this haunted house. The experience here will make your heart jump more than a few times and push you to your limits. So, get ready for some psychological horror thrills. If you’re the type that gets scared easily, please don’t come here.

Many intense activities happen, such as getting wet, being hit by nerf balls, finding yourself in boxes that look like a coffin, and more. It’s more of a horror house because each of the 17 doors contains something that’ll make you face a personal fear, whether it’s electrocution, drowning, falling, etc. kindly check all instructions when you’re here and read before doing anything, you don’t want to enter the wrong room. There’s also the field trip. All in all, the 17th door haunt is worth going to Fullerton for.

8.      The Gershon Dungeon

The team behind this haunted house put in a lot of hard work to create a thrilling experience every Halloween. The adventures inside Gershon Dungeon will send chills down your spine. Every corner of the maze has a scary monster lurking and waiting to pounce on you. Admission is free, but you’re encouraged to donate. It takes a lot of effort to keep the place running and exciting every Halloween. The Gershon Dungeon has one of the largest home haunts in Orange County, and it’s a short trip from Corona. 

9.      Countyline Fright

Get the scare of your life in Calimesa at Countyline Fright. The place offers a unique experience with haunted mazes, jump-scares, unique visuals, and more. The details here are fantastic and are part of what makes it scary. You might find yourself panicking and screaming at every turn. But, remember, that’s the spirit of Halloween.


10. Prism Haunted House


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Here is a good place to spend a Halloween night without spending a dime on admission. There are plenty of acting monsters and props all over the house. It’s something you have to see yourself. Everyone involved put in a lot of work, and the venue uses special effects and projection mapping to knock your socks off. Try this place out if you want high-tech horror or look forward to hearing an adult scream. Spoiler alert, you might be the adult screaming.