Best haunted houses in Long Beach, California

Haunted houses aren’t for everyone. But nothing embodies Halloween like a visit to one. The adrenaline that comes rushing after visiting a haunted house is indescribable, making up for any excitement you might miss.

In Long Beach, many Haunted Houses open during Halloween, putting on an amazing show every year. But you can’t go to them all, which raises the question of which haunted houses are the best in the city. This post answers that by discussing the best-haunted houses in Long Beach.

1.      Fairbrook Manor


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If your neighbor’s decorations are not scary enough and you want something darker this Halloween, Fairbrook manor is perfect. The haunted house is awesome and free on Halloween. But it’s advisable that you leave a donation. It’s also kid-friendly, which is important; the kids can get a glow stick for free.

The characters are great, and the setting is just amazing. Adults would get by just fine here; I’ve seen scarier things. But for kids, it’s the kind of scary thing they won’t forget in a hurry. What’s better, donations to the Manor go to the Community food drive.  

2.      The RMS Queen Mary Dark Harbor

The Queen Mary is an iconic attraction in Long Beach and one of its scariest. Queen Mary’s ship was the scene of several deaths, and many visitors here have reported encountering these spirits while on the ship. There’s Mary, who drowned in the first class swimming pool, John Pedder, crushed to death by the engine room door, a lady in white who mimics the giggles of children playing in the nursery room, and the double murder of cabin 340.

Visitors claim they’ve encountered some of these spirits while on the ship. During Halloween, Queen Mary gets even scarier with the Dark Harbor event, which incorporates all the scary history of the ship to create a truly scary haunt. Unfortunately, Dark Harbor has been temporarily closed for a few years now. 

3.      Hauntington Beach Manor 

This haunted house is worth visiting on Halloween. The entire maze is designed to spook the living hell out of you, and there are lots of props, effects, and great acting to compliment everything. You shouldn’t miss out on this if you’re in the mood for some scare to get your blood pumping. What makes it better is that the whole experience is brief and focuses more on intensity. But try not to pee in your pants out of fear. Some visitors have.


4.      Origins: The Curse of Calico

Knotts Scary Farm puts up some of the best Halloween events this year. The venue is in Buena Park, which is only a few minutes away from Long Beach, and one thing is sure, the whole experience is worth it. The theme changes every year so does the maze. What doesn’t change is the fact that you’ll get scared real good here.

The Curse of Calico uses an immersive maze to tell the whole story, and as you explore the maze, you run into different scary characters and effects. It’s a place worth going twice, and some people have.


5.      Reign of Terror Haunted House

If you’re done exploring the haunts in Long Beach, you can take a little trip to Thousand Oaks to have one of the scariest haunting experiences you can ask for. The haunted house will make you scream and jump with fright. All the haunted houses on site are connected. The effects are beyond spooky, and the actors play their part well enough.

Not all the rooms are open to kids. That’s how scary it gets at ROT. I love this place because it’s not only open on Halloween. You can come at other times.

6.      Spooky Hollows

This haunted house in Van Nuys is worth trying out. It might take over 30 minutes to get there from Long Beach, but the venue makes it worth it. Spooky Hollows has incredible props, and the themes get more and more fascinating every year. The haunted house o is free except for voluntary donations. In 2021, the Spooky Hollows did an amazing ghostbusters tribute. Who knows what to expect this year?


7.      House of Spirits: A Haunted Cocktail Soirée

Here’s a haunted house with theatrical splendor. But that shouldn’t be surprising, given that it’s in Los Angeles. The stories keep changing and get scarier every year. It’s usually open around Halloween, so you must be at least 21 to go here. So, this isn’t the place you want to bring the kids. It’s a fully adult-themed party, with cocktails of alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks. The storyline is particularly interactive.

8.      Mcdevitt Manor Haunted House

If West Covina isn’t too far for you, you can take a trip down there to have one of the best private home Halloween experiences. There are tons of artwork, designs, and effects that give the house a scary feel. The actors complete the whole experience by delivering Oscar-worthy horror movie performances. To make it even better, it’s completely free. The whole event takes only a few minutes.

9.      Creep LA

You know the Halloween show is good if people travel from Michigan to LA because of it. That’s what Creep LA offers. The performance here is meant to creep you out, and you’ll find some of the actors in your personal space. It gives you a fully immersive experience as you navigate the mazes. You have to be 21 and above to come here, and there’s an open bar section at the entrance. Just Fix It Productions is responsible for the event.

10. Wraith House

Wraith House in Laguna Niguel is worth trying out. The awesome makeup, expert actors, and almost real effects combine to give you adrenaline-pumped moments. What’s more, the haunted house has something truly scary planned for this Halloween, the carnival of carnage.

There are maniacal clowns, macabre scenes, zombies in the front yards, and more. Access is by reservation, and guests are encouraged to make a voluntary donation of $10.