What Other State is Similar to California? 

California is one of the most amazing places to stay in the US. But if you want to relocate and you love California so much that you want a state like it, you have various options to explore. So what other states are similar to California? 

In terms of culture, weather, demography, socio-economic indicators, geography, infrastructure, and lifestyle, to mention a few, other states that are similar to California include Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, and Oregon. All compared to California are more similar than they’re different. 

Determining your next destination can be difficult if you’re preparing to leave California permanently. But to ease the difficulty, we’ll show you some of the states that are similar to the Golden State in the US. 

States that are Similar to California in the US

There’s no disputing the fact that all states within the US are unique. However, despite this uniqueness, some have a lot in common. California, for instance, has a lot in common with the following states: 

1. Nevada 

As you’re aware, Nevada is a neighboring state to California. Similarly known as the Silver State, it borders California, the Golden State, to the West. While Nevada is more identified with its landscapes and desert, California is more identified with its many coastlines and Golden Gate Bridge. 

Despite this slight difference, the two states share some things in common that many people don’t know. For example, the two states were formerly bound to Mexico before joining the Union. Also, the two states have a rich racial diversity. While California is the most diverse state in the US, Nevada is the third most diverse

Another notable similarity between Nevada and California is the weather. Both states are pretty hot during summer, so they have outdoor lifestyles. Lastly, both states contribute significantly to the US GDP. 

2. Arizona 

Arizona is as similar to Nevada as it is to California. It shares the same western border as California and offers excellent weather and breathtaking views. Although Arizona doesn’t have ocean fronts like California, it still has bodies of water that compromise for its ocean needs. 

Both states have desirable weather such that they are on the list of states with the best weather in the US. While California tops, Arizona is 4th on the list. While California tops the list of most populous states, Arizona is also densely populated. So in terms of the number of people within the states, both share high populations. 

Further, while the use and possession of marijuana are illegal under the provisions of federal laws, some states contend these provisions by making them legal. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, California and Arizona are two of the 19 states where possession and use of marijuana are legal. 

3. Oregon 

While Oregon is more of mountains, dense forests, deserts, and large valleys, California also has mountains, valleys, and three notable deserts and forests. In addition, Oregon borders the Golden State to the north; as a result, they share similar geography through different landscapes. 

Additionally, both states have amazing coastlines that offer residents and visitors a beach experience. Although California produces more, Oregon also embraces agricultural production considerably. Agriculture accounts for 13% of the state’s GDP. This equates to $5.01 billion in production and $2.57 billion in exports.

Oregon also has a lot in common with California on the political level. Both states were members of the Union during the historical civil war, and they both attained statehood in the 1850s. Lastly, both states have a long history of Democratic leanings. 

4. Colorado 

While Colorado may seem far from the other states similar to California, it has some similarities. Both states have deserts with unique features, including dunes, colorful hills, mountains, salt flats, and volcanic fields. In fact, the deserts in Colorado have the largest and tallest dunes in the country. 

Another thing California has in common with Colorado is the beaches. Colorado has unique beaches with breathtaking mountain views. You can create a wholesome, memorable experience, personally or with family, on any of these beaches. Camping, sunbathing, swimming, sand sculpting, etc. 

Both states have more sunny days per annum, which is greater than the US average. Additionally, while California is predominantly diverse, Colorado has improved in its racial diversity. While there used to be more whites, that has reduced since the last census. 

5. Texas

Texas is another state that has so much in common with California. The first and most notable similarity between the two states is their population. They are ranked in the top two of the most populous states in the US, with California taking first place and Texas second. 

Diversity is also reflected in the large population of Lone Star State. Just behind California, the most diverse state in the US, Texas is the second most diverse. The 2020 census reveals that Texas has 42% white, 11.8% blacks, 5.4% Asian, 0.3% Alaska natives and American Indians, 0.1% Hawaiian natives, other races take 13.6%, and two or more races take 17.6%. 

Texas is also similar to California, with its long coastlines. So you can enjoy beach experiences as much as you can in Texas. What solidifies this is the similarity they share in sunny climates. The implication is both states are pretty hot during summer, and people are outside more often, which translates to thriving outdoor activities in both states. 

In terms of size, Texas is also very big. According to their sizes in square miles, Texas is the second biggest state in the US, with California in third place. Both states were initially Mexican, so they shared Mexican culture, foods, and beliefs. And to cap it all, Texas contributes significantly to the US economy as much as California, so opportunities are endless in the Lone Star State. 

In Conclusion 

The bottom line is that other states in the US cannot be the same as California. But a few of them share so much in common with the Golden State, so you can choose them if you decide to relocate.