The 11 Best Desserts in Long Beach, California: from Ice Cream to Pie (& more!)

Life is sweet in Long Beach, and I mean that, literally. The city is a paradise for sweet tooth due to the plethora of dessert shops. So if you crave anything sugary and creamy, whether it’s cake, ice creams, candies, fruit pies, or more, you’ll find plenty of stores serving them in the city.

One little challenge you might have is finding which outlets make the best desserts. Well, that doesn’t have to be a challenge for you because I have a particularly sweet tooth that doesn’t quit. I’ve explored enough of the city to know where to get the best of whatever you. This article highlights the best dessert spots in Long Beach.

1.      The Pie Bar


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If you are craving sweets, look no further than the Pie Bar. Once you taste the pie here, everyone loses their charm on you. You might think I’m exaggerating, but it’s that good. The first time I was here, I was skeptical about the dessert pies. So, I opted for a shot instead of a slice. I wished I had chosen the slice.

Every pie brew tastes amazing and full of flavor, I loved the key lime pie, and the apple pie is as good too. They even have vegan desserts, which makes this place a delight. The Pie Bar has a great atmosphere, and you can choose to sit outside or inside. It’s also dog friendly, and your pet could have pet pies.

2.      The Funnel House


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You’re not a certified Long Beach sweet tooth until you try the Funnel House. Before you question that “expert” opinion, try out the unique desserts they offer. Their funnel cake, topped with whipped cream and fruits, will send you into taste paradise.

By adding the ice cream sandwich, all your taste buds are already on Cloud 9. They also have flavored lemonades, cookies, and churros. There are tons of desserts, and the staff is as sweet as what they’ll serve you. It’s a great date spot so that you know.

3.      Snow Monster


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Here’s another dessert restaurant you should try out in Long Beach. Snow Monster is good enough to be recommended on TV, and one visit here will get you hooked positively. One of the most fun things here is the build-your-own giant macaron ice cream sandwiches.

They also serve tea with whimsy, and I enjoyed the taro bubble tea latte topped with cotton candy cloud. The ice creams are great, and the whole place is just one very cute setting. It’s an experience worth having.

4.      Hug Life


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If you like vegan desserts, this is the place for you. All desserts here are plant-based and non-dairy, and they taste surprisingly well. The first time I had desserts from Hug Life, I didn’t even know they were vegan. That’s how good they were. The Twix shake tastes more appetizing than it sounds.

The ice cream made from soy and coconut tastes extremely good, and the cookie butter was fantastic. There are several amazing flavors here, and they all have that incredibly sweet and fantastic taste. Whatever you might order here, be ready to get wowed.

5.      SusieCakes

Whatever your opinions about cake, wait until you taste what SusieCakes has to offer. If I were to describe it in one word, I’d say “divine.” The frosting was perfectly soft, and each layer was just perfectly sweet. I’m describing the chocolate cakes, but even other cakes here are great. You can also try the carrot cake and other available varieties.

6.      Somisomi

If you like your ice cream all-creamy, then Somisomi is just ideal for you. The desserts look incredibly beautiful with so much attention to detail. But the look isn’t even half as good as the taste. Every spoonful of ice cream is a load of sweetness overpowering your buds, and you get an ah-boong along with your ice cream.

7.      Sticky icky Funnel Cakes

Anything you find on the menu here tastes great, and you can take my word for it. The funnel cake is delicious, and the whipped cream will leave your taste buds cascading with pleasure. Funnel cakes are just one of the things you might choose to get here. The churros taste like heaven, and the staff ensures you’re attended to on time. Minimal wait times, out-of-this-world funnel cakes, friendly staff, what more could ask for? The shop is at 901 E Artesia Blvd.

8.      Afters Ice Cream

This ice cream shop in Long Beach is fun to stop by for its creative flavor and milky buns. The milky buns are doughnut-like pastries filled with ice cream, and just one taste might find you coming back for more. One of the flavors you should try out here is the Cookie Monster flavor. As one of the posters here says, less talk, more cream. So, try it out yourself to find out why Afters Ice Cream is one of the best.

9.      Babette Bakery

Stop by Babette Bakery for all baked goods and desserts. The shop has bread, pastries and sweets, sandwiches, burgers, cupcakes, and much more. It’s a lot to take in for a first-timer, but only in a good way. No matter what you might order here, the quality taste is the standard, and the smell alone makes the atmosphere perfect.

10. Long Beach Creamery

Your exploration of the best dessert shops in Long Beach won’t be complete without the creamery. All ice cream comes from organic and local sources, so buying here supports local businesses. But that would be a secondary reason to become a patron here after you taste the delicious ice cream they offer with a variety of flavors. There are also some vegan options, and the staff is friendly.

11. Sweet Jill’s Bakery

Some say this is the best bakery on the west coast; based on my experience, I can’t disagree. You’ll find all kinds of traditional baked goods and desserts here. Delicious cakes, muffins, cinnamon rolls, and more, the cinnamon rolls have a perfect texture, and the moist cakes are just delish. So if you’ve got a sweet tooth craving, come to Sweet Jill.