Pros and cons of living in Wisconsin

Are you thinking of moving to Wisconsin? Then, you should know more about it than its sports teams and cheese farms. So, what’re the pros and cons of living in Wisconsin?

Living in Wisconsin is very beneficial. The state has qualities such as cheap accommodation, festivals, sports, education, cheese and beer, recreational activities, and affordability. But it isn’t perfect. In Wisconsin, residents have to deal with the extreme weather, taxes, smelly areas, and pests.

Knowing what living in Wisconsin feels like will help you plan your move there. Although there are cons to living in this state, they’re nothing out of the ordinary. This article shows you what it’s like to reside in Wisconsin.

Pros of Living in Wisconsin

There are several things to do as a resident of Wisconsin. Here are the qualities of this state that make it livable

1. Affordable State

The fear of spending more than what you earn is the beginning of wisdom. One of the things residents of Wisconsin get to enjoy is the low cost of living. So, no matter you’re staying in the state, you’re unlikely to overspend on expenses. Wisconsin’s cost of living is 9.1% below the national average. That’s huge considering that it’s for a whole state.

The cost of groceries, utilities, transportation, and miscellaneous expenses are below the national average. But healthcare in Wisconsin costs slightly more than the US average. 

2. Low Cost of Rent and Housing

When it comes to paying less, residents of Wisconsin have a lot to be thankful for. But, unfortunately, homes in the state are also less on average than the national average. The typical value of a home in Wisconsin is $233,688, far below the national average. So, moving to this state in the heartland of the US might just be the perfect thing to do.

If homes are cheap, then you can expect rents to be too. The average rent of an apartment in Wisconsin differs from city to city. In places like Milwaukee, the average rent is $1,240. In Maddison, it’s $1,341. If you check cities like Reedsburg, the average rent drops to $948, and for Stoughton, it’s $876. So, Neighbourhood and city will affect the rent significantly. Regardless, it’s always lower than the national average.

3. Recreational Activities for Residents

Whether you’re looking for natural attractions or need recreational activities, you can involve yourself. This state has it all. There are tons of parks in the state, and the eastern part has beach shores. You can check out places like Cave of the Mounds, Taliesin Preservation, Newport State Park, and lots more. Wisconsin contains about 47 state parks. So, if you enjoy hiking, camping, biking, fishing, and the rest, welcome to Wisconsin.

4. Festivals

Milwaukee is known as the City of Festivals, and many locals also refer to Wisconsin as the festival state. Spring, summer, and fall in this state come with lots of celebrations in different cities. There are several kinds of events ranging from food carnivals to local heritage festivals. Music carnivals are also typical here. Food is plenty during these festivals, so if you’re on a diet, you might need to go to those events hungry so you can enjoy a taste of everything.

5. Sports

The Wisconsin sports scene is lit. This state cares so much about sports, especially football. Especially famous for its football team Green Day Packer and baseball team, the Milwaukee Brewers. Its basketball team, the Milwaukee Bucks, which has Giannis, is also quite popular and won the 2021 NBA Championship. There are other sports teams here too, and you’ll also find local sports teams no matter the city you choose

6. Cheese and Beer

There’s no way we can talk about Wisconsin without mentioning its cheese and beer. The Badger state is one the biggest cheese producers in the world. Its brewery sector is also a huge one. Wisconsin is where you get to drink some of the best craft beer in the United States, and its cheese is quite excellent too. You can have cheese with every meal if you want. Not to forget, Wisconsin has bratwurst too.

7. Education System

When it comes to education, Wisconsin is one of the highest-ranking states. The quality of the public education system in the state is worthy of note. Most cities and towns within it have excellent and safe schools. No wonder Wisconsin ranked 11th in the country for the states with the best public education system in 2020, and by 2021, it ranks 9th. There are also tertiary institutions here. Most notable is the University of Wisconsin.

Cons of Living in Wisconsin

There are more reasons to live here than not. But some negatives might deter anyone from moving to Wisconsin. They include

1. Extreme Weather

Wisconsin has all four seasons. But there isn’t much to rejoice about when the seasons are extreme. Summer in the state is very hot, and the winters can drop as low as single digits. Wisconsin has some of the highest amounts of snow falling annually. So you’ll be shoveling lots of snow while shivering to your bones.

2. High Taxes

Wisconsin might be cheap, but its taxes aren’t. The state’s tax rates are obscenely high, whether on income, goods, or property. The state uses a progressive tax rate for income taxes ranging from 4.65% to 7.65%, depending on your income. Sales tax is a base 5%, but each municipality can add its percentage. Property tax is an average of 1.68% but can be much higher depending on the city.

3. Health Hazards

As home to the best dairy products and a foodies paradise, obesity and other health hazards are major concerns in the state. The high alcohol intake due to various breweries and the sedentary lifestyle don’t help matters.

4. Smelly Areas

Due to dairy production, which generates manure, you might have to deal with the stinky smell. This is more of a rural-areas problem, but it’s worth mentioning too.

5. Annoying Pests

Mosquitoes, bugs, gnats, and beetles are common in Wisconsin and could cause lots of discomfort. Some might even be harmful. Thus, you should have bug sprays with you when relocating.

In Conclusion

Wisconsin is a fine place to live for those who admire nature, history, and entertainment. But it’s a mixed bag with several reasons to complain too. The part of the state you’re staying in could also affect how well you enjoy your time.