Pros and cons of living in Sierra Vista, AZ

Sierra Vista, Arizona, is an amazing community offering residents extraordinary lifestyles, among other things. However, the border town has its peculiarities. So, what’re the pros and cons of moving to Sierra Vista?

The pros of living in Sierra Vista outweigh the negatives. They include its affordability, excellent schools, safe environment despite being near the border, and comfortable climate; however, its cons, which are the poor job market due to its weak economy and small-town feel, are worth mentioning.

Sierra Vista is one of the best towns you can stay in Arizona when it comes to livability factors. Of course, it’ll eventually depend on your choice. Here, we discuss the pros and cons of living in Sierra Vista.

Pros of Living in Sierra Vista

Are you thinking of relocating to Sierra Vista? This might be one of the best decisions you can make. The city has many positive qualities that make it a great destination for people, whether young professionals, families, or retirees. Here are some of the advantages of living in Sierra Vista.

1.      Affordability

Are you looking for a livable city in America where you can easily afford all the basic expenses needed for survival? Try Sierra Vista. This city is quite cheap compared to several cities in the country. The cost of goods and services is below the national average, and transportation is more affordable. You may spend more on healthcare and utilities, but the lower cost of real estate here makes up for that.

Despite a 21.7% increase in the value of homes in the city, the typical house price is still $263,878, which is far below the national average. So, this is a city where becoming a homeowner is still fairly affordable. If you’d prefer renting, the average monthly rent for a 3-bedroom apartment here is $1,300, and a 1-bed apartment is $663, with a 13% decrease in the past year. Thus, rent here is very low and won’t exactly take a chunk of your income.

2.      Great Schools

If you’re moving in with your family or planning to start one while you’re here, you’re lucky. The quality of education in the city is excellent. There are 14 public schools and 4 private schools in the city, with the ratio of students to teachers being fair. There are many options for your kids regarding which school they attend. Even though Sierra Vista doesn’t spend so heavily on students or have the best infrastructure, what’s available is sufficient for the students.

3.      Safe Environment

If you’re going to move somewhere, the area’s security should be a cause of concern for you. In Sierra Vista, you don’t have to worry as the city is quite safe. With a population of less than 50,000, most of the neighborhoods here are quite great. Violent crimes in the city are quite low at 51% below the national average. However, property crime is a bit higher in the city, But it’s not so high as to be a major issue. All in all, the chance of being a victim here is 1 in 45, and the city is safer than 44% of cities in the US.

Its low crime rate is impressive, especially when you consider just how close the city is to the border and the high rate of drugs and related criminal activities in these areas. The police and border patrol stations here are heavily staffed and heavily guarded. Most of the traffic usually goes around Sierra Vista, which somehow limits the effect of any criminal activities from neighboring towns and border areas from reaching here. But if you’re planning to move here, it helps to be aware of the situation.

4.      Great Climate

Another thing you’ll love about this city is the climate. Sierra Vista is 4,600 feet above sea level and has a desert climate but with higher altitudes. Even though it gets sunny here, it’s rare for the temperature to pass 100 degrees even at the peak of the summer. The weather is quite comfortable for most of the year, and the winter here is usually colder due to the elevation. The great weather means you can spend a lot of time outdoors here and explore the area. The Huachuca mountains are close by, and you can always hike here. It’s nestled in between mountains which lessens the severity of its heat. It has 275 days of sunshine annually.

Cons of living in Sierra Vista

 It’s not all rosy in Sierra Vista. There are a few issues that come with living in the city. For some, these disadvantages could be challenges. It’s up to you to decide whether you can see past issues such as:

1.      Poor Job Market

The job market isn’t impressive, although it’s okay on average. The income per capita in the city is $32,406, while the household income is $59,585. The poverty rate is at 12.3%. While it’s possible to find a high-paying job here, the chances are slimmer than what you’ll get in major cities. This isn’t surprising given the city’s declining population. There’s not much industry in the city except for Fort Huachuca. Most of the job opportunities here are in government employment.

2.      Small Town Vibe

If you don’t enjoy living in a small town, you might find it difficult to live here. There isn’t much entertainment in this city for most people, especially if you’re not big on nature. The closest cities such as Tucson and Phoenix, where you can enjoy city life. But unless you plan to visit these cities every day, you’ll have to get used to living in Sierra Vista. Of course, it has several amenities. So, it might not be so bad after all.

In Conclusion

Sierra Vista is an amazing city for people ranging from telecommuters to retirees. The city is a really lovely place, so it’s not surprising that it has a livability score of 79 on AreaVibes  Of course, it has its cons, but they aren’t deal-breakers for most people.