Can Arizona tea cans be recycled?

The effects of climate change and global warming are evident in almost every part of the world. This has made it more important than ever to prioritize sustainable practices. One of such practices is recycling. If you’re a big fan of iced teas and soda, you might be wondering, can Arizona tea cans be recycled?

You can recycle Arizona Tea cans as the product is from aluminum. Doing so reduces the environmental effect of making aluminum cans, and you can also make quick cash from it. Personally recycle the can by using it for other purposes such as jewelry, candle holder, flower pot, and cookie-cutter.

However, some products come in plastic containers. But the containers are of type #5 and #7 plastics, meaning they’re not easily recyclable, and you might have to trash them. Here, we discuss whether Arizona tea cans are recyclable.

Who Makes Arizona Tea?

Arizona tea is the most popular iced tea brand in the US, and the company behind it is Arizona Beverages. With a history that dates back to 1992, Arizona iced tea has become a household name in the country. It’s especially famous for its big can, which sells for 99 cents, and the price has stayed at that same level for over 30 years despite the inflation.

Don Vultaggio founded the company in 1992 in New York. Due to Arizona Beverage being a private company, the founder has been able to keep 23-ounce iced tea at the same price even though the company is making less money on it. But this is understandable given that iced tea is its most popular product. It sells about 1 billion cans annually. The company also sells energy drinks, bottled tea, fruit drinks, hard seltzer, and other products.

What is Recycling

This is the process of recovering and processing a waste product into something functional and useful. Recycling is an essential practice for building a sustainable world. It reduces the rate of pollution and lessens the exploitation of limited resources in the environment. Thus, it plays an integral role in any conservation efforts.

Recycling Arizona Tea Containers

Arizona tea comes in cans which are from aluminum with food contact surface resin. So, they’re recyclable. Given the amount sold annually, there’s a significant volume of cans. This makes recycling very important. However, not all Arizona Beverages products come in cans. Some, like the gallon of iced tea, come in plastic bottles. The company claims that it uses environmentally friendly bottles that can be recycled. But the plastic usually has a resin identification code #5 or #7 you’ll see at the bottom of the bottle.

Can You Recycle Aluminum 

It’s possible to recycle aluminum and very much advisable to do so. The process of making aluminum takes a significant toll on the environment. It started with the mining of Bauxite, converting the mineral into alumina, and then converting it again for domestic use. Although used for many purposes, clans account for the biggest single use of aluminum. So, it’s very important to recycle.

What makes aluminum great is that you can recycle it multiple times. It doesn’t degrade due to recycling. The proper disposal of aluminum through recycling takes only 5% of the energy needed to make a new one. Like all aluminum cans, Arizona iced tea cans can be crushed, baled, and melted to make other products. The company even recycles unused cans for newer products.

If you’re not planning to recycle the aluminum cans for personal use, you can deposit your cans at scrap yards, recycling centers, and bottle yards. You can make money from your aluminum cans if you have them in large quantities. There are places where you can sell it, costing around 40 cents per pound. So, if you have enough, you could make some small cash.

Ways to Recycle Your Arizona Aluminum Cans

As for the cans, there are several ways to recycle them. Beyond dumping them in recycle bins, you can use them for other purposes. These include:

1.  Jewelry

You can use empty Arizona tea cans to make simple, lightweight jewelry materials. This is a fun DIY project to get into. You’ll need various materials such as duct tapes, hooks, glue, etc. With the cans, it’s possible to make earrings, key rings, etc. For this, you’ll need tools such as metal shears or scissors, a center punch, etc. The flexibility of the cans means you can shape them into anything. It also has a shiny appearance that makes it ideal.

2.  Pencil and Candle Holder

If you need a holder for your pencils or candles, your Arizona tea cans can serve that purpose. Just cut the top off and tap the sharp edges. Then you can put the pencils inside. As for candles, you need to remember that aluminum will conduct heat. So, try not to touch.

3.  Flower Pot

You can also recycle Arizona tea cans for plants. If you have some herbs or succulents that you need a home for, your colorful Arizona cans are just perfect. Cut off the top and fill with soil. Then you can plant anything you want inside. Add tiny holes for aeration if you feel that’s necessary.

4.  Cookie Cutter

Looking for a particular type of cookie-cutter but can’t find it? Then you might use your aluminum can. It’s malleable and thin, so you can shape it into whatever you want.

Are all plastics recyclable?

While aluminum cans are generally recyclable, it’s different from plastic. There are seven types of plastics available. Technically, all plastics are recyclable. Of course, the recycling rate is different. Of the seven, two are generally recyclable. These are 1-PET which is super easy to recycle, and 2-HDPE. Many recycling centers will accept any of these two plastics.

3-PVC, 4-LDPE, and 5-PP are also recyclable. But the recycling rate is low due to the complexity of the process, the cost of recycling, and other issues. However, 6-PS and 7-other are generally not recyclable. If they’re to be, it’ll be in a special process that most recycling centers don’t offer. Since Arizona Beverages use 5-PP and 7-other for its products, you can’t recycle them with other plastics. The recycling would have to be with other polypropylene bottles. Products such as piping, sheeting, battery cases, etc., use recycled plastic.


Arizona tea cans are recyclable, just like every other aluminum can on the market. So, it’s best to properly dispose of them if you don’t plan to use them creatively. This way, you’ll contribute your quota towards making the earth sustainable.