Pros and cons of living in Sacramento, California

Are you thinking of moving to Sacramento? The capital city of California is a fantastic city with a rich history. But anyone who wants to move there’ll want to know what this city has to offer. So, what’re the pros and cons of living in Sacramento? 

Although Sacramento isn’t an economic hub in California, it has several livability factors in its favor. These include neighborhood options, great weather, outdoor activities, and affordability. But the city has its cons, such as crime rate, prevalent allergies, high taxes, and traffic congestion.

Regardless of its problems, Sacramento is still worth considering when looking for a place to live in California. We explore in detail what makes the city great and the not-so-great factors as well.

Pros of Living in Sacramento

Several things make Sacramento a great place to live in, and if you’re planning to move to the city, you can expect the following.

Neighborhood Options

Despite being a much smaller city than other major California cities, Sacramento is still a big city. There are several neighborhoods for you to choose from when settling in it. Each area of the city has its character and what distinguishes it from others. For example, Midtown is known for its fast-paced lifestyle; College Greens is where the schools are, South Land Park contains ranch-style homes dating back to the 50s, and East Sacramento is the highbrow area with more expensive houses. You can also choose to live in the suburbs as well.

Great Weather

The weather in Sacramento is great most of the time. It’s sunny out here and never too sunny as to burn you. The weather remains warm all through the year as winters don’t get that cold here. The city has a Mediterranean climate where the summer is dry, and winter is mild. The weather changes so subtly that you might not notice.

However, the summer can be scorching at times. This is usually common between July and August. For those who don’t enjoy the hot climate, this is a difficult time of the year.

Affordable Cost of Living

The cost of living here isn’t the cheapest, but it’s lower than that of major cities in the state. For example, the cost of living in Sacramento is 18.2% higher than the national average but still lower than the California average. So, while living in this city means you’ll be spending more than you’ll at the national level, it’s much lower than what you’ll spend in most major cities in California.

As long as you get a steady paying job in the city, you can enjoy a  good quality of life in the city.

Fantastic Outdoor Environment

Sacramento should be on your mind if you’re thinking of living in a city where you can spend a lot of time outdoors doing fun things. Unlike most California cities that only have the coast and the Pacific Ocean as water bodies, Sacramento has lakes and rivers for you. For example, the American River-Parkland is here, and there are many activities such as fishing, rafting, hiking, boating, etc., to get involved in.

You can also decide to know more about the city’s history by visiting sites such as Gold Rush Days, Sutter’s Fort, and the California State Library, which are all in this city.

Affordable Housing

Homes in the city are still much more affordable compared to the California average. It costs an average of $449,788  to buy a house in the city. Yes, this is substantially higher than the national average. However, it’s far less than the California average, which means this city is still an affordable place for housing in the state.

Cons Of Living in Sacramento

Sacramento has many qualities that make it a great place to live. But it also has some negative ones that might make you consider your decision more carefully. They include:

High Crime Rate

No city is crime-free, but for some, it’s a significant problem. Sacramento is one of those cities where crime requires serious attention. You have a 1 in 27 chance of being a victim of a crime in the city. Its crime rate is 53% higher than the national average, and property crime is 51% higher. Violent crime here is 627 for every 100,000 people, and murder is 6.6 for every 100,000 people. Both these crimes are much lower on the national and state level.

Allergies are Prevalent

Seasonal allergies are common in Sacramento, and you may find yourself experiencing them when you choose to reside in the city. Pollen from the many trees in the city and the wind can lead to several allergic reactions in residents. If you plan to live in the city, you should have it at the back of your mind that you might experience allergies.

Traffic Congestion 

The city can’t compare to places like San Francisco and Los Angeles when it comes to congestion, but that doesn’t mean it’s got no problem of its own. Congestion is gradually becoming an issue in the city. As the population of the city increases, there are more cars on the road, which means more wheels battling for the right of space. A major factor responsible for traffic congestion in the city is that the I-80 and I-5 highways meet here, with none of them passing through the city’s downtown.

High Taxes

The city is located in California, which means high taxes are unavoidable. With a tax burden that is one the highest in the country, you should be prepared to pay higher as you earn more. Apart from the income tax, the combined sales tax is 7.5% at least.

In Conclusion

Living in Sacramento is great to a large extent. The weather is great, the scenery beautiful and outdoorsy and there are plenty of other qualities. However, its negatives might discourage some people from moving there. Regardless, its growling population suggests that many are comfortable living in the city. In the end, the decision to move is up to you.