Can you live in Alaska without a job?

Alaska is a wonderful state with a beautiful natural environment. This attracts thousands of people to visit here as tourists annually. But it also inspires some to want to live here. So, can you live in Alaska without a job?

It’s possible to live in Alaska without a job, but it’s not advisable. Unless you have unlimited savings, don’t move here without a job lined up. But if you must, have your return ticket and around $3000 to survive for some weeks. Consider housing, community, traveling, and weather before moving.

However, if you’re planning to live off-grid, you might not need a job. But even that requires significant resources and efforts. Here, we discuss whether you can live in Alaska without a job.

Is it Advisable to Move to Alaska Without a Job?

Moving to Alaska without having a job waiting for you is not advisable. While it might seem daring, living in Alaska is expensive, and you might burn through your savings before finding jobs here. Of course, there are job opportunities, so you should try to find one and secure employment before moving your things.

Unless you have unlimited funds, make sure you have a job waiting for you before you move to Alaska. At least you should have a round-trip ticket and between $2000 and $3000 in cash or credit before you move here. That could be enough for you to get by for a few weeks while looking for a job. In addition, you can learn more about the state by visiting it on vacation or using the internet. Vacationing will give you a better idea of what to expect here before you move.

Without enough money on you and no job waiting for you, you might find out that Alaska doesn’t meet your expectations. There might not be a public assistance program to help you if you move here without jobs, and homesteading might not be available. Due to the weather, this isn’t a place where you can use tents or campers for extended periods.

Although the state ranks 20th for per capita income, the unemployment level here is also high. This means your chance of getting a job when already in the state might be limited. The employment growth rate is also quite low, so you don’t want to risk it. You can use internet listings to find jobs in Alaska before moving. You’ll find several jobs here, and some employers might even pay for your relocation. However, you should beware of scams, So any job ads requiring you to pay are likely a scam.



What to Consider Before Moving to Alaska

Relocating anywhere is a big decision. But if it’s Alaska, it’s even a bigger decision. It means you’re adventurous. But you still need to consider several things before proceeding with your move. If you’re planning to move to Alaska, you need to consider the following:

1.  Housing

This is very important when moving to somewhere like Alaska. Research in advance and ensure you have established a good rapport with your Alaskan realtor. Thanks to the Internet, you can check everything online before you even make a move. So, do that and confirm. Housing in Alaska is quite expensive, especially if you want to move to the major cities. So, try to find something affordable and within your price range.

If you’re moving here alone, consider getting an apartment you’ll share with a roommate or something else until you’re familiar with the state. Then you can find something that works better for you when you’ve acclimatized with the state.

2.  Traveling

There are lots of ways to get to Alaska. It could be by car or ship, or you could fly. It could even be a combination of driving and flying. No matter the method, traveling to Alaska is a serious adventure. This is why it’s advisable to relocate here with someone close to you so that they can help you settle down. If you choose to drive, it’s a more complicated journey, and you should have someone with you. 

Driving to Alaska means you’ll have to go through Canada. So make sure you don’t take anything that might be illegal in Canada with you. You’ll also want to have your passport with you. Due to the length of the journey by road, which might take several days, it helps to prepare specially for the trip. Along the journey, there are areas with no phone reception, which could be very lonely. It’s not the kind of place you want to get stranded in.

3.  Community

Alaska is an isolated state, and living here can be lonely if you don’t have friends or belong to a community. The weather conditions, minimal daylight hours in winter months, proximity, and abundance of wildlife are some of the issues you might find difficult to deal with when you first move here. So, it helps to have friends when you move here.

4.  Weather Conditions

The weather conditions in Alaska aren’t similar to anything you might be used to. So you need to be familiar with the weather patterns in the frontier states before moving. One of Alaska’s nicknames is the light of the midnight sun. That’s because, in the summer, the sun never sets fully.

The opposite happens in winter when the daylight hours are very short. This causes seasonal affective disorder (SAD) in several residents, and you might be more prone if you’re new. The best way to deal with this is by taking Vitamin D pills during this period.

Does Alaska Pay People to Move There

Contrary to misinformation on the internet, Alaska doesn’t pay you to move to the state. The state pays a stipend of around $1,000 to its residents annually. This fund comes from the Permanent Fund Dividend, which has been paid since 1982.

Before being eligible for this fund, you must have been a resident of Alaska for a full calendar year and intend to live there for life. This means you can’t claim residency in any other state. You must also not have any felony conviction or incarceration for a misdemeanor within the calendar year. You also have to live in Alaska for more than 180 days within that year unless there’s a valid reason, such as military service, medical reasons, or college. You must also have been in Alaska for a minimum of 72 consecutive hours in one of the last two years. You can always check the Alaska Department of Revenue for updates on eligibility.

In Conclusion 

It’s possible to live in Alaska without a job, but that’s if you want to live off-grid where you make everything you need. If that’s not your plan, you need a job to live here. You should even get a job before moving. If you’re thinking of finding a job in Alaska, you can first try to learn more about the state using internet sources or even vacationing here.