Is it hard to get a job in Alaska?

Are you thinking of moving to Alaska? First, you’ll want to know the job prospects in the Frontier State and your chances of getting jobs there. So, is it hard to get a job in Alaska?

It’s hard to get a job in Alaska with its 4.5% unemployment rate, but you can do it. Having a skill could make your search easier, and so is being physically present in the state. To get a job here, look for the right resources, confirm job requirements, and know your resume might not be important.

If you’re looking for jobs here, it’s best to start with seasonal jobs in the tourism sector, which are quite easy to get. This allows you to be in the state and make the right inquiries about permanent jobs. Here, we discuss whether getting a job in Alaska is hard.

Alaska Employment Metrics

Contrary to what you might have heard, Alaska has no surplus jobs. Although it has a population of less than 800,000, the state has enough qualified people to fill available positions. This makes it tricky for anyone to move here without a job lined up.

The state has an unemployment rate of 4.5%, and the federal and state governments are the biggest employers. However, private corporations also employ a large chunk of the people in the state. The sectors with the most employment include the oil and gas industry, tourism, transportation and shipping, mining, and the military.

Generally, income levels are high here to compensate for the high cost of living in the state. In 2020, the median household income was $77,790, while the per capita income was  $37,094.

Getting a Job in Alaska

The best way to get work here is to have a skill. People that don’t have academic degrees can find jobs with higher if they have several skills in high demand. Suppose you are an expert in trades such as heavy equipment operator, carpenter, electrician, commercial fisherman, diesel mechanic, and welder. In that case, you should have no problem finding a job in the state.

The money can be particularly good for single people willing to work long hours and take up jobs in remote areas. In the urban areas, long-hour jobs are minimal, and the cost of living is very high. At least 4 of the cities in Alaska are among the most expensive in the United States. Other technical jobs that require formal education are also well paying here. They include doctors and healthcare professionals, pilots, lawyers, scientists, engineers, teachers, etc.

You must also determine if you’re moving here permanently or partially. This could determine the kind of job you hunt for. Seasonal jobs are common in Alaska’s tourism industry, and this could be what you have in mind. In that case, it’ll be much easier to move to Alaska for the period. Many companies in the tourism industry provide accommodation options for seasonal employees.

The best way to get a full-time job in Alaska is to be there. Due to the growing popularity of Alaska, many people think about moving there. But only very few people go ahead with that plan. For most employers in the state, receiving several online applications is normal. So, they’re unlikely to take it seriously unless you show commitment. One way to do this is to be in the state. You don’t have to move to Alaska yet. You could go there on vacation and use your time to find some employment.

Better still, start with seasonal and temporary jobs. These are low-paying jobs and easy to get since they only last a few months in the summer. Alaska doesn’t have the population to fill these entry-level jobs. Although your goal is to get a high-paying full-time job, start with the seasonal job to be familiar with the state. Once you’re in town, you can start asking around. You’ll find something.

Tips for Finding Jobs in Alaska

If you’re looking for jobs in Alaska, here are the tips to help you find something suitable:

1.  Know Where to Look

Everyone has a dream job in mind based on their skills. When trying to move to Alaska, you must ensure that your dream job is relevant here and that your skills are in demand. The last thing you want is to move here when there’s no market for your skill. You can check out the internet resources for more information about the jobs you want in Alaska. The state has several seasonal jobs, and roles here don’t require a degree.

So, check out listings, positions, and locations. Make sure that you use only verifiable websites when looking for jobs. Avoid any company or person promising you a big-paying job in the state and asking for money to help you process that. You don’t want to spend money to secure a job here because that’s usually a scam. Several websites may promise to help you secure a job in Alaska. In most cases, they don’t live up to expectations.

2.  Resume Might Not Matter 

You may not need a resume depending on where you’re applying for a job. Several jobs, especially seasonal ones with touring companies, only require you to fill out online application forms. You might even be able to apply for multiple jobs with one application, listing the choices. The same thing applies when you’re in Alaska with a trade skill. But if you’re applying for a government job or a professional job that requires educational qualifications, you’ll need a resume.

3.  Know The Requirements

Like other US states, Alaska also has certain requirements for some jobs. For example, if you’re planning to drive tour buses here, you’ll need a commercial driver’s license. You’ll also have to get a license if you work as a mechanic or operate certain devices. Make sure you’re aware of the necessaries.

You might even be able to get some of the licenses before coming. This will save you the trouble of waiting until you get a license before you can start working. This is another reason comprehensive research is important. Foreigners can work in Alaska as long as they have a US work visa.

In Conclusion

Getting a job in Alaska isn’t exactly easy. But it’s not impossible either. It’s all about proper positioning and making the right moves. There are several roles here waiting for people to fill them.