Best burgers in Long Beach

Burgers are one of the classic American foods. Whether hamburgers or cheeseburgers, they have a rich history going back decades, and the taste has made them the darling of many people worldwide. In Long Beach, you’ll be delighted to find that multiple restaurants and stalls throughout the city serve burgers.

After spending an hour in the California sunshine or by the beaches, a burger is just the perfect fast food to regain your strength with. This article highlights where you can get the best burgers in Long Beach.

1.  Dave’s Burgers

There are tons of burger restaurants in Long Beach, and Dave’s is one of the classics. The old-school hamburger stand serves some of the best roadside burgers and fries you’ve had in SoCal. The burgers here are filling and quite affordable. You also get to offer fresh from the grill.

If you’re planning to grab a quick lunch, stop by for some fresh and tasty burgers. The restaurant is at 3396 Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach.

2.  Jim’s Burgers

It’s always busy at Jim’s Burgers, which means I’m not the only one with great taste. One thing I can say is that they’re yet to disappoint. Here’s a dive-in burger joint where you can be sure to get just what you ordered. The chicken salad is awesome, and the greens are always fresh. You can still try their salad and sandwiches if you don’t fancy burgers or want something new. The joint is on 3639 E, 7th Street.

3.  Louis Burger III

Everything I’ve tasted here has turned out amazing. There are a variety of options, high-quality food preparation, and excellent services. The burgers are always fresh, juicy, and filling. I’ve tried the pastrami burger with onion rings here, and all I can say is wow. Whatever might happen in other places, Louis Burger keeps their portions pretty huge, and it’s worth the price. You can also have hot dogs, omelets, and several Mexican dishes.

4.  The Habit Burger Grill

On my first time here, I had the Teriyaki burger with sweet potato fries. I’ve been here a couple of times since then. The burgers are all delicious and come out hot. Their specialty chargrilled burgers and sandwiches taste great. They also have several handcrafted salads available with plenty of shakes and sides.

Whatever your taste in burgers, you should try The Habit Burger Grill whenever you’re in Long Beach. It’s an experience you don’t want to miss.


5.  Poly Burgers

Poly Burgers has been in the business for over 20 years, and the quality continues to stand. There is plenty of good stuff on the menu, such as pastrami, bacon double cheeseburger, onion rings, beef teriyaki, etc. The fries here are to die for, and you should try them out whenever you visit. With the variety of options and chance to eat out, you want to try Poly Burgers on 1460 Atlantic Avenue.

6.  Shake Shack


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Shake Shack is in over 350 locations in the US, and unlike several franchise brands I’ve tried, the one in Long Beach stands for something good. The burgers here are as delicious as they come, partly due to the quality ingredients. But it’s also about the food preparation standards. Their Angus beef burgers are out of this world, and that’s just one of the many items on the menu.

There are also shakes, fries, chicken sandwiches, burritos, smokeshack, and other amazing delicacies. You can easily order the specials and spice them up with other condiments. There might be several other Shake Shack all over the US, but I doubt any could beat this one in Long Beach.

7.  John’s Hamburgers

Get all your delicious comfort food and burgers at this restaurant whenever you’re in Long beach. The whole experience is surreal. With a well-decorated and nice atmosphere, it’s easy to sit back and enjoy the scent of delicious cooking as it hits your nostrils. The menu here is huge and if you don’t know what to go for, try the popular choices such as the old-world burger, bacon cheeseburger, breakfast burritos, chicken avocado club, etc.

Beyond that, there are many mouth-watering options here, and the staff is very friendly and welcoming. The only issue is that there’s usually a line. So, you might have to wait for a little before tasting John’s amazing burgers.

8.  Dog Haus

The restaurant is very easy to find in Long Beach. While it has a lot on its menu, hamburgers are the belle of the ball and worth trying whenever you’re here. The staff is quite friendly, and the food completes the whole experience. The burger I got was one of the best I’ve ever had. It came in Hawaiian rolls with a smashed patty covered in caramelized cheese and onions.

Popular items include the impossible bugger, tater tots, Hawaiian bread, etc., and the sliders are fantastic. Their hot dogs are out of this world, and you can get cheaper drinks if you come during happy hour.

9.  Simmzy’s Restaurant Long Beach

You can have every classic American food at Simmzy’s. I’m talking about the salad, pizza, burgers, poke, and more. Of course, you can’t go wrong with the food, and the desserts are just as fantastic.

The Both burger is one of those amazing burgers I’ll advise anyone visiting to try. It’s made of half beef and half veggies, and the taste and feel are incredibly juicy. You should give it a try before anything else. The whole atmosphere here is great too, and lets you settle in and have a great time.

10. Original Tommy’s World Famous Hamburgers

Tommy hamburgers have been in the business for decades, and while the owner might have changed over the years, the quality still stands. The double chili cheeseburger might be one of the best things you could have here. The burgers are quite enjoyable, and I recommend getting the quarter-pound size when you go there.

The fries are tasty here too, and you can also try other stuff on the menu, such as Caliente burgers, burritos, tamales, and a lot more. The burger joint has existed since 1946, and that’s how long they’ve been getting customers’ orders right.