10 Best Coffee Shops in Corona, California

Coffee is a great way to start any day, especially a work day. With all the stress peculiar to such days, a good dose of caffeine might be all you need to power through the day. But any coffee nerd knows there’s more to coffee than caffeine.

Fortunately, several coffee shops in Corona are run by those nerds. So, residents get to try out amazing and unique coffee drinks. This post highlight the best coffee shops in Corona and what they offer.

1.  Crave Coffee & Tea 


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Kickstart your morning at Crave Coffee, brewers of handcrafted quality coffees. This independent coffee shop is for those who want to try something different from what they’ll get with big chain brands like Starbucks, and the shop doesn’t disappoint.


All coffee flavors are handcrafted, and the menu here is just delightful. With several coffee types on the menu, I especially enjoy the hot caramel macchiato and love the blended coffee drinks. Crave has three locations in California but the one in Corona is still my favorite so far. Crave isn’t just about the coffee. It’s also about the amazing and comfortable atmosphere where it serves the coffee. Even better, there are also bagels to try, and trust me; they’re delish.

2.  Mojo’s Drive-Thru Coffee

If you want your coffee on the go, Mojo’s is one of the best places to come to in Corona. It’s one of the few coffee shops in this town, making amazing coffees all day of the week. It’s strictly drive through which might discourage some people, but not me.

There’s more to Mojos than Coffee. The shop also has all kinds of pastries to go with your coffee. There are bagels, muffins, croissants, scones, and more. Since it’s a drive-thru, they serve very quickly, and before you know it, you’re enjoying your peanut butter mocha or whatever you choose to try out.

3.  Goodfellas Cafe

Remember Martin Scorcese Goodfellas? If you’re a fan, then you’ll love this place. The setting is Goodfellas-inspired, with all the pictures of this movie and other mafia classics like The Godfather. But the themed setting isn’t the only thing impressive here; the food is great.

Goodfellas Cafe isn’t strictly a coffee shop. It’s more or less a family-friendly restaurant, but the coffee here is amazing too. So if you want to grab a big breakfast and add coffee to the mix, this is where you should come. What’s more, the food here is affordable for an Italian place.

4.  Xpresso Urban Cafe

This cozy coffee spot is one of the best places to enjoy a good dose of fiery hot or ice-cold caffeine in the inland empire. The coffee here is amazing, and no matter how many times you come (I’ve been here more than once), it never loses its taste. I was there for the coffee but also learned that the place makes good food.

The sandwiches are nice and filling, and there are many specials, including Bánh Mì and Vietnamese Coffee, which I enjoyed here.   The atmosphere here is fantastic if you want to stay, and there are table topics cards for conversation and games like Jenga. There’s even a coffee cake here.

5.  Sunrise Grind

I love this shop for its iced chai latte, which I can never get enough of. But there’s a lot more on the menu here in terms of coffee and sandwiches. I love how they also have nonsugary products and vegetarian options. Sunrise Grind has that vibe you get from a coffee house vibe that any latte lover would know, and I felt right at home here immediately.

6.  Choco Bakery and Café

What’s better than coffee? Pastries and coffee. That’s what customers get at this shop. I had the most delicious coffee and cake combination here. Try the coffee cake if you’re ever at the Choco Bakery and Café.

While there are a lot of coffee varieties to try out here, from mocha to macchiato, I’ll encourage you to try Turkish coffee here. Enjoy the unique taste, smell, and foam of Turkish coffee. An experience to remember for a long time.

7.  85 Degrees Bakery Cafe

This café is a good place to grab any pastry product with a cup of coffee. They have excellent and unique coffee on the menu, such as sea salt caramel coffee, mango delight, royal chocolate cup, and more.

There are so many options here; the only issue you might face is deciding on the right choice. But you can always ask the barista to help you out, or if with a group, get different drinks and have a sip fest to find out what you like. The bakery items here are very delicious and pair perfectly with the cake.

8.  Corona Airport Café

Do you know what they say about airport food? Well, forget it because it doesn’t apply to this one. Corona Airport Cafe has one of the best coffee shops in the city. The breakfast and lunch restaurant serves good food. But you couldn’t have come to a better place if you’re trying to get a quick coffee before flying out of town like I was when I first experienced this place. Its salt Caramel iced coffee with whipped cream is one of the best things I’ve had at an airport.

9.  Betty Faye’s Cafe

This is a restaurant, but if you’re stopping for breakfast, you might as well add coffee to the mix. The coffee here is free-flowing and goes well with the available home-cooked-style dishes. Most of the time I visited here, there were many people around, which testifies to the quality and reputation among locals. It’s not your traditional Starbucks. But if you want to get food and don’t mind adding coffee to the mix, Betty Faye’s is for you.

10. Boba Star

Looking for a chill place to enjoy your coffee in Corona? Then try Boba Star. It’s an amazing place to get all kinds of drinkables, and coffee is one of their specialties. The Vietnamese iced coffee is a classic here, but you can also try the coffee slush. I enjoyed the caramel latte I ordered to-go, and there are plenty of toppings to go with your drinks, including coffee jelly. Combining your coffee with boba is just perfect.