Why would anyone want to live in Alaska?

The last frontier, as Alaska is popularly called, is a beautiful place. Many people have it on their bucket list to visit this place. But living there is a different ball game. So, why would anyone want to live in Alaska?

There are lots of qualities that make Alaska a great place to live. These include natural beauty, affordable houses, low taxes, great fishing and hunting spots, outdoor activities, Northern Lights viewing spots, extra hours of sunshine in summer, Alaska carnival, and annual dividends for residents.

However, the state is expensive due to its remoteness, and it can get extremely cold. So you should consider this before moving. Here, we discuss why people choose to live in Alaska.

1.      Residents Earn Dividends Annually

Alaska is an expensive place to live and remote, but this state is rich too, and it’ll pay you for living there. Alaska has a Permanent Fund Dividend Program through which full-time residents receive dividends varying between $800 and $1,100. The state is rich in mineral resources, including oil. In 1976, the government decided to use the revenue for creating an investment fund that benefits its citizens. This extra cash can be added to your savings and is one of the good reasons to move to Alaska.

2.      Natural Beauty

Many people consider natural beauty when thinking of living in a place, and in that aspect, it’s hard to find anywhere that’s more beautiful than Alaska. This state receives thousands of tourists every year who come to catch a glimpse of its beauty. It’s the largest state in the country, and its expanse of land is littered with diverse ecosystems and wildlife. You’ll find everything here, from volcanic islands to snow-peaked mountains. It has the most breathtaking natural landscapes, and living here allows you to bask in the full glory of that beauty.

3.      Affordable Real Estate

Another thing that the state has going for it is the real estate market. It is one of the most affordable in the US, perhaps because of the low demand. The housing prices aren’t increasing as rapidly as what you’ll find in the lower 48 states. The most expensive real estate market here is Anchorage which is still cheap for a metropolitan area. Other cities have cheaper real estate markets. If you want to rent too, you’ll find cheaper options.

4.      Low Taxes

Alaska doesn’t need your money. Unlike most states in the US with high taxes, the state doesn’t have income or sales taxes. This makes it have the lowest taxes in the country. Some cities still charge sales taxes, and then you’ll pay property taxes around the same rate as the national average. But you have nothing else to worry about outside of that. The low taxes make it possible to save every penny while in Alaska. The only thing you’ll be spending your money on here is what you need.

5.      Great Fishing and Hunting Spots

If you enjoy fishing and hunting, you might want to live in Alaska. The state offers you some of the best opportunities for hunting and fishing. Its wildlife diversity means you can go to different areas of the state and find different animals. Hares, brown bears, mountain goats, moose, and caribou are some of the most common animals in the state. There are many fishing opportunities, too, as the state is blessed with rivers and lakes. You’ll easily find salmon, halibut, trout, and crab in these rivers. In addition, living in Alaska makes it possible to enjoy natural delicacies and taste fresh fish and meat.

6.      Great For Outdoor Activity

Alaska might be remote, but it’s a fun place. The large expanse of land that makes up the state also offers opportunities to engross yourself in outdoor activities and adventure. Whatever recreational activity you might have in mind, Alaska is where you come to live your dreams. You can go whale watching in Juneau, explore the ice caves, catch the northern lights, dog sled with the huskies, visit Denali national park, raft through the rivers, go boating in the coastal waters, road trip on Seward highway, or go on a flightseeing tour to see the glaciers. Whatever your kind of fun is, as long as it involves outdoor activities, you’re in a good place. There are several ways to explore Alaska, including using snow machines, float planes, ferries, and sled dogs.

7.      24/7 Sunshine in The Summer

Alaska is notable for its cold, but the summer is also incredible. It never gets insanely hot here as the daytime temperature is usually between 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. From late May to late July, you can expect daylight well into the night, and in around late April and late August, the sunlight is visible past 10 pm. June 21 is the longest day of the year as Anchorage has nearly 19 hours of daylight. So, if you want to enjoy your summer more fiercely, Alaska gives you the time.

8.      Spot The Northern Lights

Seeing the Aurora Borealis is one of the wishes of many people and one of the reasons many tourists visit Alaska. If you stay here, you’ll see it more often. The skies are clearer in the inland Alaskan arctic, making it possible to view the Northern Lights between September and April of every year.

9.      Alaskans Know How to Party

The Alaska state fair is the biggest event in the state and one you shouldn’t miss for anything. Held in Palmer, it’s an annual late-summer event that has been in existence since 1936. It’s how Alaskans say goodbye to the summer. The fair lasts for almost two weeks and includes various events and activities. Concerts, games, carnival rides, and lots of food. It’s a good way to enjoy the best of what Alaska has to offer in heritage and culture. of course. But, you don’t have to wait for the fair to party. The long summer daylight hours mean anytime is a great time to have fun in Alaska.

In Conclusion

Alaska is remote, cold, and expensive. But that hasn’t stopped many from moving here. They have many good reasons, of course. But relocating this far should be a carefully thought-out decision.