Why do Californians hate Texas?

California and Texas represent two sides of America. While both are similar in several areas, such as population, they’re different. So, why do Californians hate Texas?

Californians don’t hate Texas. Both states are just different. The differences exist in political ideologies, costs, economy, traffic, landmass, ecological diversity, weather, and taxes. Despite these differences, several Californians have been moving to Texas in recent years due to its advantages.

Even with the differences, California and Texas have some similarities. Both have the most population in the US and have a Spanish heritage which influences their strong and independent identities. Here, we discuss the differences between the two states.

Differences between California and Texas

There are lots of differences between California and Texas. They include:

1.      Political Ideologies

California is a liberal and progressive state compared to Texas, which is conservative. This difference in politics influences the relations between the two states. For example, California boycotts the state because of Texas’s restrictive laws. This boycott is a travel ban of some sort, which means the government of California won’t fund an official trip to Texas and some other states. This conservatism isn’t something many Californians like. Due to their size, both are the two largest states by population and have similar problems, but their approach to these problems differs significantly.

2.      Cost of Living

Texas is a much cheaper place to live than California. This is perhaps one of the primary reasons why many Californians migrate to Texas. The average cost of living in Dallas, Texas, is below that of Los Angeles, California by 75.2%. This covers everything that has to do with basic expenses such as food, housing, childcare, entertainment, and medical care. The cost of health insurance in Texas is about 10% less than what you’ll pay in California. However, the lower cost of living in Texas also comes with lower wages. California has one of the highest minimum and average wages in the country, while Texas is lower.

3.      Economy

California has the 5th largest economy globally, and its GDP is almost twice that of Texas. The strength of the California economy derives from its diversity. In terms of technology, it’s the number one place to be due to Silicon Valley in San Francisco. But beyond that, businesses are thriving here, and its entertainment scene is unrivaled. But Texas’s economy isn’t so bad either, and it has been growing rapidly in recent years. This is due to its favorable policies towards businesses that have attracted several top companies. Tesla and SpaceX are both here, and the headquarters of several top technological companies are in Austin. Its friendly approach to entrepreneurial startups has made it a major business hub. With its size almost double that of California, there’s plenty of space to start anything here. California is a bit more consumer-friendly than business-friendly, evident in its high minimum wage rate.

4.      Traffic

California is well known for being one of the most congested states in the US. Its cities, especially Los Angeles and San Francisco, rank very high regarding congestion and the amount of time people spend in traffic. As for Texas, four of its cities also experience severe traffic. These are Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, and Houston. But these cities aren’t as bad as California. Drivers in Texas spent 63 hours in traffic in 2019 compared to California spent 84 hours. The central location of Texas also makes it easier to travel to other places outside it. However, California is historically better than Texa when it comes to safe driving. The number of car crashes was higher in Texas than in California.

5.      Taxes

Texas also has a lower tax burden than California, where residents have to pay one of the highest income taxes in the country. In addition, the Lonestar state doesn’t even have a state income tax, which makes it very attractive to people with low income or those who have retired and are only subsisting on retirement benefits.

6.      Landmass

Texas is a much bigger state than California, even though California has more people. The landmass in Texas is 70,000 square kilometers, while California’s is 400,000 square kilometers. But California has about 11 million people, more than you’ll find in Texas. Six of the largest cities in the US are in Texas.

7.      Ecological Diversity

California has one of the most beautiful landscapes in the US. The state has parks, lakes, beaches, and valleys. Whatever your interest is in outdoor settings, California has a perfect destination just for that. On the other hand, Texas is a state of flat terrains and few beaches. The ecological diversity of California is further helped by the government policies to protect the environment. The regulations in California have helped to maintain its environment. Texas is vastly different as it prioritizes development over the environment. It’s common to find major chemical and manufacturing plants in different parts of the state, and its coastline is polluted. The air quality here is far below that of California, as the state is one of the country’s largest producers of carbon dioxide emissions.

8.      Weather

California has incredible weather for the most part. The summers are warm, and the winters are mild with lots of rain. It’s even better when near the coast with its Mediterranean climate. Snow and rain don’t come here between May and October, and when they come in the other months, they’re very mild and relatively calm. The Lonestar State is quite different when it comes to this. It’s a scorching place in the summer with high humidity. Hurricanes, flooding, and tornadoes are a common sight here. But the winter is usually mild, with the temperature being negative on only a few occasions.

In Conclusion

Californians don’t hate Texas. While some don’t agree with the conservative policies of Texas, several others are moving there due to its advantages over California. But, of course, you’ll also find many Texans living in California.