Why do bathroom vanities have legs?

Vanities are integral to the bathroom, serving functional and aesthetic purposes. Since they come in different styles, deciding what you want can be tricky. But knowing the reason behind a particular style could guide your decision-making. So why do bathroom vanities have legs?

Vanities are bathroom cabinets that come with a sink space. Some have legs that ensure easier installation and movement, make the height adjustable, and can serve as open shelf storage. When buying a vanity, consider the size, cost, style, and color to determine if it’s suitable for your bathroom.

Although vanities can come in several shapes and forms, they’re usually of three types, wall-mounted, free-standing, and corner vanities. Here, we discuss why vanities have legs.

What is a Bathroom Vanity?

The bathroom vanity is a cabinet that holds the bathroom sink. They come in different ranges and styles and usually have a countertop. The vanity provides storage space for the things you don’t want to leave on display in the bathroom.

Types of Bathroom Vanities

There are generally three kinds of bathroom vanities. These are:

1.  Wall Mount Vanities

These are vanities mounted on the wall. They give the bathroom a modern look that makes it appear spacious. Since they’re not sitting on the floor, they take less space and create more standing space in the bathroom. If you’re planning to get these vanities, make sure that the walls are strong enough to bear the weight of the vanity and sink. They’ll give your bathroom a contemporary vibe. But they offer lesser storage space and could be difficult to install.

2.  Free Standing Vanity

These vanities sit on the floor without resting on anything. They can vary in design from the traditional look to something modern. If you’re getting a free-standing vanity, you’ll have to decide on several things, including whether you want them with legs or without. They can easily accommodate all kinds of details in terms of ornamental appearance.

But they can take up a lot of space in your bathroom. If they come with legs, you may have to deal with the dust. The major challenge of vanities with legs is how difficult they can be to clean. With dust, hair, and every other dirt gathering below the vanity, the task of cleaning could become quite stressful at times.

3.  Corner Vanities

Corner Vanities are for small spaces, and you can easily have one in the corner. If you don’t have a lot of space in your bathroom, this is a good idea. The only major downside is that the counter space is limited.

Why Bathroom Vanities Have Leg?

There are several benefits to bathroom vanity with legs. These include:

1.  Ease of Installation

Bathroom vanities with legs are easy to install. Unlike wall-mounted vanities, you can place the vanity in the bathroom. You don’t have to think of stud placements, the strength of the wall, the weight of the vanity, etc. You may need a professional to install a wall-mounted vanity. This rarely happens with vanities that have legs.

2.  Open Shelf Storage

Bathroom vanities with legs offer the opportunity to use the space between the cabinets and the legs for storage. Some vanities have this open-shelf design, using the space creatively. It could even be the intricate designs of the leg that add more. Underneath the vanity might be a good place to keep your scales.

3.  Adjustable Height

Some vanities come with adjustable legs, which allow you to increase and decrease the height as you please. This lets you set the vanity to the right height for you. If you ever need to adjust the height, you have nothing to worry about.

4.  Ease of Moving

Having a bathroom vanity with legs also means you can easily move it around from one house to another. Anytime you’re thinking of relocating, you don’t need to be looking for a carpenter to help you detach the vanity from the wall. The mobility and convenience could be great, especially if you’re a renter.

What to Consider when Getting a Vanity?

You may have several things in mind when you want to get a bathroom vanity. But you should consider four major factors:

1.  Size

The vanity in the bathroom provides storage space and hides the plumbing. However, it also serves aesthetic purposes these days, and more people are sacrificing size for that. Whatever you’re doing, you need to make sure the vanity won’t take up too much space in your bathroom. Focus more on minimizing the impact of the vanity within your bathroom. But ensure there’s enough storage.

2.  Style

Everyone has their taste when it comes to style. There’s nothing like the right style, only what’s trendy. In recent times, there have been vanities that look like furniture and have legs. You’ll have to decide if that’s what you want and if it matches your style. The vanity doesn’t have to match the style of the bathroom or any other cabinet in the house.

3.  Color

Gone are the days when the vanity had to match the bathroom’s color and fade into the background. Now, you can make it stand out as much as you want. It can be in vibrant colors with a laminate finish. Many people prefer wood or bamboo due to their exotic look. But that doesn’t mean it’s the only option. You can even go for black. The proper combination of colors in the vanity and its tabletop can give your bathroom an incredible look.

4.  Cost

After considering everything, the cost also matters. You’ll likely have a budget in mind when looking for a vanity. There are many options with prices ranging from as low as $100 to tens of thousands. Once you’ve identified what you’re looking for in vanity, you shouldn’t have trouble finding something within your price range.

What usually makes the cost of vanity very high is if it’s custom-made. Unless you’re going for that exotic look, there’s no need to choose custom-made when you can get pre-made that’s close enough and of good quality.

 In Conclusion

Vanities with legs could be quite great and offer several benefits. But you should check other options too. There are many other ways to accessorize your bathroom and make it functional. Faucets, fixtures, finishes, and other accessories will complement one another within the space to make it wholesome.