Why are Californians Attractive? 

People from different places all over the world have certain attributes that make them attractive. As California is considered one of the most attractive places in the US, Californians share this attribute with it to the curiosity of others. So to put that to bed, why are Californians attractive? 

Californians are attractive because they are active, eat healthily, are diverse, fashionable, welcoming, and live in the economically most-thriving state in the US. These attributes reflect on all Californians across the state, such that they combine to improve their overall quality of life. 

Most of these attributes that make Californians attractive are admirable. That’s why here, our focus will be to discuss them and show how it makes they unique to other people in the country. But first, what’s it like to live in California? 

Living in California 

While its population and size are the distinguishable features of the Golden State, you should know that those aren’t all the state is about. When you think about miles of publicly accessible beaches, countless Silicon Valley organizations, Hollywood, millions of housing units, employment, and several others, you’ll agree that California is not only one of the most beautiful states, but it’s also one of the many livable states in the US. 

The Golden State of Mind is home to about a 39.9million residents scattered across large cities and small towns within its geography. One common thing for this demography is that the state affects them in a way that has made them attractive. Yes! You saw that right – where you live affects how you look, and Californians are proof of that. 

According to a report by Zippia, California is the third-most attractive state and, by extension, has the third most-attractive people in the US. When you consider certain factors particular to the state, you’ll realize how much it influences how the people living within its boundary look. So if you ask “why are Californians attractive,” living in California is enough reason, but there is more. 

Why are Californians Attractive? 

Californians are attractive because of the following reasons:

1. They are Active 

The common fact that being active makes people attractive isn’t alien to Californians. Being the third-most active state in the country is an underlying reason why they are attractive. Most Californians are invested in outdoor lifestyles with several recreational activities that combine to improve their physical and mental health. 

Apart from exercising, there are many other activities to engage in all the locations across the state. For example, some fun activities in California are hiking, surfing, biking, kayaking, water skiing, swimming, horse riding, boating, snowmobiling, camping, and even hunting. They all combine to improve Californians’ quality of life and make them attractive. 

2. They Have Healthy Feeding Culture 

The quality of the skin determines how attractive people look, while attractive looks depend heavily on how they feed. Californians aren’t known for healthy glowing skins just because they feed, but because they feed healthily. Many Californians are invested in vegan foods making their state the second on the list for most “vegan” in the country

Being the mainstay of the US agricultural economy, Californians enjoy an endless supply of fruits, vegetables, and many other ingredients to make delectable food and cuisines. While the presence of popular burger chains like In-N-Out seemingly negates this, it doesn’t change the fact that most Californians have a healthy feeding culture. As a result, more people will settle for veggies and healthy foods than burgers and other unhealthy foods. 

3. They are Diverse 

It’s one thing to be diverse, and it’s another to embrace their diversity. California and Californians have a fair share of both. While the state is the most diverse in the US, especially without a dominant race among the varieties, the people (Californians) peacefully coexist with one another because they actively embrace their diversity. 

So the fact that Californians are diverse, acknowledge their diversity, and embrace it is another reason they are attractive. These attributes signal respect for other people’s ethnic, religious, and socio-cultural backgrounds. And this, as a whole, makes them a great group of people amongst others in the US. 

4. They are Fashionable 

While every state has a distinct style, some are more attractive than others. California, for example, is one of the many stylish states because it houses several celebrities and fashion enthusiasts who show styles replicated by the populace. Many people who want a career in fashion relocate to California because Californians are fashionable. 

This attribute is another reason Californians are attractive. The state is rife with several boutiques and fashion stores because Californians invest so much in how they look, so what they wear is consciously selected. LA, San Francisco, San Diego, and Fullerton, to mention a few, are some of the most fashionable cities across the Golden State. 

5. They Thrive Economically 

California tops on all the metrics used in determining the most economically thriving states in the US. The Golden State is the first of the four to contribute over $1 trillion to the country’s GDP. When you evaluate this contribution, especially how it enhances household incomes, you’ll realize how it improves the lives of Californians, making them attractive. 

To lay it bare, the benefits of living in an economically thriving state are far-reaching. While it may affect the cost of living, it offers several means to cover those costs. With high employment opportunities and increased household incomes, Californians can make enough money to fund their lifestyle, which is another reason people find them attractive. 

5. They Have an Amazing Weather 

One of the many reasons California is desirable for retirees, travelers, or those who wish to relocate is because of its comfortable weather conditions. It’s impossible to beat California on this because they are the first of the other states with the best weather conditions in the US. The state has less rain all year round, bearable heat during summer, and constantly clear skies. Californians have leveraged these weather conditions, making them very attractive. 

Bottom Line 

As we established earlier, every place across the world and every state in the US has attributes that make them attractive. These attributes reflect on the people living there, so they share this quality. Californians are attractive for who they are and by virtue of being residents in the Golden State.