Where in the US can you buy cheap land?

Becoming a landowner is one of the American dreams. Vacant land is like a clean canvas. It comes with lots of potential for what you can do with it. But lands are quite costly. So, where in the US can you buy cheap land?

There are several states where you can get cheap land in the US. They include New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, Maine, Colorado, Michigan, Oregon, Texas, Tennessee, Arkansas, and West Virginia. However, the cheapest lands are in hard-to-inhabit locations such as desert, mountainous, and swamp areas.

When buying land, the location and usability will determine the price. Residential and commercial lands are usually the most expensive. Here, we discuss states with the cheapest lands and what determines the land cost.

States with Cheapest Lands in the US

If you’re thinking of getting cheap land, there are certain states where you’re most likely to find cheap land. They include:

1. New Mexico

New Mexico has a diverse geography with many valleys, forested mountains, and grassland. But the state is predominantly a desert, with the Chihuahuan Desert dominating the southern part. The desert land is unsurprisingly cheap, and you’ll find cheap land in areas within the desert.

For instance,  land in Deming, New Mexico, could be as low as $200 per acre. If you think that’s cheap, there are still places where you’ll get an acre for around $100. It could even be in central parts of the state with remote deserts.

2. Arizona

Here’s another area with plenty of arid lands that come cheap. The Arizona desert takes up a large chunk of the land in the southern and western parts of the state. In these areas, you’ll find acres of land for cheap prices. Close to western cities such as Bullhead City, Wikieup, Meadview, and Kingman, acres are between $250 and $500.

The southern parts also have acres of land going for an average of $500 right outside some of its cities.

3. Nevada 

Nevada is popular for many reasons; Las Vegas is likely the first. But the state is also home to a remote desert area with the Great Basin dominating its northern parts. In places close to Lovelock, Winnemucca, and Wells, you’ll find land for around $200 per acre.

4. Maine

Maine might not have desert land, but the state’s low population means there are a lot of remote areas. With lots of unorganized territories, you can find remote land in this state, going for very low prices. The best place to look for cheap land here is the eastern part.

In towns like Connor Township, Castle Hill, and Van Buren, the remote property can be around $450 to $800 per acre. Other towns with cheap land in this state include Perkin township, Dyer Brook, Cary, Amity, etc.

5. Colorado

This state has Aspen and several other expensive places. But don’t worry, it has its share of cheap land in its mountainous and desert regions. The Southeast part of the state contains properties for around less than $1000 per acre. In places such as Del Norte, Moffat, and Walsenburg in the southern region, land could go from $750 to $1000 for an acre. It’s even possible to find cheap land in the West and central parts of the state.

6. Michigan

Michigan has similar characteristics to Maine that have influenced the prices of its properties. The state is distinctively two parts, the upper peninsula and the lower peninsula. The upper peninsula is more remote with a sparse population, and this is where you’ll find the cheapest lands in the state.

Many features such as remoteness and its location in the extreme north make land in this part very cheap. It’s possible to find an acre selling for between $250 and $600.

7. Oregon

Looking for cheap land, why not check Oregon? The state with one of the most diverse geographies in the country has shrublands and desert areas which are generally cheap. You’ll most likely find the in the western and southern parts. Look around cities like Adel, Bonanza, and Plush. Even to the north, Christmas valley, service creek, and summer lake have cheap land.

8. Texas

Texas is the biggest state in the country, and with about 10% of its land being desert, that’s a lot of cheap land. The whole western part of the state is the desert area, and in cities such as Monahans and Sierra Blanca, you’ll find acres for $350 – $600. In the southern area near the Mexico border, you can find land going for around $500.

9. Tennessee

Another place where you can get cheap land in the US is Tennessee. This might be the best state to consider for affordable residential land. Tennessee has a rich history and no income tax. Its lands might cost more than a few hundred dollars, but they’re still very affordable compared to several other states.

10.  Arkansas

The natural state of Arkansas has cheap real estate for those looking to move. Its land is about 30 – 40% cheaper than the national average, which could make lots of difference when you’re buying a residential property. Arkansas has a diverse geography. You’ll find some of its cheapest lands in the northeastern part of the state.

11.  West Virginia

The cost of land in West Virginia is quite low, which applies to even residential land. It’s possible to get an acre of land for less than $1,000. But if you want a place close to a nice locality, you might spend an average of $10,000. The cheap land here is because only 7% of its land has been developed.

Factors That Influence the Cost of Land

When buying land, it’s important to pay attention to several factors such as:

  1. Location

The cheapest places in the US are usually extremely remote areas where buying land means going off the grid. While there’s a chance that the land could have significant value in the future, you’re most likely not going to be able to use it at the moment. The remoteness means no access to utilities, supplies, or even people. Therefore, location matters greatly in determining the cost of land.

  1. Usability of the Land

The purpose of the land usually influences the price. Residential lands are generally more expensive because they have to be close to a locality. The cheapest lands in the US are usually places with inhospitable geography. Deserts top the list. Land for hunting and farming could also be cheaper.


If you’re looking to get cheap land in the US, you’ll have to go to remote locations. However, there are still states where you can residential land for about 30% below the national average. Even in places such as New York and California where land is expensive, you can still find small towns with affordable land.

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