What garage door openers are compatible with Craftsman?

Craftsman garage door openers are one of the most common in the market, and there’s a good chance you’re using one in your garage. Getting replacements could be tricky if any of its parts or remote should get spoilt. So, what garage door openers are compatible with Craftsman?

The Chamberlain Group made Craftsman garage door openers for Sears before Guardian took over in 2018. So, most Chamberlain product parts are compatible with Craftsman. Universal remotes will also work with Craftsman. But you can be sure by checking manufacturer information or the learn button color.

However, any Craftsman garage door open manufactured after 2018 may not work with Chamberlain products. Here, we discuss the garage door openers that can work with Craftsman.

Who Makes Craftsman Garage Door Openers?

Garage door openers have become a fundamental device in households. These mechanical devices that allow you to open garage doors automatically have become better due to technological advancements. If you’re thinking of getting a garage door opener, Craftsman is one of the brands to consider. You can only get these garage door openers in Sears outlets. One of the popular options is Craftsman garage door openers.

Although Craftsman carries the Sears brand, the Chamberlain Group manufactured it until 2018, when Guardian took over. The Chamberlain Group is the largest manufacturer of automatic garage doors, with brands such LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Merlin, MyQ, Grifco, etc., all under it. However, it manufactured and rebranded its Craftsman products for Sears.

Are Chamberlain and LiftMaster products compatible with Craftsman Garage Door Openers?

The Chamberlain Group also produces Chamberlain and LiftMaster garage door openers. So, any product from the company will most likely be compatible with Craftsman. While there might be some differences between LiftMaster and Craftsman, most Chamberlain products and Craftsman share several similarities. They both have similar drive formats, except that Chamberlain has the wall-mounted or jackshaft option.

The similarities between Chamberlain and Craftsman garage door openers include:

  • Variety of models and price range
  • Easy to install features for homeowners that want to do it themselves
  • Powerful motors with as much as ¾ horsepower
  • Compatibility with MyQ smartphone technology
  • Standby power systems that allow operation when there’s an outage
  • Extension kits for doors that are above 7 feet 
  • Rolling technology.

The similarities between the two means that it’s possible to use parts of a Chamberlain garage door opener as a replacement for a Craftsman. You can even use a corresponding LiftMaster part as a replacement. Since LiftMaster products are usually cheaper than Craftsman, this is a cost-effective move for you.

However, this only applies if the Craftsman product is from Chamberlain Group. You can tell if a Craftsman is from Chamberlain by the model number. If it starts with 139, it’s compatible with other Chamberlain products. But if it starts with 200, then Guardian manufactured it. So, it won’t be compatible.

Is there a universal remote for the Craftsman garage door opener?

A universal remote control is designed to work with various brands and models of garage door openers. Since the underlying technology responsible for garage door openers are similar across multiple brands, it’s possible to have a remote that will work with several brands. You can get universal remotes for Craftsman. Several brands produce universal door remotes that work with a Craftsman garage door opener. LiftMaster, Genie, and Gate Opener are just a few brands you can try out.

Universal remotes are quite great. They can have multiple buttons to open up to three garage doors. You can also add a light control switch that will turn on your home or garage lights. Most newer models of garage door openers will work with a universal remote. But it’s also important that you confirm that it’s compatible before buying it.

Universal garage door remotes are usually the best way to go when replacing the remote of your garage door opener. Usually, you can program this remote to work with most types of doors. They’re more readily accessible than other remotes and cost less, making them ideal. But you still need to know the manufacturer and model of your garage door opener before selecting a remote control. This is the only way to ensure the universal remote will be compatible with your garage door.

You’ll have to program a universal garage door remote for it to work with the garage door opener. Doing this is quite easy as you’ll find the instructions on the sheet that accompanies the remote. If you don’t, you can still program it. All you have to do is use the smart button on the motor unit.

How do I know what garage door remote is compatible?

Compatibility is very important if you’re getting remotes for your garage door opener. You can determine this in the following ways:

1.  Check the Manufacturer’s Information

Before you get any remote for your garage door, check the information on the garage door opener. Look specifically for the manufacturer and model information. You’ll find this on the external receiver close to the wire antenna or on the motor unit, which is on the garage ceiling. With this information, it’s possible to buy an exact replacement remote from the manufacturer, online, or from a hardware store. This is the best way to go if you’re using an older garage door opener model. It’ll likely not work with a universal remote.

The most important manufacturer information is the model number. The model number on a Craftsman opener is usually on the label. If the model number starts with 139, the garage door opener will be compatible with Chamberlain-produced universal remotes.

2.  Check the Color of Learn button or Number of Dip Switches on The Motor

In order to program the remote for the door, you’ll be using the Learn Button or Dip Switch. Your motor unit will have either of these two options. The Learn or Smart button is usually below the motor light. It’s a square button that could be green, red, yellow, or purple. It might also be labeled “learn .”Usually, most universal remotes won’t be compatible with a door opener with a yellow circular, smart button. That means that an opener is a guardian unit. 

3.  Use Model of Current Remote Control

You can also go for the easy solution by buying an exact replacement for the current remote. In this case, you only need to know the remote model. With that information, you’ll get a compatible remote for your garage.

In Conclusion

Craftsman garage door openers are usually compatible with Chamberlain products when it comes to replacement parts. As for remote controls, a universal remote should work for it. But you should check for compatibility before getting the remote.