What California city is closest to Vegas?

California and Nevada are two locations that are 453 miles/729 kilometers apart, with different cities and towns between them. If you’re planning a road trip to California from Vegas, you may want to know the California city that’s closest to you. So what California city is closest to Vegas? 

The closest California city to Las Vegas is Barstow, San Bernardino County. It’s 158 miles/254 kilometers driving distance. It’ll take about two hours and 20 minutes of driving without stopovers, which will cost $36.21. The halfway point between these two locations is Halloran Springs, California. 

You stand a high chance of having a memorable road trip when you’re familiar with your itinerary between the states. Hence, this post will highlight Barstow city and show you some of the fun things to do there. 

Barstow City, California 

Barstow is one of the small cities in San Bernardino County, California, with a population of 25,442 people. The city is between several roadways, including California State Route 58, Route 66, and Interstate 15. As a result, it’s a perfect stopover spot for motorists traveling between Vegas and California. 

Say you decide to stay in Barstow for some time, you must know that the city offers a scanty suburban feel, and you’ll need to make about $36,159 a year as a single adult to live comfortably there. However, for those hoping to raise children in Barstow, you can leverage the space available instead of densely populated cities with endless exposures, some of which may not be favorable. 

While subjectivity factors considered in determining whether a place is good or not, Barstow is good enough. If you’re the type that prefers a small, tightly-knit community, this is a place you can be. It has all amenities that are sufficient for both individuals and families. 

The median age of people in the city is 30 years old, which means there are many young people around. Family units have 3 to 4 people, including parents and children. The overall diversity of California is also reflected in this city as its diversity is above the national average. Whether you’re visiting Barstow temporarily, stopping over mid-travel, or for permanent residency, there are several fun things to do here. 

Top 6 Exciting Things to do in Barstow City, California 

The following are some of the exciting things to do in Barstow, the California city closest to Vegas: 

1. Visit Western American Railroad Museum 

Knowledge acquisition can never go out of fashion. After all, the day we die is the day we stop learning. So take advantage of the Western American Railroad Museum to learn about the Pacific southwestern railroads. Here, you’ll see artifacts, old timetables, some uniforms, and many other things. 

The most exciting part of this is that this visit is free. And there’s a gift shop where you can get some railway souvenirs before leaving. It’s a fun place to visit in Barstow

2. Rainbow Basin Natural Area

The Rainbow Basin Natural Area is one of the fascinating attractions in Barstow. Here, you can enjoy the sight of crags, valleys, and colored canyons carved from century-old water and wind activities. You can do this on foot or in your vehicles and camp in available campgrounds if you want. 

The Bureau of Land Management administers this natural wonder. You can explore all areas if you’re the type that enjoys seeing geological formations. In addition, it promises a memorable experience if you go with friends or family. 

3. Have Custom Pizza at Di Napoli’s Firehouse Italian Eatery 

Di Napoli’s Firehouse Italian Eatery is one of the oldest establishments in Barstow. By virtue of its longevity, it understands the dynamics of hospitality such that it takes every customer like family. As such, you’ll get the chance to design your pizza with assortments like cheese, beef, pepperoni, green peppers, fresh tomatoes, Canadian bacon, mushrooms, and other toppings. 

You’ll get wholesome hospitality here, including excellent beverages, scenic settings, and terrific food. You can also get handmade pasta salad, potato salad, and other side dishes. It’s a great spot to visit, whether as locals or visitors. 

4. Visit NASA Goldstone DSN Center

As you’re aware, space exploration is exciting because it improves our knowledge of the outside world. This is another fun thing you can do in Barstow. You can pay a visit to NASA Goldstone DSN Center. While the facility isn’t open to the public, there’s a visitor’s center where you can see and learn about space communications. 

You can get a guided tour for a relatively cheap sum which you’ll get bookings for in advance. This place is open six days a week and is often frequented by residents and visitors. You can also book a visit ahead before traveling to Barstow. 

5. Check Barstow Station 

Barstow Station is an all-around place to visit because it combines several attractions put in a single place. Here you can relax after a long journey, have fun, learn about history, eat delicious foods, and even buy essential supplies before you head out to continue your journey. In addition, it has essential amenities like WiFi, lounges and beverage shops, and clean toilets, all of which make your visit worthwhile. 

There are shops for popular brands like Mcdonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, Double R Gifts, Subway Sandwiches, and so on. The station is convenient to visit as a resident and a great place to stop as a traveler. 

6. Have a Delectable Mexican Dish 

It’s common knowledge that California was formerly a part of Mexico before becoming a state in the US. As a result, it still retains some Mexican cultural features, including the meals. If you’ve never tried a Mexican dish, you can leverage your visit to Barstow and have one in one of the Mexican restaurants available. 

In Conclusion 

There are several cities between California and Vegas, but the closest California city to Vegas is Barstow. You can have a fun time here by visiting some of the attraction centers as suggested above.