What California Beach is Closest to Phoenix, AZ? 

California beaches are your best bet if you desperately need to escape Phoenix heat during summer and cool off on a neighboring beach. While some of them may be too far from Phoenix, others are relatively closer than you can imagine. So what California beach is closest to Phoenix, AZ? 

Newport Beach is the closest California beach to Phoenix, AZ. It’s about 368 miles (592 kilometers) which will take 5 hours and thirty minutes to drive. With public transport, it’ll cost you $78. If you’re the type that takes at least one stopover for a 5 hours journey, Indio, CA is a stopping point. 

Apart from the great ocean view and warm weather, there are many other attractions on Newport beaches. Here, we’ll suggest some of the best beaches in New so that you’ll have an amazing time when you leave Phoenix, AZ, for California. 

Best Beaches in Newport Beach, California 

The following are some of the best in Newport you must not miss on your trip from Phoenix, AZ:

1. The Wedge 

The Wedge is one of the fascinating beaches in Newport, California. Apart from the amazing ocean scenery, the surrounding cliffs and houses give it a fun view. Another exciting benefit this beach offers is the amazing sight of surfers doing magic in the ocean. 

Experienced surfers fancy this location because it has large waves beyond 30 feet. It’s an iconic location where you can also have fun during your trip. 

2. Balboa Peninsula Beach 

Balboa Peninsula Beach is another amazing spot for people who enjoy the thrill of ocean views. There are many fun things to do here besides relaxing on the beach. You can lounge on the beach, play different games, peel your eyes at the beautiful view of Lovell Beach House, go whale watching, and so on. 

The beach is considered the best for swimming in Newport, California. The water is as clean as the shores, and the waves gently wade in. For beginners and intermediate swimmers, you have nothing to worry about as lifeguards are present during the day. 

3. Corona Del Mar State Beach 

Corona Del Mar State offers a beautiful option for those who enjoy snorkeling, hiking, sunbathing, and scuba diving. It’s state-owned, so it’s open to many people. But there are entrance and parking charges. 

Here, you can rent a paddleboard or a kayak to go across the harbor and explore all the coves. The Pirates cove, though secluded, is a desirable spot to check out. 

4. Crystal Cove State Park

Crystal Cove State Park alone has four beaches, giving locals and visitors more than enough options. These beaches include Pelican Point, Moro beach, Reef Point, and Historic District. They offer various benefits, including surf fishing, wildlife viewing, paddleboarding, kayaking, and many others. 

5. Marina Park 

Marina Park offers an excellent spot for families with kids, whether for swimming or picnics. The waves are gentle for them to wade in at leisure, but that’s not an excuse not to keep an eye out for them. Unlike other beaches in Newport, California, Marina Park doesn’t have lifeguards. 

6. Balboa Island 

Balboa Island is located between Balboa Peninsula and Newport Beach mainland. It’s also one of the most outstanding beaches in Newport. Given that it was man-made, it has a more modern aesthetic appeal than the other natural beaches in the city. 

It’s one of the best places for water sports, retail therapy, and culinary adventures. You can also enjoy paddleboarding and kayaking on the island. 

The beaches mentioned above are some of the best options for those coming from Phoenix, AZ, to California for an amazing beach experience. 

Fun Things to Do at Newport, California 

For you to have a wholesome experience in California, there are other fun things to do apart from going to the beach. Some of these include the following:

1. Whale Watching 

One of the fascinating facts about Newport is that it’s along the path of many whale migrations. Here, you can see the blue whale, humpback, and gray whale as they move across the ocean. This is an excellent experience for both locals and visitors that visit Newport. 

There are several whale-watching trips you can opt for throughout the year, depending on your budget. You can also enjoy viewing other marine life along the way. 

2. Sherman Library & Gardens 

If not for the up-to-date volumes of books available at the Sherman library, you can also enjoy the warm scenery of the botanical garden. It’s considered a horticultural wonderland that is decorated with a backdrop of flowers and gardens. You can create memories here and capture them on your phones or cameras. 

3. Spa 

There’s a state-of-the-earth Spa at Pelican Hill with several treatment rooms for relaxing, treating your skin, and replenishing your spirit. You’ll agree you deserve that little pampering, so visiting this spa is a step in the right direction. They have relaxing lounges, steam rooms, soaking tubs, saunas, and other spa facilities for facials, foot and body massage, and general reflexology. 

4. Fashion Island 

A little shopping is one of the best activities to engage in when visiting another city. If you’re in Newport Beach, you can leverage the infinite shopping choices at Fashion Island. Here, you’ll find more than 100 boutiques that have all the shopping options. Even if you’re not buying anything, you can window shop. After all, there’s no crime in that. 

5. Newport Landing Restaurant 

This is a great location to check out if you enjoy seafood, locally brewed beers, and wines. They also have other delectable dishes and an on-site bar to enjoy feeding without necessarily leaving to drink elsewhere. 

In Conclusion 

Whether you’re coming from Phoenix, AZ, or some other places closer to Newport, you can have a wonderful experience by combining your visit to the beach with other fun things to do at Newport. If you maximize your visit, you can be sure it’ll be one of the best experiences you’ll ever have.