(Should I) Buy a House or Apartment?


If you are in a house vs. apartment dilemma, you’re definitely not alone. On one side, you want to live in the city to experience boundless opportunities, while on the other side, you want to reside in that peaceful suburban house. But which of the two is better?


You should buy a house or an apartment depending on your personal preferences, goals, and lifestyle. While both options are neither right nor wrong, you have to consider factors like budget, space, how long you’ll stay, and how much savings you have before investing in a house or an apartment. 


Buying a house is practical for a certain group of people, whereas an apartment is the right choice for others. To make things easier for you, we have put together the ultimate checklist that explains the pros and cons of both houses and apartments. Keep scrolling!

Pros of Buying a House

Here are the pros of buying a house:


  • Land: A major advantage of buying a house is that it comes with land. To state the obvious, a piece of property is an excellent investment that brings you peace of mind. It is a long term asset, especially if the house is situated in an area that has the potential to grow in value. 
  • Renovations: When buying a house, you also get full freedom of renovating it. Painting, plastering, plumbing, tiling – you can do them all. With proper remodeling, you can improve the aesthetics, increase the value of your property, and install additional systems and furniture to improve the quality of your life. 
  • Parking space: Unlike the parking space in an apartment, you get a guaranteed spot to park your vehicle when you own a house. You can use the garage or the space in front of your house. Moreover, you also get more outdoor area to enjoy.
  • Privacy: Living in a house offers you much more space than what you would get in an apartment. If you are someone who is easily troubled by noisy neighborhoods, going for a house is certainly better than buying an apartment. You don’t have to share walls or bedrooms, and you can party anytime you want to (without causing a noise nuisance). 
  • Exterior aesthetics: Most of us swoon over houses that look beautiful and cozy. There are countless designs to choose from, and this process can be pretty exciting. If you have dreamed of investing in pretty homes and beautiful landscapes, a house is most likely the better choice.

Cons of Buying a House

Here are the cons of buying a house:


  • Expensive: Houses are certainly more expensive in the markets than apartments. Therefore, determine your budget properly before buying a house. 
  • Extra costs: Not only are houses more expensive than apartments, but you’ll also need to spend extra to maintain it long term. Insurance, property tax, repairs, and maintenance – the list is pretty long. So, before you invest in a house, make sure you have enough savings to meet the additional costs. 
  • Difficult to move to a new location: If you are someone who often feeds your wanderlust, you may always be on the move. If that is the case, a house may not be a good option as it is often difficult to sell a house quickly (depending on the market conditions). 

Pros of Buying an Apartment

Here are the pros of buying an apartment:


  • Affordable: Unlike a house, the maintenance and repair costs are pretty low in apartments. This is partly due to the reduced space of apartments, and also because most apartments take up the responsibility of paying taxes and maintenance fees.
  • Amenities: An apartment often provides its residents with community amenities that are difficult to access if you live in a house. These amenities include gyms, swimming pools, tennis courts, dog parks, etc. Although you may have to pay extra to use these facilities, it is usually worth the price.
  • Easy to move to a new place: If you want to move to a new place, it is relatively easier to sell or lease your apartment to another person, unlike houses. Although the ease of selling depends on the market conditions, it is better to choose an apartment over a house if you plan on moving to a new city soon.
  • Better for the youth: Apartments are considered better for young people, as they want to be closer to the city and don’t have much time to look after their residence. But, if you are a social butterfly who loves to party, you may need to consider a house as apartments come with little privacy. 
  • Perfect for living alone: When living alone, you may not get the time to take care of a home when you have to look after yourself. This is why apartments are mostly better for individuals who are living alone. Moreover, it is easier to maintain an apartment due to its small size and simplicity.

Cons of Buying an Apartment

Here are the cons of buying an apartment:


  • Extra costs for amenities: Although apartments come with a lot of extra amenities, you might have to pay for some of them. For instance, working out in gyms and chilling by the pool may come with hefty price tags. But at the end of the day, it will mostly be worth the money. 
  • No land: A major disadvantage of investing in an apartment is that it doesn’t come with land, unlike homes. If you are willing to sacrifice the peace of mind that owning a land brings, this shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Difficult to renovate: If you have big plans in mind to customize your residence to your style and interests, you may not be very satisfied with apartments. This is because there is a limit to your freedom to renovate apartments, unlike homes where you can change practically anything. 
  • Less space: If you are planning to live with your family, an apartment may be too small for you. Also, if you love hosting parties, you might want to take a look at spacious budget-friendly homes before buying an apartment.
  • Limited parking area: Many individuals living in apartments find parking to be a major issue. If an area in the parking lot is not allocated to you, you will have a hard time finding a space to park your vehicle when you are staying in an apartment. 
  • Less privacy: If you are someone longing for some privacy once in a while, you might find apartments annoying. This will not be a major issue if you are living alone. However, you may find it difficult to prevent a few neighbors from breathing down your neck occasionally.

Other Things to Consider Before Making a Decision

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you finalize your decision:


  • How much budget do I have? 


    • Will I be able to cover extra costs that come with a house such as insurance, tax, and maintenance fees?
    • Should I stick to an apartment that requires a lesser budget?
    • Is there a significant difference between the cost of buying the house and the apartment I like?


  • How long do I need to stay in the city?


    • Will I move to a new city in the near future? If yes, Is it worth investing in a house? 
    • Will I stay in the city with my family for a few years? If yes, should I invest some more money to buy a house that offers more comfort, space, and privacy?


  • How long will I need to travel to go to work in both cases?


  • Is privacy important to me?


    • If I buy an apartment, will my neighbours intrude in my privacy?
    • Is it worth buying a house just because I need privacy?


Now that you’ve learned what to expect from houses and apartments, you’ll be able to make the decision that will turn out to be best for you. 


The best way to choose the right decision is by writing down the things that you like and dislike about both houses and apartments. Then, carefully evaluate how your life will be like in both cases. 


Here is a video that explains the differences between living in a house and an apartment: 



To sum it up, both apartments and houses are great investments. The right decision truly depends on the needs, interests, and priorities of the individual.