Pros and cons of Shelton ct

Shelton, Connecticut is a beautiful town located in Fairfield County, just a short distance from Bridgeport and New Haven. Known for its quiet neighborhoods and charming downtown area, Shelton has become a popular destination for families and professionals alike. There are several pros and cons to living in this town, and in this article, we will explore them in depth.


1. Affordable Housing: Shelton offers a relatively affordable cost of living in comparison to some of the other towns in Fairfield County. With a median home price of $340,000, Shelton offers a variety of housing options including newer construction, historic homes, and condo complexes.

2. Low Crime Rate: Shelton is known to have a low crime rate, making it a safe place to live and raise a family. The town has a strong police department that works diligently to keep residents safe and secure.

3. Access to Nature: Shelton is home to several parks and nature preserves, including Indian Well State Park and the Shelton Lakes Recreation Path. The town is also located near the Housatonic River, providing plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation such as kayaking, fishing, and hiking.

4. Convenient Location: Shelton is located just off of Route 8, providing easy access to both Bridgeport and New Haven. This makes it a great location for commuters who work in either city.

5. Vibrant Downtown: Shelton’s downtown area has become a popular spot for residents and visitors alike. With its mix of restaurants, bars, and shops, there’s always something to do in downtown Shelton.


1. Limited Public Transportation: While Shelton is conveniently located near major highways, public transportation options are limited. The town is not currently serviced by any train stations, which can make commuting to nearby cities challenging for those without a car.

2. Limited Job Opportunities: While Shelton’s location provides easy access to major cities and corporations, job opportunities within the town itself can be limited. Many residents commute to nearby cities for work.

3. Traffic Congestion: Although Shelton is located near major highways, the town can experience heavy traffic congestion during peak hours. This can make commuting challenging for residents who work in nearby cities.

4. Limited Nightlife: While Shelton’s downtown area is vibrant during the day, nightlife options in the town are limited. Those looking for a more active nightlife scene may need to venture into nearby cities.

5. High Property Taxes: While Shelton offers affordable housing options, property taxes in the town can be relatively high. This can be a concern for some residents, especially those on a tight budget.

In conclusion, Shelton has many wonderful qualities that make it a great place to live. Its affordable housing, low crime rate, access to nature, convenient location, and vibrant downtown area are just some of the many positives. However, as with any town, there are also some potential drawbacks to consider. Limited public transportation, job opportunities, traffic congestion, limited nightlife, and high property taxes are some of the cons that potential residents should keep in mind when considering whether or not to move to Shelton.

What are some of the advantages of living in Shelton, CT?

Located in Fairfield County, Shelton, CT is a thriving community that boasts of a high quality of life. The town provides an excellent environment to raise a family, with a low crime rate and outstanding educational opportunities. Shelton is served by a highly rated school system, including several highly regarded private schools. Residents enjoy easy access to modern amenities such as shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment centers. The town also hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including a farmer’s market and a summer concert series. There are many opportunities for outdoor recreation as well, with several parks and hiking trails located within the town’s boundaries.

Shelton’s location is also a significant advantage, as it is centrally located in the state, making it easy to access many of Connecticut’s most popular destinations. New Haven, Hartford, and Bridgeport are all under an hour’s drive away, with New York City just a short distance further. Access to major highways such as I-95 and the Merritt Parkway also make it an easy commute to nearby cities for work or entertainment. Overall, Shelton residents enjoy a high quality of life, with a wide range of amenities and easy access to all that Connecticut has to offer.

In addition to its convenient location and high quality of life, Shelton also boasts a robust business community. The town is home to many large employers, including Pitney Bowes, Inline Plastics, and PerkinElmer. The economic development initiatives undertaken by the town have led to the development of several business parks and the creation of many new jobs. The town’s location and easy access to several major cities make it an ideal location for businesses looking to establish themselves in the Northeast. Shelton’s dedication to economic development has resulted in economic growth and a thriving business community, which benefits the entire town.

Are there any drawbacks or disadvantages to living in Shelton, CT?

Shelton, CT, is a beautiful and peaceful small town located in Fairfield County. It is considered to be a great place to raise a family, given its proximity to New Haven and Stamford and its commendable public schools. However, like any other place, Shelton has its share of drawbacks and disadvantages.

One significant drawback of Shelton is its cost of living, which can be high for some families. The housing and rental rates are considerably higher than the national average, making it challenging for people with a tight budget to find affordable housing. Additionally, the job market in Shelton is relatively sparse, which can make it difficult to find employment opportunities in the town.

Another significant disadvantage of living in Shelton is the town’s lack of ethnic diversity. The city’s residents are predominantly White, which can be a pro or con depending on your perspective. However, those looking for a more culturally varied or diverse place to live may find Shelton lacking in that regard.

In conclusion, while Shelton is a beautiful and family-friendly town, it may not be the ideal place for everyone due to its high cost of living and lack of diversity. Ultimately it is important to consider your unique needs and priorities before deciding if Shelton or any other town is the right fit for you.

How does Shelton’s cost of living compare to surrounding towns and cities?

Shelton, Connecticut is a beautiful and diverse city that offers a unique combination of both urban and suburban lifestyles. When comparing the cost of living in Shelton to surrounding towns and cities, it is important to consider factors such as average housing costs, taxes, and employment opportunities. The average cost of living in Shelton is relatively competitive, making it a desirable place to live for families and professionals alike.

Compared to neighboring towns such as Trumbull and Stratford, Shelton’s cost of living is slightly higher due to its proximity to the larger cities of New Haven and Bridgeport. Although the costs of goods and services in Shelton may be higher than in some surrounding areas, it is still an affordable place to live in comparison to other cities in the state. Additionally, Shelton offers a unique array of employment opportunities, with a growing number of high-tech firms and manufacturing companies located within city limits.

Overall, when compared to surrounding towns and cities, Shelton’s cost of living is fairly competitive and suitable for anyone looking to live in a vibrant city with ample resources and opportunities for professional and personal growth. Whether you’re settling in for a long time or just passing through, Shelton offers an inviting community that will make you feel right at home.

What are some of the unique features or attractions that make Shelton a desirable place to live?

Shelton, located in southwestern Connecticut, offers a unique combination of natural beauty, cultural diversity, and modern amenities that make it a desirable place to live. One of the unique attractions of the city is its abundance of parks and open spaces. The iconic Indian Well State Park offers picturesque landscapes, hiking trails, and swimming areas, while the nearby Shelton Lakes Recreation Path provides a perfect destination for walking, running, and biking. The city also boasts great neighborhoods with a wide range of residential options, from historic homes to modern, luxury apartments.

Another unique feature of Shelton is the rich cultural scene that is evident throughout the city. The downtown area, for example, has a thriving arts district with galleries, theaters, and performance spaces. The Shelton Farmers’ Market showcases the local artisanal food and culture. Additionally, major events such as the Annual Valley Shakespeare Festival and the Summer Concert Series add to the vibrant cultural scene of the city. This rich culture provides a perfect backdrop for residents and visitors to explore their creative minds while enjoying the natural beauty of the place.

Finally, Shelton has excellent amenities and facilities that cater to a wide range of recreational and social needs of its residents. The city has a highly rated public school system, a renowned public library, and a variety of grocery stores, restaurants, and shopping centers. There are also plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, boating, and skiing in the nearby countryside. The city’s location, with easy access to New York City and other major metropolitan areas, puts the best of urban and suburban living right at the doorstep of Shelton residents.

How is the job market in Shelton, and what industries are most prevalent in the area?

Shelton, Connecticut, is a beautiful and affluent city with a diverse job market and several high-growth industries. The job market in Shelton is quite competitive, with a wide range of job opportunities for both entry-level and experienced candidates. The city is home to several large employers, including global corporations such as PerkinElmer, Sikorsky Aircraft, and Hubbell Incorporated.

Industries that are most prevalent in Shelton include technology, healthcare, manufacturing, and finance. The healthcare industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in Shelton, with several hospitals, clinics, and healthcare organizations located in the area. Additionally, the technology industry is booming in Shelton, with many startups and established companies in the software, IT, and digital marketing fields. Finally, the manufacturing industry remains a significant employer in Shelton, with several large and small businesses specializing in everything from plastics and textiles to consumer products and electronics. Overall, the job market in Shelton is robust and provides a range of opportunities for job seekers in various industries.