Pros and cons of Ontario, Oregon

Ontario, Oregon is a small city located in eastern Oregon, near the border with Idaho. It is a charming place with its own unique personality, but like any city, it has its ups and downs. In this article, we will look at the pros and cons of living in Ontario, so if you are considering a move to this area, read on!


1. Affordability: Ontario, Oregon is a relatively affordable area to live in, especially compared to some of the larger cities in the region. The cost of living in Ontario is lower than the average national cost of living, and housing prices are also reasonable.

2. Natural Beauty: Ontario is set in a picturesque location, with access to beautiful mountains and nature parks. The city is situated in the high desert region, which offers a unique and beautiful view. Outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty of opportunities for hiking, camping, fishing, and hunting in the surrounding areas.

3. Friendly Community: Ontario’s tight-knit community is one of the major attractions of the area. People are genuinely friendly and welcoming, and newcomers will find it easy to make new friends. Local businesses are also known for their friendly service.

4. Good Schools: Ontario has some excellent public schools that are highly rated by parents and students alike. The schools are well-maintained and staffed with experienced teachers, making them a good option for families with children.


1. Limited Job Opportunities: Ontario is a small city with a limited number of job opportunities available. Many of the jobs are in the agricultural and service sectors, with few opportunities in other fields.

2. Extreme Weather: Ontario’s location in the high desert means that the weather can be extreme, with hot summers and cold winters. The temperature can fluctuate dramatically between day and night, leading to some discomfort.

3. Distance from Big Cities: Ontario is a small city that is located quite far from larger metropolitan areas. This can make it challenging to access some amenities and services that you might find in a larger city.

4. Lack of Diversity: Ontario is a predominantly white community, with limited diversity. For some people, this lack of diversity can be a struggle.

In conclusion, Ontario, Oregon is an affordable and charming small city with a friendly community and natural beauty. However, it also comes with some downsides, including limited job opportunities and extreme weather. Those who prioritize affordability and access to nature will find Ontario a great place to call home, while individuals who desire a more diverse community and greater accessibility to amenities may wish to look elsewhere.

What are the primary advantages of living in Ontario, Oregon?

Ontario, Oregon is a small yet vibrant city located in the eastern part of the state. The city provides its residents with a high quality of life, featuring a range of unique advantages that make living in Ontario a unique experience. One of the primary advantages of living in Ontario is the city’s affordable housing market. Compared to other cities in the state, Ontario’s housing prices are relatively low, making homeownership a feasible option for families and individuals on a budget.

Aside from housing affordability, Ontario offers its residents a diverse set of recreational options. The city is situated near several natural attractions like the Malheur River, which offers fishing, boating and swimming, as well as the nearby Owyhee Mountains, where residents can engage in activities like hiking, camping, and hunting. Additionally, the city has several parks and other outdoor recreational spaces, making life in Ontario suitable for individuals who love an active lifestyle.

Another advantage of living in Ontario is the city’s position in the region, which offers easy access to other nearby cities. Neighboring Boise, Idaho is only half an hour away, and other nearby cities like Caldwell, Nampa, and Payette are all within driving distance. With its relaxed lifestyle, low cost of living, and plentiful job opportunities, Ontario is an excellent place to call home for individuals looking for a balance of nature, community, and connectivity.

What are some potential drawbacks to living in Ontario, Oregon?

Ontario, Oregon is a small rural town located in the eastern part of the state close to the border with Idaho. Despite its natural beauty and tranquility, there are a few drawbacks to living in Ontario. One of the major drawbacks is the lack of diverse job opportunities in the area. With the town’s small size and predominantly agricultural economy, job options are limited. This can be particularly challenging for those looking for higher paying jobs or careers outside of the agriculture industry.

Another potential drawback is the town’s location. Ontario is located in a remote part of eastern Oregon that is far away from larger cities and cultural hubs. The nearest major city, Boise, Idaho, is approximately an hour and a half away, which can be inconvenient for those in need of specialized services or amenities not found locally. Additionally, winters in Ontario can be harsh, with snow and freezing temperatures making travel outside of town difficult at times.

Overall, while Ontario, Oregon may provide residents with peaceful living and stunning scenery, it is important to consider the potential drawbacks such as limited job opportunities and challenging weather conditions before making a decision to move to this small rural town.

How do the economic opportunities in Ontario, Oregon compare to other cities in the region?

Ontario, Oregon is a small city located in the eastern part of the state. Despite its size, the city offers a range of economic opportunities for its residents. The city’s economy is largely driven by agriculture, manufacturing, and distribution. Ontario is home to an industrial park that houses several manufacturing companies, including Norco, an industrial gas supplier. The city also has a large distribution center operated by Walmart, which provides employment opportunities for many residents.

When compared to other cities in the region, Ontario’s economic opportunities are quite competitive. The city is strategically located along major transportation routes, including Interstate 84, which links it to major cities such as Portland, Boise, and Salt Lake City. Additionally, Ontario’s proximity to the Snake River provides access to cheap hydroelectricity, which is a major incentive for manufacturers and other industrial businesses. These factors make Ontario an ideal location for businesses looking to expand in the region.

Overall, while Ontario may be small in size, it offers a range of economic opportunities for its residents. The city’s strategic location, coupled with an abundance of natural resources, makes it an attractive destination for businesses looking to set up operations in the region. Furthermore, the city’s strong agricultural sector, coupled with its growing manufacturing and distribution industries, provides diverse employment opportunities for its residents.

In terms of social and cultural activities, what does Ontario, Oregon have to offer?

Ontario, Oregon may be a small town, but it still has plenty of social and cultural activities to offer visitors and locals alike. One of the most popular cultural events is the Border Town Comic Con, which brings together comic book enthusiasts from all over the region to celebrate their love for the genre. The event features local and national artists, cosplay competitions, vendor booths, and other fun activities.

For those who enjoy the performing arts, the Four Rivers Cultural Center is a must-visit destination with a wide range of events and exhibits to enjoy. The center showcases the cultural heritage of the area with exhibits on Native American art, contemporary Mexican art, and agricultural history. Additionally, they host musical performances, theater productions, and other events throughout the year.

Ontario is also home to several festivals and fairs throughout the year, including the Oregon Trail Days, which celebrates the town’s historic connection to the Oregon Trail. Visitors can enjoy pioneer demos, live music, food vendors, and other fun activities. With its rich cultural heritage and lively social scene, Ontario, Oregon has something for everyone.

Is Ontario, Oregon a good place to raise a family?

Ontario, Oregon, is a small town nestled in the eastern part of the state, bordering Idaho. With a population of just over 11,000 people, it offers a close-knit community feel that many families appreciate. The cost of living is affordable, with housing prices below the national average. The town has one high school and three elementary schools, providing families with a variety of options in terms of education. Additionally, the town has numerous parks and recreational facilities, including several community swimming pools, making it easy for families to have fun and stay active.

One potential downside to living in Ontario is the lack of job opportunities. The town’s primary industries are agriculture and manufacturing, with limited positions available outside of these sectors. This may cause some families to consider commuting to larger cities for job opportunities. However, many families choose to make the sacrifices for the peaceful, small-town atmosphere that Ontario offers. Overall, Ontario, Oregon, is a place where families can find a sense of community, affordable living, and a variety of recreational options, making it a great place to consider raising a family.

In terms of safety, Ontario has a low crime rate when compared to other cities in the United States. Its small population and tight-knit community make it a safer place to call home. The town also has a strong police force that works hard to ensure the safety of its residents. Additionally, Ontario is relatively close to larger cities such as Boise, Idaho, and Salt Lake City, Utah, which provide access to more regional hospitals and medical services. Overall, Ontario is a family-friendly town that offers a high quality of life for those who value a quiet and peaceful community.