Pros and cons of living in Redding, CA

If you love warm weather, one of the best states in the US is California. While California has lots of great spots, Redding carries the title of the sunniest city in the state. But the warm weather might not be enough reason to move to a new city. So, what’re the pros and cons of living in Redding?

If you’re looking for reasons to live in Redding, its affordability, short commute, presence of great schools, and access to outdoor activities are enough to convince you. But the city is imperfect. Issues plaguing it include crimes and homelessness, wildfires and scorching heat, and a weak economy.

Regardless of these disadvantages, the city is a fairly okay place to live if you’re looking for an affordable city in California. This article discusses the pros and cons of living in Redding.

Pros of living in Redding

The mid-sized city of Redding is the economic capital of Shasta County and an amazing place to live. If you’re considering moving here, some of the positive qualities you can look forward to include:

1.      Low cost of Basic Expenses

A cheap city in California is a miracle, given that this is one of the most expensive states to live in the country. Fortunately, Redding has a lower cost of living than the state average. When considering the cost of living, the number one expense is usually accommodation. In that area, Redding is affordable. While homes here might not be as cheap as what you’ll get in some states, an average home price of $391,776 for a city its size in California is more than affordable. Prices here aren’t going up at an astronomical rate compared to several cities in the country. The current home price is only 18.4% higher than last year’s. In addition, the rent here is fairly low. The average rent of a one-bedroom apartment is $965, only 5% higher than the previous year. So, if you need a cheap mid-sized city to stay in California, Redding will be on the list of your choices.

2.      Lots of Great Schools

Redding is family-friendly because it has very great schools. There are many schools here, and many of them are very great. Its education system ranks high on both state and federal level. When factors such as enrolment rates, public school graduation rates, teacher-to-student ratio, etc., are considered, this city performs well. So, if an affordable city with lots of great schools for your kids is something you want, you can consider Redding.

3.      Commute Time

Do you want a Californian city where you can get to where you’re going on time and not spend hours stuck in traffic, burning gas, and listening to a podcast to pass the time? Then, Redding is the city for you. The car-dependent city has a commute time that’s shorter than the US average by 10 minutes. So, there’s no need to be rushing out of your home just because you want to beat traffic.

4.      Outdoor Activities

Redding is a great place for outdoor activities. It’s not just the warm weather that makes this place great, but the city has lots of natural beauty. There are lakes, waterfalls, rivers, and hiking trails. No matter what outdoor activity you want to do, be it snowboarding, camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, etc., you can do it all here. If you’re big on spending your time enjoying the natural environment and the beauty it offers, consider this city a prime choice for you. The city is one of the top ten fishing towns in North America.

Cons of living in Redding

Redding residents have to deal with some issues ranging from social challenges to natural conditions. This includes:

1.      Heat

Redding is the sunniest city in California. On the one hand, it means you can escape the freezing winter. But it also means you have to deal with the temperature at its hottest. This city can be very hot in the summer. Sometimes the temperature exceeds 100 degrees Celsius. Although it has a few inches of snowfall annually and almost 40 inches of rain, heat is more common. It can be uncomfortable at its hottest, increasing your energy bills for keeping your home cool.

2.      Crimes

The most serious issue with living in Redding is the crime rate. This is higher than the national average and even the California average. Here, violent crime is 42% above the national average, and property crime is 28% higher. The percentage of being a crime victim is 1 in 33. The high crime rate has dented its reputation as a family-friendly city. But it’s at least a consolation that crime is reducing in the city.

The crime problem worsens with the large population of homeless people that constitute a nuisance in some cases. The homeless population has defaced some parts of the city, but you’ll still find other great areas that’s relatively safe. The drug problem is another big issue. All these have affected the reputation of the city. Wildfires are also an issue at times, and in 2018, the Carr Fire affected some parts of the city.

3.      Weak Economy

Although it’s the economic capital of the county, the city isn’t exactly top-rated in terms of economy. The employment rate is higher than the national average, and the future job growth isn’t as optimistic. The weak economy means that the job market isn’t exactly encouraging. In addition, the income per capita and household income in the city are lower than the national average.

Residents don’t enjoy much financially here, and even the slight affordability is lost on the low wages in the city. So, you should consider this when moving into the city. There aren’t so many opportunities in Redding. So, it’s not the kind of city you want to move to without a decent job waiting for you. However, new companies are springing up and could better the community fortunes down the line.

In Conclusion

Redding is an okay city to live in with lots of nice qualities that’ll make for high livability. But the negative ones are also significant making sure the city is average at best. There are several bad elements in some areas, and the city has somehow developed the reputation of a retirement city due to its older population.