Pros and cons of living in Oceanside, California

Are you planning to move to Oceanside? This beach town in San Diego County is amazing, and you should know more about it before making a move. So, what’re the pros and cons of living in Oceanside?

Living in Oceanside is a breeze, literally. This city has several qualities that residents will enjoy, such as ideal weather, outdoor activities, and a suburban location close to major cities. But it also has some issues, including traffic, high cost of living, car dependency, and urban sprawl.

Despite the drawbacks that come with living here, Oceanside might be the ideal city for you. It’s all about checking its attributes and how it fits into your lifestyle. This is why we discuss the pros and cons, so you can easily make an informed decision.

Pros of Living in Oceanside

There are several benefits to living in Oceanside. Here are some of them.

1. Ideal Weather

No matter how cliche it might sound, California weather is a great one. It’s one of the reasons people come to the state. But the weather isn’t the same all over the state. The weather is incredibly good in some areas, and in other parts, it’s just normal. Oceanside is one of the places where the weather is incredible. Temperature is usually warm throughout the year. The winters never get too cold, and summer is usually warm.

While the summer gets hot in some other parts of California, the maritime winds and ocean currents ensure it’s mild here. Over 250 days of the year are warm and sunny in Oceanside. The comfort rating of the weather here is 9.1/10, which is impressive by all standards.

2. Outdoor Activities

Oceanside is the last beach town to the north of San Diego County. This means you’ll find plenty of beaches in the city. In addition, the environment is quite picturesque, and there are plenty of attractions in the city. When you combine all these qualities with great weather, you have an ideal place for outdoor activities.

There are several activities you can do here. With miles of beachfront, you can involve yourself in all kinds of water sport activities here. You can choose to head inland and check out the attractions. Places like Guajome Regional Park, San Luis Rey River Trail, Oceanside Museum of Art, California Surf Museum, etc., are here. You’ll also find several parks in the city.

3. Suburban Location

The location of the city is also another positive for it. Oceanside is a suburban town without the hustle and bustle of big cities. But the city is close enough to the big cities to make them accessible within a few hours at worst. So, for example, San Diego is only 47 minutes away by car, and Los Angeles is less than two hours away. 

The proximity of Oceanside to these cities means residents can enjoy the benefits of the major cities without living in them. Residents can work in San Diego, Los Angeles, and other neighboring cities. They also have access to beaches, parks, and other amenities in these major cities.

Cons of Living in Oceanside

While Oceanside has several good qualities that make a living there a worthwhile experience for you, some disadvantages come with living here. Some of the disadvantages are:

1. Traffic

Oceanside is a relatively quiet town, but it has its traffic issues. The average commute time for a one-way trip in this city is higher than the national average, by about two minutes. The city also experiences traffic because the I-5 passes right through the city. During peak hours, this highway can become gridlocked. If you’re working in another city such as San Diego, you will likely face more traffic issues during your commute.

2. Cost of Living

Are you planning to live in Oceanside? Be ready to pay more for your basic expenses. This especially applies if you’re relocating to Oceanside, California, from another state. The cost of living in California is 49.9% above the national average, which means you have to earn significantly higher here. In Oceanside, the cost of living is 43.8% higher than the national average. While this is still lower than California’s cost of living, it’s high enough to be expensive for most people. Only the cost of healthcare is cheaper than the national average here. Other basic expenses cost more.

Closely related to the high cost of living in the city is the cost of housing. The average price of a home in the United States is $298,933. In California, the price is around $700,000, which is more than double the national average. For Oceanside, the average cost is even higher than the California average at $722,185. In the past, homes in this city used to be much cheaper, but it’s no longer the case.

Since houses are expensive, it’s not surprising that rents are also high. The average rent in Oceanside is $2,055, which is clearly above the national average. So, be prepared to spend a sizable part of your income on housing. Fortunately, the median household income is higher than the national average, which means families have more money at their disposal. This’ll prove helpful in offsetting the costly expenses that come with living here.

3. Urban Sprawl

Oceanside is developing at a fast pace. This has led to more population density and the emergence of urban sprawl in the city. If the urban sprawl keeps growing at this rate, it’ll become a serious problem that might make it more challenging to navigate the city.

4. Car-Dependent City

Oceanside is a Dependent car city which means you need a car to move around the city. So whether you’re commuting to work or just running errands in the town, the fastest way to do it’ll be with your car. According to WalkScore, the city has a walkability score of 36, transit score of 33, and bike score of 33. Despite its low scores, some neighborhoods in the city also are quite walkable. But it generally has little bike infrastructure.

In Conclusion

Living in Oceanside is a thrilling experience. This city offers great weather, plenty of sunshine, and miles of beaches next to the Pacific Ocean. While the cost of living is a bit high and housing is expensive, these and other drawbacks don’t take the city’s charm away. It’s still an incredible place and might be suitable for your lifestyle.