Pros and cons of living in Moreno Valley, California

Are you thinking of moving to Moreno? Then you should know what it’s like to live in this city. So, what’re the pros and cons of living in Moreno?

Moreno is a good place to live for many reasons. Residents here enjoy the city’s qualities, such as affordability, diversity, food scene, climate, and attractions. But you also have to cope with the drawbacks, including pollution from factories, low education ratings, crime rate, and long commutes.

Every city has a good and ugly side. Knowing these sides could help you decide what works for you when moving to a new place. Thus, this article discusses the pros and cons so you can know the city better.

Pros of Living in Moreno

Living in Moreno comes with several advantages. As a resident here, you’ll enjoy the following.

1. Affordability

Anyone who has been to California can testify to how expensive things are in this state compared to several parts of the US. Residents in the state have to get used to a cost of living that is 49.9% higher than the national average. In addition, in some cities, the cost of living is higher than the state average.

But Moreno is one of the cities where things are still relatively affordable. The cost of living is 24% above the national average, which means it’s 25.9% lower than the California average. As a result, living here means you’ll spend less on your essential expenses than you’d spend in several other California cities.

Furthermore, living in Moreno gives you the chance to acquire real estate or get an apartment at an affordable price. Homes are costly in California, with the prices in some places going above $1 million. But in Moreno, the average cost of a home is $456,896, well below the California average of over $700,000. Rents are also more affordable. So, living here means you don’t have to spend all your income on getting housing.

2. Cultural Diversity

The city is ethnically diverse, with people from different races and cultural backgrounds present here. Several speak Italian, Spanish, Flemish, German, Irish, and many other languages live here. While the Hispanic population in the city is the majority, there are people from everywhere in Moreno. Almost 25% of those living in the city were born outside the United States. So, if you’re looking for an ethnically diverse community or city of immigrants, you should try Moreno.

3. Excellent Food Scene

Are you a foodie? Maybe you should consider living in Moreno. This city has a delectable food scene that’ll leave your taste buds buzzing always. The ethnic diversity of the city helped its food scene immensely. With several cultures here, there are foods from all over the world here. At times, people combine delicacies and flavors from different regions to create a new one. You’ll find everything from Mexican food to Italian restaurants. The city is also close to the Pacific Ocean, which means seafood options are plenty.

4. Wonderful Climate

Moreno has a Mediterranean climate which means most of the days are bright and amazing. The summers are warm and arid, winter is mild, and precipitation is low. It’s the kind of weather where you can spend a lot of time outdoors most of the year. Snow doesn’t fall here, so it’s like winter doesn’t exist, but you can’t tell it is winter with the rain and much cooler weather. BestPlaces give it a weather rating of 8.3/10 to indicate comfortable weather.

5. Several Activities and Attractions for Residents

If you’re going to live somewhere for a considerable amount of time, you’ll need to ensure it’s not a boring place. Moreno isn’t a dull city at all. Its amazing weather means there’s an opportunity to do several things while in this city. There are several amenities to enjoy. Common attractions include Lake Perris State Recreation Area, Lasselle Sports Park, and Skydive Perris.

Beyond these, the city has a beautiful natural environment which makes it fun to explore. Box Springs Mountain surrounds this city, and you can see it from anywhere you’re in Moreno. Mountains, coastal beaches, deserts, and lots more are close to the city.

Cons of Living in Moreno

Just like every other city in the world, Moreno has drawbacks. The disadvantages of living here include:

1. Several Factories Affecting Air Quality

The air quality in Moreno isn’t the best in this part of the world. The reason is simple – there are so many factories in the city causing pollution. Thus, the city doesn’t fully benefit from the fresh breeze even though it’s near the coast. Nevertheless, the air quality has been improving in recent times.

2. Long Commutes

If you live in Moreno, you should prepare your mind to spend more time on the road. The average commute time is 34.4 minutes which is incredibly high. Compared to that, the national average commute time is 26.4 minutes. So, if you live here, you’ll be spending a lot of time in your seat waiting before getting to where you are going. You could get a podcast or audiobook to make it less tedious for you.

3. High Crime Rate

Although Moreno isn’t a very dangerous city, the crime rate here is a little high. The crime rate is 21% above the national average and just 9% above the California average. Property crime is also 24% higher than the national average, and when it comes to violent crimes, they’re only 6% higher.

Residents of Moreno have a 1 in 34 chance of being a crime victim. If you’re moving, this is something you should know beforehand. As you’ll find safer cities in California, you’ll also find that several cities are more dangerous. However, Moreno is safer than 24% of US cities, and crime rates have been reduced.

4. Low Education Ratings

Another issue with the city is its low ratings when it comes to education. Its average test scores are 52% below the national average, and the percentage of bachelor degree holders is 50% lower. A sizable portion of its population has no formal education at all. But 72.8% of residents completed high school.

In Conclusion 

Moreno is a fantastic city with great weather and many benefits for residents. But it’s not a utopia as there are several challenges that residents will face when living here. Regardless of these challenges, the city is an excellent place to live and could be the right choice for you.