Pros and cons of living in Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is one of the most fun cities to live in. It is the home of Hollywood and has so many amazing benefits for residents, and several people want to live there. So, what are the pros and cons of living in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles has several qualities, making it great for anyone. They include a great environment, job opportunities, diversity, sport, and entertainment. But this doesn’t mean Los Angeles is perfect. It has limitations such as cost of living, crime rate, transportation challenges, and competition.

Regardless of its negatives, Los Angeles is still a fantastic city to live in. Here, we look at the good and bad sides of Los Angeles and whether it is a great place to live in.

Pros of Living in Los Angeles

Here are the advantages of living in LA.

Great Outdoor Environment

The weather of Los Angeles makes it perfect for spending time outdoors. It’s usually sunny in Los Angeles, and there are plenty of places to go. There are beaches, deserts, and mountains in the city. So, whether you want to go hiking, biking, swimming, surfing, etc., this city has lots of spots for you. Famous beaches in Malibu, Venice, and Long Beach receive thousands of tourists from all over the world annually.

The city also has a Mediterranean climate which is pleasant almost every time. So, you are in for a good time.

Multiple Job Opportunities

The city has a very dynamic economy which means job opportunities exist in different sectors. Beyond entertainment which it is famous for, it has a fast-growing tech sector. Manufacturing, aerospace, transportation, international trade, hospitality, and many more sectors are actively growing.

So, if you are thinking of getting a job, starting a business, or launching your start-up, Los Angeles is right for you. But, of course, you should know that the competition for jobs here is intense. As there are many employers, so also do we have potential job seekers.

Diverse Culture

Los Angeles is a cultural melting pot and was the most diverse US state in 2015. The population contains 50% Latino, 11% Asian, and 10% African American. This shows how diverse the city is. Its diversity extends to ideologies, sexuality, beliefs, etc. Due to the diversity, it is a very tolerant city where everyone is welcome. So, if you are thinking of moving into Los Angeles, you can be sure you will find your community within the city.

Entertainment and Sport

Los Angeles hosts ten professional sports teams. They include Dodgers, Clippers, Lakers, Rams, Kings, Sparks, Chargers, Galaxy, LAFC, and Angel City FC. This means several state-of-the-art sports venues are in the city, and you always have a game to watch if you are a sports fan.

Beyond sports, the entertainment scene is incredible. This is not surprising, considering it is the home of Hollywood. But no matter what you are into, Los Angeles can offer it. Movie shows, art galleries, museums, music concerts, etc., are plenty in this city. So, there’s no boring time for you if you live in Los Angeles.

Cons of Living in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is not just glamour and paparazzi. Like all big cities, it has several negatives too—this includes.

High Cost of Living

If you plan to live in LA, you must be earning well enough to have a good quality of life. Unfortunately, the cost of living here is prohibitive. The cost of living in the city is 6% higher than the California average and 50% higher than the national average. Everything in this city is expensive, and that comes as no surprise. Several celebrities and some of the wealthiest people in the world live in Los Angeles. 

The cost of real estate here is also outrageously higher than what you will spend anywhere in the US. The average price of a home here is $898,692, which is far ahead of the national average, currently around $298,933. The cost of rent isn’t any lower, and essential commodities are costly as well. However, the average salary in the city is high, which offsets the cost of living to an extent.

High Crime Rate

Another major issue in the city is its crime rate. Although the crime scene is not as grime as many movies and TV shows portray it, it is still high enough for you to be careful. The crime rate in the city is 25% higher than the national average, and property crime is 13% higher.

So, if you’re planning to get a place in Los Angeles, do your research to ensure it’s a safe neighborhood first.

Transportation Challenges

Los Angeles is a vast city which means you have to spend a lot of time depending on the side of the city you are staying in. As a result, it is one of the most congested urban populations in the United States. An average commuter in the city lost 103 hours to congestion in 2018. This costs the city $8.2 billion and ranks it the 6th most congested city in the country.

Even with the pandemic, transportation is still bad in the city, and it was the 37th most congested city in the world. Although commuters are losing fewer hours, 45 hours is still pretty much. Almost everyone who has lived in Los Angeles complains about the traffic. If you’re planning to live there too, this is something you’ll have to deal with and accept as a fact of life.

Competitive Market

The population of Los Angeles is high, which means the competition for resources is high too. Be ready to compete, whether you’re trying to get a job, house, or parking space. With real estate prices in the city rising, demand is also rising, which means you have to outbid others who want the same property. Whether you are renting or buying, competition is part of life.

When it comes to jobs too, there are lots of qualified and talented people moving to the city all the time. So, the jobseeker pool is always filled even though there are several employers in the city. The competition in the city should not be a problem as long as you know what you are doing. Despite the competition, the city is a laid-back and fun place.

In Conclusion

The decision to live in a city should be something you arrive at independently or with your family. But you need to consider both aspects of the place to see if it’s good for you. Despite all its shortcomings, Los Angeles is an amazing city, and while some are part and parcel of the city, you can avoid some of the cons with good planning.