Living in Queretaro, Mexico Pros and Cons

If you’re looking for an off-the-beaten-path destination in Mexico, consider Queretaro. This charming city is located about two hours north of Mexico City and offers a wealth of historical sights and cultural experiences.So, what’re the pros and cons of living in Queretaro?

The advantages of living in Queretaro, include Friendly and welcoming people, Nice weather, Plenty of entertainment options, Safe city and Great location. On the other hand, living in Queretaro has its downsides: Lack of public transportation, Lack of green spaces and parks, High cost of living, Not a foodie hub and Hard to make friends if you dont speak spanish.

Living in Queretaro PROS

1. Friendly and welcoming people

Mexico is known for its friendly and welcoming people, and this is especially true in the city of Queretaro.

The citizens of Queretaro are known for their hospitality, and they are always quick to help visitors with directions or advice. In addition, the city is filled with beautiful Spanish colonial architecture, and the streets are lined with colorful flowers.

There are also many parks and plazas where locals and visitors can relax and enjoy the sunny weather. Thanks to its friendly residents and lovely atmosphere, Queretaro is a great place to have a great time in Mexico.

2. Nice weather

Queretaro, Mexico is a beautiful place to visit, with its colonial architecture and stunning mountain scenery. But one of the best things about Queretaro is the weather.

The city enjoys an average of 300 days of sunshine per year, and temperatures rarely exceed 28 degrees Celsius. Even in the winter months, the temperature rarely dips below 10 degrees Celsius.

This makes Queretaro an ideal destination for those looking to escape the cold weather of northern climates.

And with its close proximity to Mexico City, Queretaro makes an ideal base for exploring everything that Mexico has to offer.

So if you’re looking for a sun-filled destination, be sure to add Queretaro, Mexico to your list.

3. Plenty of entertainment options

If you’re looking for a place to enjoy some culture and entertainment, Queretaro, Mexico should definitely be on your list.

This city offers a wide variety of activities to keep you busy, whether you’re interested in art, history, or just want to enjoy some good food and music.

For those who love the arts, Queretaro is home to several museums, including the Museo de Arte Popular and the Museo Regional de la Ciudad.

History buffs will also find plenty to explore here, with sites like the El Cerrito del Jaguey archaeological site and the Aqueduct of Padre Tembleque all within easy reach. And of course, no trip to Queretaro would be complete without enjoying some of the city’s delicious food and drink.

From traditional Mexican fare to international cuisine, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in Queretaro.

So whether you’re looking for a place to relax or want to explore everything this vibrant city has to offer, Queretaro should definitely be at the top of your list.

4. Safe city

Queretaro is quickly becoming a popular tourist destination, and it is easy to see why. The city has a rich colonial history, beautiful architecture, and a lively culture. But what makes Queretaro especially appealing is its reputation for safety.

In recent years, the city has made a concerted effort to crack down on crime, and as a result, it has one of the lowest crime rates in Mexico.

Visitors can explore the city with confidence, knowing that they are unlikely to experience any problems.

Whether you are strolling through the historic center or enjoying a meal in one of the city’s many restaurants, Queretaro is a safe and enjoyable place to be.

5. Great location

Mexico is a country rich in culture and history, and there are plenty of reasons to visit. However, Queretaro stands out as a particularly appealing destination.

The city is located in the heart of the country, making it easy to reach from anywhere in Mexico. It is also surrounded by beautiful scenery, including mountains, forests, and rivers

Living in Queretaro CONS

1. Lack of public transportation

The city of Queretaro, Mexico, is a rapidly growing metropolis with a population of over 1.5 million people. However, despite its size, the city lacks a reliable public transportation system.

The city’s infrastructure is not designed to accommodate large numbers of passengers. As a result, many residents must rely on private vehicles or rideshare apps to get around, which can be both expensive and time-consuming.

Consequently, the lack of public transportation in Queretaro imposes significant burdens on residents and limits the city’s potential growth.

2. Lack of green spaces and parks

While the city of Queretaro, Mexico is home to a number of temples, plazas and other historical landmarks, it lacks in green spaces and parks.

The city center is densely populated with buildings, and many of the residential areas are also quite congested. As a result, there are few opportunities for residents to enjoy time outdoors in a natural setting.

In addition, the lack of green space can also lead to higher levels of pollution, as there are fewer trees and plants to absorb emissions from cars and factories.

While the city government has taken some steps to address this issue, much more needs to be done in order to create a more livable environment for residents.

3. High cost of living

Local residents in Queretaro, Mexico have long been feeling the pinch of a high cost of living.

However, this has not been the case for Americans earning a salary in dollars. Despite the recent economic downturn, the cost of living in Queretaro remains relatively high for locals.

This is due to a number of factors, including the inflated cost of rent and groceries.

For Americans earning a salary in dollars, however, the cost of living is much more manageable.

In fact, many Americans are able to live quite comfortably in Queretaro on a relatively modest salary.

This is due to the fact that their purchasing power is much higher than that of locals. As a result, Americans living in Queretaro enjoy a standard of living that is significantly higher than that of their Mexican counterparts.

4. Not a foodie hub

While Queretaro, Mexico is not typically known as a foodie destination, there are actually a number of excellent restaurants to be found in the city.

The gastronomic scene in Queretaro has something to offer for every taste and budget, from street food to fine dining.

Visitors can enjoy traditional Mexican dishes such as enchiladas and tamales, as well as international cuisine.

There are also several excellent Queretaro breweries that offer tours and tastings.

In short, while Queretaro may not be the first city that comes to mind when thinking of great food, it definitely has a lot to offer for those who take the time to explore its culinary scene.

5. Hard to make friends if you dont speak spanish

If you don’t speak Spanish in Queretaro, Mexico, it is hard to make friends. The majority of the population here is Spanish-speaking, so if you don’t know the language, you’ll be at a disadvantage when it comes to socializing.

This is especially true if you’re not familiar with the cultural norms and etiquette. For example, it’s considered impolite to initiate conversation with a stranger, so if you don’t know anyone, it’ll be tough to strike up a conversation.

And even if you do manage to find someone who speaks English, there’s a good chance they’ll be reluctant to engage in lengthy conversations due to the language barrier.

Is Queretaro a great place to live?

It’s no secret that Mexico is a popular destination for retirees and snowbirds looking to escape the cold weather. But what about those who want to live in Mexico year-round? If you’re considering a move to Mexico, Queretaro should definitely be at the top of your list. Here are just a few reasons why:

First of all, the cost of living in Queretaro is very reasonable for americans earning in dolars. You can easily find affordable housing, and groceries and other necessities are also relatively inexpensive.

Additionally, Queretaro enjoys a moderate climate, with average temperatures. And if you’re worried about safety, you’ll be happy to know that Queretaro has one of the lowest crime rates in all of Mexico.

So whether you’re looking for an affordable place to retire or just wanting to experience life in a different culture, Queretaro should definitely be on your radar.