Living in Melbourne, Florida Pros and Cons

Melbourne is a densely populated city in Florida which is an amazing spot of natural exploration, technological advancements, and an attractive lifestyle. Its residents are from different walks of life and enjoy everything the city offers.So, what’re the pros and cons of living in Melbourne?

The advantages of living in Melbourne, include endless outdoor activities , solid educational system , affordable living costs , big job market and great weather. On the other hand, living in Melbourne has its downsides: exposure to wildlife , threats of hurricane , high crime rates , no geographical diversity and critters.

Living in Melbourne PROS

1. Endless Outdoor Activities

If you’re looking for an endless supply of outdoor activities, look no further than Melbourne, Florida. This vibrant city has something for everyone, whether you’re a nature lover, a beach bum, or an adrenaline junkie.

There are plenty of nature parks to explore, like the Brevard Zoo and the Turkey Creek Sanctuary. Or if you’re looking to get your heart pumping, try your hand at surfing or stand-up paddleboarding. And of course, no trip to Melbourne is complete without spending some time lounging on the beach.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your sunscreen and head to Melbourne for an unforgettable adventure.

2. Solid Educational System

Melbourne, Florida is a great place to live for many reasons, but one of the best is the solid educational system. The public schools in Melbourne are excellent, and there are also plenty of private school options. In addition, there are several colleges and universities in the area, so residents have plenty of options when it comes to higher education. Plus, with the beautiful weather and great quality of life, it’s no wonder so many people choose to call Melbourne home.

3. Affordable Living Costs

If you’re looking for an affordable place to live in Florida, Melbourne is a great option. The cost of living here is lower than the state average, and you can find plenty of affordable housing options. The median home price in Melbourne is $186,000, and the median rent is $965. There are also plenty of apartments and condos available for rent at reasonable prices.

The cost of living isn’t the only thing that’s affordable in Melbourne. The city’s utilities, transportation, and healthcare costs are all below the state average. And, if you’re looking for a place to retire, Melbourne is a great option. The city has a lower cost of living than most other Florida cities, and it’s also home to several retirement communities.

4. Big Job Market

If you’re looking for a great place to start or continue your career, Melbourne, Florida is the perfect spot! With a strong job market and plenty of opportunities for advancement, you’ll be able to find the perfect position for you.

There are a variety of industries represented in Melbourne, so whether you’re looking for a position in healthcare, technology, or retail, you’ll be able to find something that’s a good fit. And, with the city’s growing population, there are always new businesses opening up and looking for talented employees.

If you’re ready to take your career to the next level, Melbourne is the place to be!

5. Great Weather

If you’re looking for a place with great weather, Melbourne, Florida is the place for you! The average temperature in Melbourne is a comfortable 72 degrees, and the sun shines an average of 234 days per year. That means there’s plenty of opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, whether you’re into fishing, swimming, or just relaxing on the beach. And when the weather does get a bit too hot, you can always head to one of the many air-conditioned shopping malls or movie theaters. So if you’re looking for a place to enjoy some sunny weather, Melbourne is the perfect spot.

Living in Melbourne CONS

1. Exposure to Wildlife

Melbourne, Florida is a great place to get exposure to wildlife. There are many parks and nature reserves in the area that are home to a variety of animals. This is a great opportunity to see some of the more rare and exotic animals up close.

2. Threats of Hurricane

As Hurricane Irma approaches Florida, residents of Melbourne are preparing for the worst. The storm is expected to bring high winds and heavy rain to the area, and could potentially cause damage to homes and businesses.

While the exact path of the hurricane is still unknown, it is important to be prepared for the worst. Residents should have a plan in place in case they need to evacuate, and should stock up on supplies such as food, water, and medicine.

Businesses in the area are also preparing for the storm. Many have already closed their doors in anticipation of the bad weather, and those that remain open are making sure they have enough supplies to last a few days.

The community is coming together to help each other through this difficult time. Neighbors are checking on each other, and local organizations are collecting supplies for those who need them.

Despite the potential dangers of Hurricane Irma, Melbourne residents are staying positive and helping each other out. In times like these, it’s important to remember that we’re all in this together.

3. High Crime Rates

If you’re thinking about moving to Melbourne, Florida, you may want to think again. The city has alarmingly high crime rates, and is ranked as one of the most dangerous cities in the state.

There were 9 murders in Melbourne in 2017, and the city’s violent crime rate is nearly double the national average. Property crimes are also a big problem in Melbourne, with a rate that is nearly triple the national average.

If you do decide to move to Melbourne, be sure to take precautions to protect yourself and your property. Don’t leave your doors or windows unlocked, and be sure to keep an eye out for suspicious activity. You may also want to consider investing in a home security system.

4. No Geographical Diversity

If you’re looking for a place to call home that has no geographical diversity, Melbourne, Florida is the place for you! This city is located on the east coast of Florida, so you can be sure that you’ll never find yourself in a different climate. Whether you’re looking for a place to retire or just want to raise a family, Melbourne is a great choice.

5. Critters

Melbourne, Florida, is known for its critters. The most common critters are raccoons, opossums, and armadillos. These critters are often seen rummaging through trash cans or raiding gardens. If you see one of these critters, it’s best to leave it alone and call animal control.

Is Melbourne, Florida, a great place to live?

There are endless outdoor activities to take advantage of living in Melbourne, a solid educational system to provide opportunities for children, affordable living costs , and a big job market . The weather is great , too! However, there are some downsides to living in Melbourne. There is exposure to wildlife , the potential for hurricanes, high crime rates , critters , and a lack of geographical diversity. Overall, Melbourne is a great place to live!