Is it illegal to park in front of someone’s house?

Do you have a neighbor parking in front of your house? It can be a little annoying. You’re likely thinking of a legal remedy against such acts. So, is it illegal to park in front of someone’s house?

While it can be inconsiderate, it’s not against the law. But you might be able to stop people parking in front of your house by putting a no-parking sign, talking to the person and reminding them, reporting nuisance to the Homeowner Association or the Police, and applying for resident-only parking.

However, there are few instances where you can report parking in front of your house. Here, we discuss the legality of parking in front of someone’s house and how to stop people from parking in front of your house.

The Rules on Parking

It’s not illegal to park in front of someone’s house. Roadways are considered public, which means no one can reserve spaces for parking in front of their house. Of course, it’s still inconsiderate to park in front of someone else’s property as it’s more convenient for everyone to park in front of their property. That’s why any household with multiple vehicles should find extra parking spaces so as not to disturb others in your neighborhood.

However, there are instances where parking in front of someone’s house could be illegal. This is usually so when the vehicle belongs to someone who’s not your neighbor. In that case, it’ll become illegal to park the car outside in front of your house for more than a specified period. In most cities, it’s 72 hours after which the owner can get a ticket, or the car is towed away in some cases. If you notice a vehicle parked outside your house for a long period, it’s natural to get suspicious, and you can call the police department to come and check the vehicle out. This is especially true if you don’t recognize the vehicle and it’s been in front of your property for a long time.

How To Stop People Parking in Front of Your House?

There’s nothing illegal about your neighbor packing in front of your house. But it can be annoying, and if you have inconsiderate neighbors who do it every time and for an extended period, you may have to find a way to stop them. you can try any of the following:

1.  Put A No Parking Sign Outside Your House

A no-parking sign should stop anyone trying to park in a spot with the sign. It’s easy to do a no-parking sign, and you could even do it yourself. But if you don’t have the time, you can easily buy these signs from stores. However, you need to check if you have the authority to put up the sign. In most cities in the US, it’s against the law to install a no parking sign even in front of your house. Only the town highway commissioner or county sheriff has the authority for such. Thus, the authorities can remove any sign you choose to put up without even informing you about it, as such signs are illegitimate. You can check with the local authority to confirm whether such is allowed or not in your area.

2.  Talk to Your Neighbor

While it can be annoying to have a neighbor who parks in front of your house, you mustn’t take things into your own hands. The first step would be to talk to them to work it out and prevent future occurrences. There could be a valid reason for the parking in front of your house, and they may not even be aware of how unpleasant their action is. Listening to them can help you reach a compromise that’ll strengthen your friendly relations.

3.  Add Reminder Notes to their Windshields

It’s important to be kind, and no better way to do this than by leading through example. If you’ve discussed your concerns about parking in front of your house with your neighbor and they still do it, they might have forgotten. Remind them using sticky notes, and make sure you communicate the reminder.

4.  Report to Police or Homeowner Association

If asking them doesn’t work, you may have to take a more serious step. One of the things you can do is to call the police. This could be necessary where the car is blocking your driveway or making it difficult for pedestrians or other drivers to get around. The police will confirm who the owner is and contact them or even tow the property.

You can also file a legal claim for nuisance. Getting the judge to see things from your perspective might be tricky in this case. But if you’ve complained to the neighbor many times and you can prove that the neighbor packing in from your house is preventing you from using your property, your complaint might be valid. The last option is to report to the homeowner association. The homeowner association will generally look at your complaint objectively and try to help you resolve any disagreement with your neighbor. So, that might work.

5.  Apply for Residents-only Parking

When the car parking in front of your house is that of your neighbor, it’s one thing. It’s even worse when someone doesn’t stay in your neighborhood, such as their friends. If this happens frequently, you can apply for resident-only parking. This means only those in the neighborhood can park in front of your house. You can easily do this at the city hall, and if it affects several people in the neighborhood, everyone can go to the local council to get it done. Each area has its rules on residents-only parking. So, be familiar before you apply.

In Conclusion

Finding the perfect parking place can be a struggle, especially if you live in a major city and don’t have a garage. While the front of your house is always the ideal place to park, you don’t have an exclusive right, and others may park there. So, you need to find a way to get your neighbor not to park in front of your house.