How to get realtors to stop calling?

Are you getting multiple calls from realtors? It could be because you listed your house for sale, or they think your home is available. Whatever the reasons, these calls can be quite annoying. So, how do realtors stop calling?

Calls from realtors could be due to listing your property, incorrect information about it online, or inquiries about its availability. You can stop these calls by adding your number to the Do Not Call registry, blocking unwanted calls, and telling realtors to remove your info from their call list.

Doing all these should stop them from calling. But if you’re still getting emails, you can consider removing your email address from all mailing lists. Here, we discuss how to get realtors to stop contacting you.

Reasons You’re Getting Calls from Realtors

There are several reasons you could be receiving unsolicited offers from realtors. They include:

1. Listing Your Property for Sale

If you list your property for sale, you’ll get calls from realtors who want to help you sell the property. It doesn’t matter which platform you’ve used for the listing. It could be MLS, Zillow, Redfin, or any other. On most real estate marketing sites, it’s free for owners to list their property. But the platform shares your data with several local realtors affiliated with it.

So, you end up with several calls from realtors asking to represent you and help you sell the property? Although realtors are great for selling your property, it could be unpleasant to get constant calls when you want to sell it yourself.

Even if you’ve taken your property off the listing, you can still be getting calls from realtors. The competition for real estate is quite fierce. So, realtors will chase down every lead. So, the fact that you took your house off listing won’t stop realtors from calling. If you didn’t list your property yourself, someone might have. This could be due to mistakes such as entering the wrong address.

2. Realtors Want to See If Your Off Market House Is Available 

Unsolicited offers on your homes could also come from realtors. In this case, your house doesn’t even have to be on the market. It could just be a realtor acting on instinct or instructions of a client. The inventory shortage means that homes on the open market aren’t enough. This means very high competition for homes, sometimes leading to a bidding war.

Some realtors and real estate investors want to avoid this by sending unsolicited offers to the homeowners. Most times, the unsolicited offer usually lower the market value of your home. This is especially true if it’s an investor trying to buy your property.

3.  Incorrect Information About Your Property Online

It’s also possible that the realtor gets some incorrect information about your house leading them to think your house is available. Platforms like Zillow and its competitors sometimes provide wrong information about homes. They could claim that a house is up for foreclosure when it’s not. They sell this incorrect information to realtors who start calling to be the ones to close on the home. If you’re not interested in selling your home, all these calls will be a nuisance. But as for realtors, they have to follow every lead.

Ways To Stop Realtors from Contacting You

If you don’t plan to sell your house, getting calls from realtors can be annoying. Unfortunately, you can’t stop these calls and messages from coming in. But you can reduce it significantly. Here are the ways to do that:

1. Add Your Number to the Do Not Call Registry

The Do Not Call Registry is one of the ways to protect American consumers. Every year, people get millions of unsolicited calls from marketers trying to sell them something. These cold calls can be very annoying. Registering your phone on the Do Not Call List is a good way to get out of it. However, some organizations such as political groups, charities, surveys, and debt collectors may still call you.

But realtors won’t be able to. Over time, the Do Not Call registry has prevented businesses from calling numbers on the list regardless of where the person is. According to the rules, realtors can’t call someone whose number is on the list to encourage them to sell or buy a home. It also provides that realtors shouldn’t call the number on an expired listing if the number is on the Do Not Call Registry.

However, there are some exceptions. If there’s an existing business relationship between the realtor and the person, they can call the number. They can also call if they get written permission from the person whose number is on the list.

The Do Not Call list is very potent due to the heavy penalties. If a realtor should call a number on the Do Not Call Registry, they can be fined. The fines are quite high and could be up to thousands of dollars for each incident. If your number is on the registry and a realtor calls you, you can report them.

2. Block All Unwanted Calls

It’s the intrusive age of technology when anyone can access your information online. That’s where most devices also allow you to block any intrusive call. So, use your phone features to screen calls. You may block unknown callers or silence the calls. In addition, you can download call blocking apps to intercept illegal and scam calls. This’ll reduce the number of calls you get from realtors significantly.

3. Remove Your Address from All Mailing Lists

Getting multiple emails from different realtors can be just as annoying as calls. So, you can also remove your address from mailing lists. One way to do this would be to unsubscribe from any realtor platform you subscribed to. But that’s laborious and May not be effective. The best option is to use the marketing list opt-out service of the Data & Marketing Association. For around $2 annually, you’ll be off the direct mailing list of any marketer.

4. Tell Realtors to Remove Your Info

You can also answer realtor calls and tell them to remove your information from their mailing and call lists. At least, this means that the particular realtor or anyone from their company won’t be reaching out to you again.

In Conclusion 

Unsolicited calls from realtors can be very annoying. But it’s understandable as realtors are only chasing leads. If you don’t want realtors calling you, there are simple ways to reduce the issue. When you use these methods, they’ll eventually stop calling you.

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