How do packages get delivered to gated houses?

Getting your packages delivered to you has become quite common. Whether it’s food from your favorite restaurant or an item you ordered online, you only need to leave your address, and the logistics company will have it delivered to your house. But it gets a bit tricky when you live in a gated house. So, how do packages get delivered to gated houses?

Drivers delivering to gated houses may use the intercom, leave it by the gate or in a dropbox, or throw it over the fence. As a house owner, you can ensure your package is delivered safely by leaving the gate open, sharing the gate key with the driver, installing a dropbox, or diverting the package.

Doing any of these can ensure a seamless delivery for the driver and ensure the safety of your packages. But if gated houses don’t have an option for delivery that’s safe enough, the driver may refuse to deliver the package, which means you’ll have to go collect it. Here, we discuss how packages get delivered to gated houses.

How Drivers Deliver Packages to Gated Homes

Delivering packages to gated houses can be quite stressful, especially when there’s no one at home to pick up the delivery. But delivery drivers have their ways of making sure you get your order. They commonly use any of these methods:

1.      Using the Intercom

For most professional drivers for delivery companies such as FedEx, UPS, and Amazon, the first thing they look for in a gated house is the intercom. If the house has an intercom, they use it to check if there’s someone around. Sometimes, someone will be home and come out to receive the other.

2.      Leave in the Dropbox or By the Gate

If there’s no intercom or no one is around, the next option is to leave the package outside. Most gated houses have dropbox for this purpose, where couriers can drop their packages when they are not around. However, it’s not every house that has a dropbox. In this case, many drivers won’t hesitate to leave the package outside for you to meet. They’ll leave it by the gate, and if you need to sign for the package, they’ll attach the door tag that you can easily see. Some can also bag the package and hang it by the gate so that you can easily see it once you get back. Of course, this isn’t always the safest option as the package could be stolen, especially if you’re living in an area with a high crime rate.

3.      Throw It Over the Fence

A third option that some delivery drivers will try is to throw your package over the fence if it’s something that won’t get spoilt in such cases. This can be safer than leaving it by the gate in some areas, but there’s a limit. Some packages are either too big or fragile for such.

What To Do as A Homeowner with Gated House

Delivering to gated houses can be annoying when the owner is not around. As a house owner, there are several things you can do to make delivery easier even when you’re not available. This includes:

1.      Leave Your Gate Open

If you won’t be around and you ordered a package delivered to your house, you should try to leave your gate open. This will make it easier for the driver to gain access to your compound and drop the package where it’s much safer. In addition, you can inform the driver in advance so they’ll know that the gate is open in advance and can easily go in and drop your package off for you.

2.      Share Your Gate Code with The Driver

Leaving your gate open might seem unsafe if you live in a neighborhood with a high crime rate. After all, the whole purpose of the fence and gate is to make sure no one gains access to your compound. In that case, you can share the secret code or key for the gate with the driver for that delivery. After the delivery, you can easily change the code. If the gate uses a manual or physical key, leave it somewhere for them to find it and tell them where it is. Doing this ensures that your package is completely safe, and the driver doesn’t have to stress themselves figuring out the best way to deliver your package.

This is only advisable with a driver you know very well and can trust. You can leave all the information about making the delivery in the shipping address or delivery note. If it’s a carrier service like amazon, you can give them the instructions via chat. Generally, all the information you provide will automatically delete once the delivery person confirms that they’ve delivered your order. You can also leave your phone number so that the delivery person can call you and get all the relevant instructions from you.

3.      Install A DropBox or Other Alternatives

If you don’t want anyone to access your property while you’re not around, the best way to accept packages is by installing drop boxes or a special place to receive packages outside your home. Some people even build a dog house outside where the delivery person can drop any package meant for them. Of course, this is just one approach. You can also get a bin or boxes that automatically locks when closed. Leave them open for the delivery person and tell them to close them after putting the package inside. This is one of the safest ways to get your packages when you live in a gated house.

4.      Receive The Delivery in Your Workplace Or ask a Neighbor to Get It

Another option is to divert the delivery to a place where someone will be available to receive it. This could be your workplace or to a neighbor who you’re sure will be around at that time. Doing this means listing that address instead of your home address from the onset. But if it’s something you didn’t plan for, you can still tell them late, and they’ll deliver it appropriately as long as it’s not too out of the way.

In Conclusion

Where you get your package is at the complete discretion of the driver, as long as within the address you specify. When receiving packages in a gated house, there are ways to ensure you get your package delivered safely.