Funny ways to tell someone to leave your house

If you’ve ever had to tell people to leave your house, you can tell how awkward it can be. There’s almost no pleasant way to tell people to skedaddle, but there are still polite ways to say it. So, what’re the funny ways to tell someone to leave your house?

There are several fun ways for guests they’ve outstayed their welcome. These include talking about time, yawning, implying that they want to leave, joking about going home, feigning sickness, telling them about your schedule, preparing for bed, pinning it on someone else, leaving the house, etc.

The most important thing is to be light-hearted and subtle and not come off as insulting. After all, you most likely want them to visit later in the future. Here, we discuss the funny and polite ways to tell people to leave your house.

1.      Suggest Continuing the Party Somewhere Else

If you’ve had people over for a party, many might stay behind thinking of continuing the party. One of the best ways to get them out is to suggest moving the party somewhere else. This could become a joke or a hint, but you should always offer an alternative rather than just telling them to move the party from your house. For example, you could suggest an outdoor activity or another fun place that the whole gang can go to.

2.      Act Like They Are Ready to Leave

Instead of telling them to leave, make it look like you’re the one keeping them behind. For example, telling them how they must be exhausted and apologizing for keeping them hostage for so long could pass the hint. Most people would immediately catch the drift and leave, but you can politely insist they head home to rest if they still offer to stay. The trick is to say it with a look of concern.

3.      Talk about the Time

Do you want people to leave your house? Then talk about the time and how late it is. For example, you can say, “Wow, it’s already eleven; I can’t believe that we’ve spent five hours.” This is a social cue that most people will immediately understand, and they’ll start leaving.

4.      Yawn Continuously

This is perhaps one of the funniest ways to tell people to leave. Yawning signifies tiredness, and even if you’re faking it, your guest will immediately notice that. You can also act distracted and tired, giving people a clue that it’s time to leave so you can rest. If they still refuse to leave, you can go to bed. No one will blame you for that knowing you were tired. And they’ll have no choice but to leave.

5.      Start Doing End of the Night Tasks

They say action speaks louder than words, and it also works when you’re trying to get guests to leave your home. You can start doing everything you do before going to bed, such as stopping the music, blowing out the candles, turning off lights that aren’t used, clearing the table, etc. Once your guests see this, they can also start preparing to leave.

6.      Joke about Going Home

If hints aren’t working, you might have to talk your way out of getting people to leave your house. Directly telling them to leave might be impolite, so joke about it. For example, telling them to switch off the lights when leaving because you’re going to bed could pass the message. The more subtle your joke can be, the better.

7.      Ask If There’s Something Else They Need

A final drink or snack could be a good way to tell people it’s time to go home. It could be anything ranging from water to leftover food. Just make sure that whatever you are offering is a parting gift and not another reason to kick the party into the next gear. You can ask if anyone needs anything before you pack what’s left in the kitchen.

8.      Blame The Request to Leave on Someone Else

If you feel like all your attempt to get people to leave isn’t working, you might resort to a white lie. Tell them you’re more than happy to have them stay the whole night, but it isn’t your decision. You have to find someone to blame it on, and there’s no shortage. It could be your roommate, spouse or partner, neighbors, or even a lease or homeowners association clause. If you’re using someone’s name in your white lie, make sure they aren’t there. But if they are, get their consent first. You don’t want them to deny you in front of everyone.

9.      Feign Sickness

If people are over at your place for an evening and won’t leave when it’s night, you can tell them you’re feeling sick. Something like a headache or stomach ache could be the trigger they need to start leaving too. Most people are less comfortable around sick people because they don’t want to catch what you have.

10. Tell Them About Your Busy Schedule

Your guests should be understanding of your schedule, and this is one of the best ways to get people to leave. Tell them you’ve got something else to do, a task to complete, or work to resume the next day. They probably have the same commitment, and if they don’t, they’ll still respect yours enough to leave.

11. Tell Them You Are Travelling or Leaving the House

This applies if you have a houseguest who’s overstayed their welcome but still won’t leave. You can tell them you have to leave town for a few days and won’t be leaving your keys behind. This is one of the most subtle ways to tell someone who has been in your house for multiple days that it’s time for them to move. For someone who’s not been staying with you and only came for the day, tell them you have to leave the house. After all, you won’t lock them inside.

In Conclusion

We’ve all had guests who overstayed their welcome. This could be a group of friends who came to spend an evening or an old buddy from out of town who won’t just leave. But the best way to get them to leave is to do it as politely as possible. Funny hints and jokes could be the best way to get it done.