Find out where Amazon package came from

Have you ever received a package from Amazon that you didn’t order? It happens to many people too. Receiving an anonymous package like this can be annoying, especially if you can’t figure out who sent it. So, how do you find out where an Amazon package came from?

There are several methods to find where an Amazon package is from. You can check the return address, check the packing slip, use tracking information, or contact Amazon customer service. There’s no assurance that any of these methods will work since Amazon rarely gives information about the sender.

However, you don’t necessarily have to be worried when you receive an anonymous package unless you’re sure it’s a wrong delivery or scam. Here, we discuss how to know where an amazon package comes from, whether you can send anonymous packages, and track Amazon packages.

How to Know Where an Amazon Package Came From

Amazon makes it easy to order anything you want online and get it without the least inconvenience. While that’s great, they also make it easy for others to order and send items to you. All anyone needs are your address, and they have Amazon packages delivered to you. Although that isn’t bad itself, it could become an issue when you receive packages and can’t tell their origin. Receiving a package from an anonymous source can be quite frustrating, even if it’s something you like and want. The fact that you don’t know who sent it can make it impossible for you to use it.

When it’s something you don’t want, it becomes annoying trying to determine whether this was a mistake or not. Knowing where a package comes from is even more important when unwanted. So here are the methods for finding out the origin of an Amazon package.

1.      Check the Return Address

If you get a package from Amazon that you didn’t order yourself, you should first check the return address. This address could belong to the sender. But that’s not always the case.  It could also belong to the drop-shipper or Amazon itself. If it’s an address you recognize, you can just call the person to confirm they sent the package.

2.      Check Packing Slip

Another option is to check the packing slip inside the package. When someone buys a gift for another person on Amazon, they have the option of putting their information on the packing slip. The slip usually contains the name and address of the sender, making it possible to know who they are. It also tells you whether Amazon or a third-party seller fulfilled the order. It’s optional to fill out the packing slip, so the sender might not fill it.

3.      Use Tracking Information

The tracking information is primarily for seeing when your package will get to you. But it can also be useful in determining where it originates from. It usually contains information about where the package has been. Information such as the city or country where the package came from can give you some hints on who the sender is. Of course, it doesn’t mean you’ll know the sender for sure, but these clues can be very useful in helping you identify the sender.

4.      Contact Amazon Customer Service

If all other options have failed, you need to get in touch with Amazon’s customer service. Amazon has a strict data protection policy, which means they might not give you a name. The fact that you received a package doesn’t mean you have the right to know who sent it, as this data is considered sensitive. However, it’s still worth trying if you have reasons to be concerned. For example, if it doesn’t look like something your friends or people you know will send, you can express your concern about whether this is part of a fraudulent scheme. At best, they’ll tell you the sender’s first name or allow you to guess some names and confirm. However, you can’t compel the company to give you information about the sender.

For Amazon to even assist you, you’ll need to provide information about the package, such as the package number, item description, and the date and time you received the package. If you have your tracking number, they can provide you with the billing address and price as long as you have the tracking number.

Should You Be Worried When You Receive Anonymous Packages

Getting an anonymous package can be quite amazing. If it looks like the package is a gift from a friend or someone you know, you may have to ask the people you know to see if they sent the gift. In this case, it’s possible for the sender to not include enough information that can make the gift traceable to them. But you might be worried in some cases. An anonymous gift that you can’t trace to anyone could be a wrong delivery, or you could be a target of brushing. Brushing is when a seller sends you a package you didn’t order so they can get better reviews or make it seem like the goods are actually in demand. You can report this to Amazon and the Federal Trade Commission.

Can You Send an Anonymous Gift Through Amazon?

Yes, you can. Amazon claims that it received many calls about anonymous packages, especially during the holidays. Customers buying on Amazon have the option of not including their information in the packing slip sent with the package. In this case, you can tell that it’s an anonymous gift when you get the order, and there are no additional charges on your amazon account for the order.

If you’re planning to send an anonymous gift, it’s important that you have a prior relationship with the person. While an anonymous gift can be sometimes romantic, it can get very creepy if it’s to someone who doesn’t want the attention. So, it’s best to let someone know you admire them before you start sending them anonymous gifts. Also, note that the seller or Amazon may not necessarily comply with your request not to include identifying information.

If you want your gifts to remain anonymous, you can first order the item and ship it yourself before reshipping it with USPS to the person. Another option is to buy from the merchant over the phone and require that they deliver it anonymously. Most merchants will do this as long as you give a good reason for your request.

Tracking Amazon Packages Sent by Someone Else to You

If someone orders an item for you through Amazon, you can track the item yourself. Tracking orders is quite easy. Just get the tracking information such as order number and product ID from the person that placed the order. Using this means, you can easily stay abreast of the order and know when it’ll reach you. If you’re ordering for someone else, it helps for you to send the tracking information to them unless you plan to stay anonymous.

In Conclusion

Receiving random and anonymous packages can be great if it’s something you want and you can guess where it’s from. But where you’re clueless about these things, it can be annoying and make you paranoid. That’s why it helps to find out where the package is from.