Does it snow in Vermontin December?

December is a beautiful month in Vermont, with the arrival of Winter. To many people, winter in Vermont means only one thing – snow. But the answer to whether or not it snows in Vermont in December is not a simple yes or no. It depends on a variety of factors such as the location, elevation, microclimate, and the regional weather patterns.

The average temperature in December in Vermont can vary between 16°F to 37°F, and there is an average of 9 to 14 inches of snowfall. The higher elevations in the Green Mountains and the Northeast Kingdom area receive more snow than the lower elevations. Some parts of the state receive over 100 inches of snow in a typical year, while others may see just a few inches.

The snowfall in Vermont is dependent on several weather patterns, such as Arctic cold fronts that can sweep through and bring several inches or even a foot of snow. Other times, storms from the Ohio Valley or Midwest can dump snow and bring a White Christmas to Vermont. In some years, there may be a mild December with little to no snow.

Despite the uncertain weather conditions, skiing and snowboarding are very popular activities in Vermont in December. The state has several ski resorts and mountains where snowmaking is their forte. The resorts invested a lot in snow guns and other technologies to ensure that the slopes are snow covered and energetic for winter sports enthusiasts.

In conclusion, while snow during December in Vermont cannot be guaranteed, it is a good chance that you will see some snowfall. This charming New England state provides an incredible winter landscape, with endless opportunities for outdoor adventures, whether or not it snows. So, pack your mittens, bundle up, and get ready for a winter wonderland experience in Vermont that you won’t forget!

What is the average snowfall in Vermont during the month of December?

The state of Vermont is well-known for its picturesque landscapes and quaint towns, especially during the winter months when snow transforms the area into a winter wonderland. The state is renowned for its winter sports and activities such as skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and sledding. December is one of the most popular months to visit Vermont, especially for those who love the snow. But what is the average snowfall in Vermont during December?

The average snowfall in Vermont during December varies depending on which part of the state you’re in. In the mountainous regions, such as Stowe and Killington, the average snowfall is around 44-50 inches. The northern parts of Vermont, including Burlington and Montpelier, experience an average snowfall of around 28-32 inches, while the southern regions, such as Brattleboro, have fewer than 10 inches of snowfall on average during December. However, it’s important to note that weather patterns can vary from year to year, and some years may have more or less snowfall than the average. Nonetheless, Vermont is still a winter wonderland during the month of December, making it one of the best places to visit during the holiday season.

Are there any popular winter activities to enjoy in Vermont during December?

Vermont is a winter wonderland, and there are plenty of exciting and fun activities to do during December. One of the most popular activities in Vermont during the winter is skiing and snowboarding. The state is home to several world-renowned ski resorts like Stowe, Killington, and Sugarbush that offer challenging slopes and stunning views. These resorts feature well-groomed trails, comfortable lodges, and state-of-the-art ski lifts. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you can enjoy the thrill of skiing in Vermont amid beautiful scenery and fresh snowfall.

Another popular activity in Vermont during December is snowshoeing. It’s a great way to explore the state’s picturesque outdoors and get a workout at the same time. Many towns and resorts have trails that provide a unique experience of walking on snow while enjoying the stunning winter landscapes. Snowshoeing is an excellent option for those who prefer a slower pace and enjoy a more tranquil winter experience. Vermont’s forests and mountains have many hidden gems that can only be discovered through snowshoeing.

Lastly, Vermont is known for its maple syrup, and one of the best ways to experience the tradition is to attend a maple syrup festival during December. Maple Festivals offer visitors an opportunity to learn about the process of making maple syrup and sample various maple products. The festivals also feature traditional music, crafts, and maple-themed foods. These festivals are a chance for visitors to experience rural Vermont culture and traditions while enjoying the winter weather.

Is it necessary to have snow chains or winter tires when driving in Vermont during December?

If you’re driving in Vermont during December, it’s highly recommended that you have either snow chains or winter tires. This is because Vermont is known for its notoriously harsh winters, including heavy snowfall and icy road conditions. While the state’s Department of Transportation is committed to keeping roads clear and safe for travel, relying solely on their efforts can be risky. In order to ensure your own safety and the safety of others on the road, it’s important to take preventative measures with your vehicle.

Snow chains are an affordable and effective choice for those who don’t frequently encounter snowy conditions. They can be easily installed onto the tires, allowing them to grip the road better and improve traction. However, they can be difficult to install, so it’s important to practice before you actually need to use them. On the other hand, winter tires are a more expensive option, but they’re specifically designed to handle cold weather and snow. They feature a specialized rubber compound that provides better grip on icy roads and a unique tread pattern for better traction.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to determine which option is best for your driving habits and budget. However, it’s important to remember that safety should be your top priority when driving in snowy conditions, and taking proper measures to prepare your vehicle for winter weather is essential.

Are there any notable events or festivals that take place in Vermont during December?

Vermont, known for its picturesque landscapes, historic architecture, and charming small towns, also hosts a number of festivals and events that are worth checking out during the month of December. One of the annual highlights is Burlington’s First Night celebration on New Year’s Eve. This family-friendly event is a city-wide celebration with art exhibits, live music, dance performances, and other entertainment options spread across various venues in downtown Burlington, as well as a midnight fireworks display over Lake Champlain.

Another notable December event in Vermont is the Manchester Merriment, a month-long festival of holiday activities, shopping, and entertainment in the southern Vermont town of Manchester. Visitors can enjoy festive events and activities, including a tree lighting ceremony, a classic car Meet & Greet, fireworks, a gingerbread house contest, holiday concerts, craft fairs and more. There are also opportunities for holiday shopping in the town’s many boutique shops and galleries, as well as seasonal menus and specials at the area’s restaurants and bars.

Overall, Vermont offers a number of festive and enjoyable events during the month of December. Whether it’s a family-friendly New Year’s Eve celebration or a month-long exploration of holiday-themed activities and shopping, there’s sure to be something to appeal to visitors and locals alike.

What are some recommended locations in Vermont for skiing or snowboarding during December?

Vermont is well-known for its epic ski resorts and abundance of snow to ensure a great winter sports experience. As the winter season approaches, there are several recommended locations that skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts should consider making their way to during December. One such location is Stowe Mountain Resort, which boasts of over 300 inches of snowfall over the winter season. The resort has nearly 500 acres of skiable terrain that ranges from beginner to expert levels, making it the perfect spot for both seasoned and novice skiers or snowboarders. The resort also features five terrain parks, adaptive skiing programs, and a spa for relaxing apres-ski.

Another recommended location for skiing and snowboarding in Vermont during December is Jay Peak Resort. The resort is situated in the northern part of Vermont and gets some of the highest snowfall in New England. Jay Peak features a wide variety of skiing and snowboarding terrain, including a whopping 385 acres of glades and 78 trails of varying levels. It’s easy to access the different trails with 9 lifts also available in the area. Additionally, the resort has an indoor water park, an ice arena, and many restaurants to satisfy any craving. Visitors who come for the ski slopes but want a break from the wintery outdoor activities will find plenty of amenities on offer at Jay Peak Resort.