Does it snow in Pasadena?

California is known for its sunshine. But even the Golden state experiences winter, and that sometimes means snow in some parts. You might wonder if Pasadena is one of those parts. So, does it snow in Pasadena? 

It doesn’t often snow in Pasadena. The last official snow here was in 1949. Due to its Mediterranean climate, it’s mostly sunny, and the most common precipitation is rainfall. But the city experiences hail once in a while. You can visit the city anytime but the best time is between May and October.

If you’re visiting, there are many great places to see here, such as Rose Bowl Stadium, Norton Simon Museum, Huntington Library, Art Collection, Botanical Gardens, etc. Here, we discuss whether it snows in Pasadena.

Pasadena Climate

The beautiful city of Pasadena is in Los Angeles County. Known as the City of Roses, Pasadena has a population of close to 140,000 people and is home to Caltech, among other major institutions. This makes it a desirable place for lots of people.

Pasadena is in southern California, and like cities in these parts of the state, it has a Mediterranean climate. That mostly means hotter summers and slightly cooler winters compared to the coastal areas that are close by. In addition, it’s very close to the San Gabriel mountains, which ensures the city experiences more rainfall annually than other areas nearby. 

The city has an average temperature of 63.9°F (17.7°C), with August being the warmest month. In August, the temperature can be as high as 74.7°F (23.7°C) on average. However, the coldest month here isn’t that cold compared to the several parts of the country. The coldest month here is in January, where the temperature is an average of 54.4°F (12.4°C). The hottest Pasadena has been on record is 113.0°F (45°C), while the coldest temperature recorded is 17.0°F (-8.3°C).

The hot season here usually lasts about 2.9 months. This is from the end of June till the end of November. In August, the temperature can be as high as 88°F on average, and the average low is 66°F. During the hot months, most of the heat is during the days when the city’s temperature could be above the 84°F.

The length of each day in the city differs through the year based on the sunlight hours. December 21 is the shortest day, lasting 9 hours and 51 minutes, while June 21 is the longest, with 14 hours and 26 minutes of daylight.

Rainfall in Pasadena

The cold season here lasts longer. It’s usually around 4 months, from the end of November to the middle of March. The daily temperature is usually below 70°F throughout this period. December is usually the coldest month, and the temperature at this point ranges between 46°F and a high of 66°F.

In terms of rainfall, the city receives a substantial amount every year. The average precipitation is 20.4 inches (518.2 mm) per year. February usually receives the most precipitation annually out of the months, with an average of 4.6″ (116.8 mm) of precipitation. On the other end is July which gets no rainfall at all.

A wet day here has a minimum of 0.04 inches of liquid or its equivalent in precipitation. The wet months last for about 4.3 months between the end of November and March. In February, there are about 5.3 wet days. However, the dry periods here last much longer, between 7 and 8 months.

Snow in Pasadena

Rainfall is the major precipitation in Pasadena, with snow being a rarity. This doesn’t mean there’s no snow, but the chances of one are very limited. The average snowfall annually in the city is 0 inches. The last time it officially snowed in the city was in 1949. However, the city experiences hail once in a while and had one earlier this year.

When should you visit Pasadena?

Pasadena is a fantastic city when it comes to weather. Whether summer or winter, this place is very comfortable, and you’ll have a great time anytime you visit. But if you’re thinking of the best time to come, it’ll be between May and October. August is also the clearest month of the year. The sky has been mostly clear or partly cloudy for at least 90% of this month. But in February, the sky gets cloudy and overcast 43% of the time.

The best time is based on the best periods to expect a clear and rainless day where temperatures range between 65°F and 80°F. The first week of July is the peak tourist season here if you’re looking for the best week to come. But you don’t necessarily have to come on any of these days. You can choose to come during winter since the city is mostly dry even then. 

Attractions in Pasadena

If you’re visiting Pasadena any time of the year, you can do many activities around here. Places to visit include:

1.  The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens

This estate is unmissable when you’re in Pasadena. It once belonged to Henry Huntington, and the 207 acres of estate contains several amazing gardens. You’ll enjoy your time here if you love the arts and colorful things. While checking out the multiple gardens, you can also visit the Huntington Art Gallery containing more than 1,200 artworks, and the library, with over 9 million items in the collection.

2.  Rose Bowl Stadium

New Year’s Day in Pasadena is special. Rose Parade and Tournament of roses hold on this day. There are many outdoor activities on this day that you shouldn’t miss, and thousands of residents and out-of-towners also participate.

3.  Norton Simon Museum

Want to see world-class art in Pasadena, then you should visit the Norton Simon Museum. Its collection has about 12,000 works, including works of iconic artists such as Picasso, Rembrandt, Vuillard, and Goya.

4.  Eaton Canyon Nature Center

You can also explore the San Gabriel mountains through the Eaton Canyon Nature Center. The Nature Center is a 7,600-square-foot space with hundreds of exhibits and live animals. From there, you can explore the trailheads of the Eaton Canyon and visit the Eaton Canyon Waterfall.

In Conclusion

Pasadena rarely experiences snow as its Mediterranean climate ensures the weather is warm most of the time. This makes it an ideal place to visit any time of the year. In addition, it’s very close to Los Angeles and has several tourist attractions.