Does it snow in Mississippi?

Are you thinking of traveling to Mississippi, or do you even plan to relocate there? You’ll want to know about the weather conditions in the Magnolia State. So, does it snow in Mississippi?

Yes, it snows in Mississippi, even if it’s only a negligible amount of around 1 inch annually. The climate here is humid subtropical except for the northeastern parts, which have an oceanic climate. If you’re visiting the state, the best time to go is autumn, between September and Mid-November.

When visiting the Mississippi, there are many things you can do in the state. As long as you’re traveling during the right season, you’ll have a great time. Here, we discuss whether it snows in Mississippi and what to know about the weather if you’re visiting.

Mississippi Climate

The state of Mississippi has a humid subtropical climate. But there’s also an oceanic climate in the extreme northeastern parts. This means it has hot and wet summers while the winters are mild and dry. The state is in the southeastern corner of the US, with the Gulf of Mexico to its south. Its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, northern landmass, and subtropical latitudes influence the climate. It has a topography that’s mostly low hills and plains.

Summers are usually uncomfortable due to the humidity, hot days, and hot nights. The summer period is between May and September, and it’s best to avoid traveling during that period. The subtropical and polar jet streams give the state warm tropical and cold continental air during the cold season. However, it’s rarely too cold, and it doesn’t last long when it does.

Only in the northern parts can the cold be quite intense, with the ground even freezing. Once in a while, Arctic cold comes here through the Siberian express. January is the coldest month here, with the temperature dropping to 27°F (-2.8°C) at the peak of winter. The northern areas are the coldest parts during this period.

Rainfall in Mississippi 

The state is one of the wettest in the country as it receives 56 inches (1422mm) of rainfall on average annually. The north and west get the most rainfall in the winter. But during the summer, it’s the coast that gets the most rainfall. Even during the driest period between September and November, it still gets about 8 inches to 13 inches. Mississippi gets about 2756 hours of sunlight every year.

Snow in Mississippi

Mississippi isn’t very snowy, but it still gets a measurable amount of snow and sleet in several parts of the year. When the weather gets colder, rain turns to light snow. Overall, the state gets about 1 inch of snow per year. This is far below the national average of 28 inches and shows just how insignificant the snow can be here, even during the winter. Most activities here are year-round since the winter is unlikely to affect any activity.

If snow is rare, blizzards are even more uncommon in the state. The worst blizzard to hit the state and the whole US was in 1899. Dubbed the Snow King, the blizzard hit between February 12 and 14, affecting part of the US, Canada, and even Cuba.

When Should You Visit Mississippi?

If you’re planning to visit Mississippi, the best time to go would be in the autumn. This is the most pleasant season in the state, with the weather being sunny and mild. The skies are mostly clear, and evening breezes cool off the day. This is also the driest period in Mississippi. So, you don’t have to worry about getting wet and having muddy shoes. 

The vegetation here is in full bloom during this season, and you can involve yourself in many activities. Most people visit the coast during this period. But you can also go hiking. Mississippi has several mountain trails that you can explore.

You should avoid visiting Mississippi between June and August. Summer might be fun in California, but it’s uncomfortable in Mississippi. The weather is very hot, and the high humidity worsens things. If you’re coming from a cold region, Mississippi summers could be unbearable for you. There are also frequent thunderstorms and rainfall during this period. In the southern region, the temperature can be above 100°F (37.8°C). There are also other weather hazards to worry about during this period.

Weather Hazards in Mississippi 

There are several weather hazards in Mississippi. These include tornadoes, tropical cyclones, droughts, and flooding. During spring and summer, the state experiences afternoon thunderstorms that bring rainfall. The tropical cyclones come between mid and late summer. Some high tides and winds cause damage during the storms. Since 1895, there have been eight hurricanes on the Mississippi coast.

March and April are flood-prone months. But you can still expect drought here for weeks or even months if there’s an active Bermuda high in the summer. There are thunderstorms between 60 to 80 days every year, and tornadoes aren’t seasonal. They can happen anytime but most especially in the spring. In the northern parts of the state, ice storms are common.  

Things to do in Mississippi 

If you’re visiting Mississippi, there are many things you can do here. They include;

1.     Visit Biloxi

Biloxi is a lovely beach town where there are a lot of fun activities for visitors. Its white sandy beach is a delight, and many praise it for the warm waters. You can go on a cruise here and also tour the Biloxi lighthouse.

2.     Explore the Museums in Jackson

Jackson is the capital of Mississippi, but it’s more than that. It’s also a cultural center with several museums for visitors. The Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, the biggest in the state, is here. Mississippi Civil Rights Museum, Mississippi Museum of Art, and Old Capitol Museum are also must-sees.

3.     Vicksburg National Military Park

Anyone interested in American history can visit the site of the battle of Vicksburg. There are several historical monuments and cannons here. The USS Cairo gunboat is also in the park. The park is a great place to spend your day when you’re visiting Mississippi.

There are several other places you can visit in Mississippi, such as:

  • Rowan Oak
  • Beauvoir
  • Rodney Ghost Town
  • Natchez Trace parkway 
  • Hattiesburg zoo
  • Elvis Presley birthplace 
  • Tishomingo State Park

In Conclusion

It snows in Mississippi, but not enough to have any significant effects. You need to worry about the summer if you’re visiting the state. The summer can be very hot and uncomfortable. When you decide to visit, there are several other places you can check out in the city.