Does it snow in Italy?

Thinking of traveling abroad? Italy is one of the most beautiful places you can visit. The Mediterranean country is a delight in many ways, and you’ll want to know what the weather is like before visiting. So, does it snow in Italy?

It snows in Italy between December and February. But the chances of experiencing snow is higher in northern Italy and mountainous regions. The southern and central parts have a Mediterranean climate. When you visit during winter, you can enjoy lower prices, less crowd, carnivals, and the mountains.

However, winter isn’t the only time you can come to Italy. In fact, anytime you visit is a great time due to the most pleasant weather all year. Here, we discuss whether it snows in Italy and why you should visit in the winter.

Climates in Italy

Italy has a diverse climate influenced by several factors. The number one factor is the Mediterranean seas surrounding it on every side except the north. The seas retain humidity and heat and significantly influence the southern temperate climate. Apart from the Mediterranean seas, other factors that influence the climates here include western currents, the Atlantic Ocean, and the mountain ranges of the Apennines and the Alps.

Although the county has diverse sub climates, the humid subtropical and Mediterranean climates are the major two climates. The north has a humid subtropical climate, covering the Po Valley region. But the coastal areas of Tuscany, Liguria, and most of the south have a Mediterranean climate. There’s a significant difference between the two climates, and it’s most evident in the winter. It’s possible for a city in northern Italy to be experiencing snow while another city in the south will have fairly sunny weather.

Winter in Italy

Italy is mostly a long country rather than a big one. While it has several sub climates, they are similar. Like other European countries, Italy has 4 seasons, each with its distinct features. All the seasons are pleasant in Italy, including the winter when it’s most likely to snow. The Winter season is between December and February. Generally, every part of Italy is cold during winter. But it’s not every part of Italy that gets snow. Snow doesn’t fall in every region, so you’ll have to be in the right place to experience snow.

December and January are usually the coldest months of the year. The average snowfall in December is around 0.47 inches. Northern Italy is the coldest, with places like Milan getting temperatures as low as 37 to 4°F (3 to 7°C). As you go higher into the Alpines, it’ll also get colder. Central Italy is cold this month, with cities like Rome having temperatures ranging from 54 to 61°F (12 to 16°C). In the southern region, with cities like Palermo, it’s warmer.

However, January is the coldest month. In Italy, the coldest days of the year are known as Giorni Della Merla. These are January 29th, 30th, and 31st. The average temperature during this period is 37°F (3°C)

Where Does It Snow in Italy?

If you’re one of the few traveling to Italy because of snow, then there are certain places you can go. The Alpine region is your best bet. This mountainous region receives a high amount of snowfall during winter. The higher you go up the mountains, the more you can expect snow. The snowfall can be as high as 70 to 100 inches annually in the high mountains.

Snow also falls in major cities such as Milan and Florence. But it’s less common, and the volume will be lower. The whole of Italy receives about 3 inches of snowfall on average annually. The Alpine region receives higher. Cities near the coast, such as Venice, rarely get snow. When they do, it’s little. The same thing applies to Rome, where snow is even rarer.

Why Visit Italy in The Winter?

Visiting Italy in the summer is on many people’s bucket lists. After all, this is a country with a classical city and pleasant weather. But the winter could be an equally great time. There are plenty of reasons to go to Italy during the winter. They include:

1.  Less Crowd

Winter gives you the chance to explore all the places you’ve always wanted to visit. But with fewer people. Surprisingly, it’s not so cold in most of the major cities. For example, you can still get a good look at the Coliseum even in December. There’s less crowd, and you may even have a more relaxing experience. When you visit museums and other places, you’ll also see fewer people. This means you can get a more immersive experience, ask the guides any questions you might have, and spend more time in the best spots.

2.  Lower Prices and Bargains

Winter is perfect if you want to travel on a budget but still with style. Hotels will be charging lower prices, and the tours will likely be cheaper. Most of the top hotels here are overbooked in the summer and spring. In the winter, there are fewer tourists, and most hotels, except those in the mountains, have free rooms. So, you can get to stay in that luxury hotel you’ve always wanted.

Also, Italy is a very fashionable country with some of the finest cloth and luxury brands originating from here. Winter usually comes with special offers and sales. So, you can take advantage of this to get some of the finest brands at lesser prices. Just know you won’t be the only bargain hunter.

3.  Skiing and Enjoying the Mountains

The mountains in Italy look more beautiful in the winter with their snow capped peaks. You’ll find lots of skiing, snowboarding, and other mountain activities spots during the winter. If you’re a winter sports enthusiast, visiting Italy in the winter is like visiting the country paradise. If you’re going to Italy in the winter, it’ll probably be because of skiing. There are several ski resorts you can visit while in Italy. Popular options include Cortina d’Ampezzo, Sestriere and Val Chisone, Val Gardena.

4.  Attend the Carnival of Venice

Winter ends with a big carnival in Venice that draws crowds from several countries. You can attend this carnival which usually takes place in February. There are still other Italian cities that hold carnivals during the winter. Even if you’re not going to carnivals, there are still several festivities during the winter. For example, if you go during Christmas time, you’re in for a thrilling experience.

In Conclusion

Italy is a beautiful place. There are tons of great buildings and historical sites that you can visit while here. The country that made pizza and pasta popular also has several delicacies that you’ll be happy to try out. So, you just needed to settle on the right season for you. Every season is great, of course.