Does a Novaform mattress need a box spring?

Good sleep is important for a healthy life, and getting a good mattress is integral. One of the mattresses worth checking out if you want comfortable sleep is the Novaform mattress, but you might want to know more about how it functions. So, does a Novaform mattress need a box spring?

Yes, the Novaform mattress needs a box spring. The manufacturer recommends box springs or an elevated foundation for airflow. When thinking of the right mattress brand, Novaform has features such as a range of options, a long warranty, affordability and availability, and safety that make it ideal.

However, you need to have a Costo card membership before you can be able to buy this brand. Here, we discuss whether the Novaform mattress needs a box spring.

What do You need to Know About Novaform?

Novaform is a memory foam products manufacturer with over fifteen years of experience. The company makes mattresses, pillows, and toppers under the Novaform brand. Novaform products are available exclusively at Costco. Beyond the memory foam products, the company also manufactures products under the Nue brand. This is a brand of mattress that could come as foam or bed in gif models. Unlike the Novaform brand, the Nue brand is available with several retailers not limited to Wayfair, Walmart, Target, etc.

To buy any of these mattresses, you’ll need to have a Costco warehouse membership which costs either $60 for the Gold Star membership or $120 for the Executive Star membership annually.

There are five lineups of products if you’re looking for a Novaform mattress. They include:

  • Novaform ComfortGrande Plus
  • Novaform Serafina Pearl Cool Comfort 14”
  • Novaform SoFresh Responsive Foam 10”
  • Novaform Overnight Recovery 12” Gel
  • Novaform Advanced Back Support 12” Specialized Foam

Why Buy Novaform Mattresses

If you’re considering buying a mattress, there are multiple reasons to consider Novaform. They include:

1.  Range of Option

Novaform offers five product lineups when it comes to mattresses. But all these types have different firmness based on what you want. They also come in multiple sizes: Queen, full, king, twin, and Cal King.

2.  Long Warranty

Novaform products come with a 20-year warranty which is more than the average warranty on memory foams. Only a few mattress makers offer a longer warranty. The company determines what’s covered under warranty. So, you’ll need to get in touch with the customer service of either Costco or Novaform to know the full details. You’ll also find more information about the warranty on each product.

3.  Availability and Cost

You can easily get its products from Costco’s physical stores or online. They also come fairly cheap, with the Queen size costing $500 and $750. After ordering the Novaform product, delivery is usually between 5 and 10 days. The delivery is through FedEx or UPS and comes free. The mattress will usually come in a box, and the weight will depend on the firmness you choose.

4.  Safe for Use

The Novaform mattress might also smell slightly when you first unpack it. But this is only the smell of the packaging since the company packs it immediately after purchase. Whatever odor comes from the compressed foam is normal and harmless. It’ll leave very soon. But you can speed up the process by switching on the fan and opening the windows.

Novaform has a CertiPUR-US certification. This is proof that any gas from the mattress, when you unbox it, does not contain chemicals such as heavy metals like lead or mercury, formaldehyde, chlorofluorocarbons, etc.

Can You Return Novaform Mattress?

It’s also possible to return the Novaform mattress after buying. Although there’s no sleep trial, it’s possible to return the mattress after sleeping on it. Costco will accept returns based on certain conditions. You can return the mattress to any Costco warehouse location. Or you can initiate the return process online through the company website. There are no fees charged for the return.

What to Know About Unboxing the Novaform Mattress?

The mattress usually comes compressed in a box. So, you should give it some time to expand. This may take as much as 48 hours before it reaches its full size. Usually, it doesn’t take this long. It starts expanding as soon as you cut the plastic packaging holding the bed. It’s advisable to take it to the room where you’ll be using it before unboxing it.

You don’t have to wait for the mattress to fully expand before you start sleeping on it. Once it looks comfortable, you can sleep on it. You shouldn’t use anything to quicken the expansion process. You should read the unpacking instructions before you start unpacking the product.

Is a Box Spring Necessary for Novaform Mattress?

Novaform mattresses usually need a box spring. The company suggests that you put it in a box spring or a well-ventilated platform base. You shouldn’t put the mattress directly on the floor or flat surfaces. This is because the mattress needs ventilation to last long and be efficient. Although many memory mattresses don’t require box springs, Novaform is different.

The part sitting on the box spring is the comfort portion of the mattress. The box spring is what supports the mattress. It’ll also reduce exposure to allergens which could happen faster if you place it on the floor. The Novaform mattresses are good for a standard box spring. You can also use any well-ventilated foundation that has slats that aren’t more than up to six inches apart. This ensures great airflow.

If you live in a place where the weather is pretty hot, you might feel the heat in the mattress. In this case, adding a cooling topper to the mattress is the best thing to do. Novaform uses open cell technology to design its products to be temperature neutral or cool, encouraging airflow.

What Is A Memory Foam?

Since Novaform mattress is memory foam, it’s important to know what memory foam is. It’s a responsive foam that’ll adapt to the user’s sleeping pattern. It evenly distributes your weight based on your curves and provides total body support. If you’re someone that rolls about in bed when sleeping, the foam responds to your sleeping pattern to provide you with the right comfort for your sleeping position.

The foam can come with different forms of firmness. But they’re all supportive and with time, memorize your sleeping patterns and positions to provide comfort. A memory foam with cooling gel is ideal for those that feel too warm. This is common and happens due to the sensitivity of memory foams to temperature change. 

In Conclusion

You’ll need to put your Novaform mattress in a box spring or elevated platform to have sufficient airflow. This makes it different from other memory foam mattresses you can put on a flat surface.