Can you have ducks as pets in New York?

Ducks are fine animals and one of the most popular gifts during Easter. But before you decide on getting one, you need to know what the law says about owning it. So, can you have ducks as pets in New York?

You can keep ducks in New York State. But some cities, such as New York City, may ban the ducks based on zoning restrictions. If you want to keep ducks, you’ll need a wide and fenced yard, safety enclosure, and entertainment facilities. Keeping ducks as pets isn’t a bad idea as they’re intelligent.

However, if you plan to keep ducks as pets, you should buy them as ducklings and raise them so they’ll be familiar. Here, we discuss whether you can have ducks as pets in New York.

Ducks As Pets In New York

It’s legal to own ducks as pets in New York State. They are domestic animals, and the state allows ownership of domestic animals, including chickens, roosters, ducks, etc. They’re poultry animals, after all, and you’ll even find farms that keep them for meat. But different rules may apply if you want them as pets.

While the state will allow them, the rules slightly differ from one city to another. New York City specifically bans people living in the five boroughs from owning ducks as pets. Other major cities in New York State May also have the same rules.

The rule against duck ownership as pets is mostly about zoning restrictions. Places zoned for urban or residential areas may restrict the kind of pets you can keep within the area. Due to his pets like ducks and other poultry animals being a nuisance to neighbors, they could be banned in such areas. But if you’re living in an area zoned for agricultural use, you can easily keep your duck pet or other poultry.

What To Know About Having a Duck Pet?

Are you thinking of having ducks as pets? Then there are many things you should know before getting started. One of the most important is when you should buy them. It’s advisable to only go for ducklings rather than ducks that are old already. This ensures they are familiar with being around humans from a tender age and can grow up that way. Several species of ducks are available, and you may need to choose which one to buy. Many duck owners believe the Mallard or Pekin ducks are the best.

Before buying a duckling, make sure you’re ready for the commitment. Pets are something you own for a lifetime, so you must include them in your plans for your whole life. If you’re not ready for this kind of commitment, don’t buy a duckling you’ll have to abandon later. While keeping ducks doesn’t require much work, you’ll still have some work.

Most of your work revolves around cleaning after them and feeding them. Ensure that you properly clean after the ducks to prevent diseases. You might even want to consider a bird diaper, especially for the periods you bring them inside the house. Ducks can eat almost anything when they’re grown, but they prefer weed, grains, and vegetables.

Why Keep Ducks as Pets?

A pet duck might seem like an unusual choice, and it is. But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad one. Many people keep ducks as pets. They’re amazing, intelligent, gentle creatures and don’t stress the owner. Ducks love playing games and toys and can understand human commands if trained properly. You can have the following orders and snuggle with you. If you properly interact with them, it’s only a matter of time before establishing a bond between yourself and your duck.

However, there are things peculiar to ducks that you should know, especially regarding their lifestyle. Most areas won’t allow you to keep ducks because of space. These animals aren’t meant for the inside; putting them indoors will cause more problems than you can handle. You’ll need to find an outdoor place where they can play and have fun.

Beyond that, these animals like company; this isn’t just about the human company. They’re better off with other ducks. So, if you’re planning to own a duck, make sure you own more than one. The minimum is 2, but a better number is 4. Ducks are meant for cages, either. Without company, they’ll feel isolated.

What You Need to Keep a Duck

You’ll need the following to keep ducks:

1.  Wide And Fenced Yard Space

If you plan to own a duck, you first need a spacious yard. Ducks need all the space they can get. These aren’t some animals you keep inside cages. They need to roam free. Beyond having a yard, you’ll also need to fence the yard to between 4 and 6 feet. Ducks can fly, and you don’t want yours flying over the fence to disturb the neighbors. The fence may need to be higher depending on the species of duck you’re keeping.

2.  Entertainment Facilities

You must also put some things in the yard to entertain the ducks. Usually, all you’ll need is water for them to swim in. You can create a small pound or instead get a big bowl. Then you should have some toys too for them to play with.

3.  Safety Enclosure

Although ducks aren’t exactly in need of a cage, they still need a safe enclosure where they’ll sleep at night. It should be something that’ll shelter them and protect them during bad weather. So, build the enclosure in the yard where they can stay and feel safe during the harsh winters. It doesn’t have to be something big, but it should be something they can easily access by themselves. Use straw or wood shavings for the floor so that you can easily clean it when need be. You also need to be aware of predatory animals. If there’s any nearby, ensure your fence is strong enough to prevent these animals from gaining entrance into your property. Also, ensure ground-up stones, grits, or pebbles are in the yard, as ducks need this to feed on.

In Conclusion 

You can keep several unusual animals as pets; ducks are one of them. In most parts of New York, you should be able to keep these animals. But they require high standards of care, so be ready for the commitment.