Can you have a duck as a pet in Georgia?

Are you thinking of keeping a pet? There are several options ranging from the usual to the exotic. If you choose to go for the exotic or unusual, you’ll need to know whether it’s permissible. So, can you have ducks as pets in Georgia?

You can keep ducks as a pet in Georgia. The law prohibits wild animals and those that can threaten agriculture if they escape from being pets. Before getting a duck as a pet, determine your commitment, available space, and the number of ducks. You must also build a fence, shelter, and a waddling pool.

If you meet all the conditions and decide to keep ducks as pets, there are tips you should follow to ensure adequate care. Here, we discuss whether you can have ducks as pets in Georgia.

Animals That are Illegal in Georgia

Georgia law prohibits the ownership of wild animals and some exotic animals as pets. The rules generally say that all animals not normally domesticated as pets are illegal. This means that animals considered wild in the state are illegal as pets. This includes some rodents, all primates, wolves and wolf-dog hybrids, etc.

The law also prohibits animals that may become a threat to agriculture in the state should they escape. These include cuckoos, owls, thrushes, pygmy hedgehogs, etc. However, the law permits the ownership of most birds, including ducks. So, you can keep ducks as pets in the state.

However, you also need to check with your local council. Municipalities have rules on animals that you can keep within an area. These rules limit the nuisance that some of these animals may also cause. But ducks are unlikely to cause any nuisance, especially in small towns. In the cities, it could be a different thing entirely.

What To Do When You Want to Keep a Duck as Pet?

If you’re in Georgia and want to own a duck, you must first check your local county laws and the rules of the homeowner’s association. Even though the state and county may allow it, your homeowner association may not. If you get ducks and break the rules, you’ll have to return the ducks and may still pay a fine.

1.  Check your Commitment 

You also need to know whether you have the emotional and tone ability to own ducks as pets. These animals might look cute, but they’re living things that require care and attention. You need to decide if you’re capable of providing that. Ducks can be very messy, especially indoors, and you have to consider you’re ready. Abandoning domestic ducks is cruel since these animals are not meant to survive in the wilderness. So, when you abandon one, it’s a life sentence.

2.  Available Space

Another thing you have to consider is whether you have the space. This is very important because ducks won’t thrive inside the house. So, if you live in an apartment in a city, you shouldn’t have ducks as pets. You need to make sure that these animals have a wide space. That’s why having a backyard is almost non-negotiable when choosing ducks as your pets.

3.  Number of Ducks

You also need to determine how many ducks you’ll have. Ducks aren’t like dogs or cats that you can have one. Cats and dogs are domesticated as pets, and years of living with humans have made them part of human life. Ducks are different. Although domesticated, they are more like farm animals. So, they’re used to being in groups. They’re social animals who intersect with one another even as they interact with humans. You need to make sure you buy at least 2. You can have more depending on the available space and your ability to care for these animals.

What Preparations Should You Make?

Once you’ve considered all the following and decide to get ducks as pets, you should be ready to make some preparations. Such preparations include:

1.  Build A Fence

You’ll have to erect one if your backyard doesn’t have a fence. Ducks usually have short wings but can still fly, especially when young. So, you need a fence to keep your pets in your yard. The last thing you want is your neighbor complaining or shooting your pet, thinking it’s meat. The fence prevents the pets from getting outside. But it also protects them from the dangers that are outside. Many of your Neighbors might have dogs and cats that could attack ducks. There could also be animals like coyotes, and old wild animals around that’ll attack your ducks. So, you need to make your fence tall and strong enough to prevent your pets from getting out and other animals from entering.

2.  Build A Waddle Pool or Get Big Bowl

You also need to make the space conducive for ducks. The best way to do this is by providing the facilities that ducks enjoy. Ducks like swimming, and having a waddling pool is perfect. You can build one. But if you don’t feel like it, a large bowl or bathtub could also serve the same purpose. While building the pool or getting the tub, also get toys such as rubber balls and objects that the ducks can play with. You can train your ducks to play fetch.

3.  Build Shelter

Your ducks will be living outside as soon as they’re grown enough. Build a shelter for them. It can be from concrete. Just make sure it’s spacious enough to contain all of them. You might have to want a light somewhere inside that’ll keep ducks warm during the winter. You’ll have to be changing the flooring constantly. So, wood shavings, sawdust, and straws are good flooring materials.

Tips For Keeping Ducks

Here are some of the tips for keeping ducks as pets:

  • Provide them with a lot of water
  • Get the right feed at different stages of their growth
  • Don’t erect perches, as ducks won’t use it
  • Don’t feed them bread as it can affect their growth
  • Prioritize cleanliness

In Conclusion 

Ducks are amazing pets. Whatever your reason for keeping them, you’ll need to provide them with sufficient care and the right environment. Make sure they’re permissible within your neighborhood first.